What is going on?


Un-Merry Christmas for me!

What is going on?


“Hello is this the Christmas Help Line?”


“Yes… good afternoon and merry Christmas

Angela speaking

How can I help you?

Are you feeling lonely today?”


“Absolutely, awfully lonely

And I have a serious problem

Grave one without a doubt

May be you could help… sort me out

People around me are buoyant and joyful

Oblivious to what’s happening

To the precious baby

They’re rejoicing for


Celebrating his birthday

While he’s dying

A thousand deaths a day


Feasting lavishly

Partying like mad

While he’s awaiting starvation

Persecution… torture… humiliation

And targeted assassination

Isn’t that sad


Oh little baby of Nazareth

Can they not sense your pain?

Can they not see you bleeding?

Can they not hear you weeping?

Time and time again


And you, little town of Bethlehem

Can you hear them singing your name?

Do you feel the stabbing of their feet

As they dance over your wounds with glee

While you’re drenched with hurt and shame


Oh little town of Bethlehem

Have they not noticed

The limbless forsaken petrified child

They have made you

As they dragged you into their fantasy fame


Oh wingless heartbroken Jerusalem

Tell me

How can they fail to see your tears?

Are they blissfully ignorant or pretending to be?

Would they pop up their life-bubbles

And face reality


 “Dear caller

Who is speaking?

I didn’t catch your name?

Be reassured

It’s all confidential

Every thing you say?”


“Have you heard of Jesus?

I am his mother… who raised him

I am his daughter… who loved him

I am his sister… who held him

I am his friend… who embraced him

I am the fisherman… who fed him

I am the wise-man … who visited him 

I am the Shepard… who believed him

I am the disciple… who followed him

I am the Palestinian … who made my heart his home”


“Oh… yes… I see”


“Dear Angela

You know what?

I’ve never had a happy Christmas

Since I was born


Dear Angela

I know that this conversation is not to be disclosed

But I am begging you not to keep it so


Dear Angela… go

Just go

Tell your colleagues

Friends and family

And everyone you know

Tell of my story

Spread every word you’ve heard


Dear Angela

The root of the problem

The cause of my pain

Is that… no body knows

What’s going on


Or do they?


I don’t know


But if they do…




I really want to know

 What’s going on?


Nahida Izzat

Exiled Palestinian



© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved 





 Religions are illogical


There is no room

For mind, reason or commonsense


Talk about God… for example

You can’t see

You can’t smell

You can’t hear

You can’t touch

You can’t taste

You can’t comprehend

You can’t prove



God can’t be real

He said


Can you see ultraviolet light?

Can you smell a virus?

Can you hear electromagnetic-waves?

Can you touch the rainbow?

Can you taste the sky?

Can you comprehend infinity?


You can however

Test their effect

They leave clues behind

Hint… hint

I am here

You can reason… use your mind

You can feel… use your heart


So does The Most Gentle

Most Sublime

Fine tuning… supreme order

Perfect laws… astounding beauty

Trails of magic… tales of love


How can I deny?



© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved

The mystery of the ring


The mystery of the ring



Once upon a time

I was busy cooking

In the kitchen

Suddenly… I was struck

By a shiny ring glowing

On the corner of the worktop

I picked up… looked at it

Examined it

It’s definitely not mine

Whose is it?

Where did it come from?

Who normally comes

Into my kitchen

Many questions sizzled

Demanding answers


I asked my close friends

And those not so close

I asked my neighbours

I even asked those

Who never been to my house

The ring didn’t belong to any of them


I was intrigued

By this mysterious ring

That appeared suddenly

In my kitchen


Determined to solve the mystery

I started thinking

And thinking

Until one day



I cried

I found the answer



You see… long time ago

Back in the very past

The earth was so unstable

Things were moving around

Atoms, molecules, matter

Were every where

There were so many gasses

 In the atmosphere

The earth was covered

With thick heavy clouds

The sun was burning hot

Radiating so much cosmic rays

 Light and energy


With all this mystifying atmosphere

An accident happened


A few scattered atoms

Started gathering together

In a cluster

They started bonding

There was so much thunder

And lightning

 You see

So much energy around


Over the passing of time

Of billions of years

With chance upon chance

Upon chance upon chance

The atoms just completed

This perfect exquisite order


This beautiful ring


Mystery solved


The ring was laying around

For a long time

Before it was found

By me

My theory was

Just perfect


Except for only one thing


Deep down

I have to admit

I knew that

There is a missing link

In my story

Some thing I couldn’t

Quite explain

And that is

How did the ring

Come to be

“Specifically” in my kitchen

And why my kitchen?


Questions just waiting

To be answered


When people knew of my story

And my theory

With my mysterious ring

They thought

I must be insane


But hey… who cares

I know I am a genius

And my theory just

Makes perfect sense


People said

How can you believe

Such nonsense

When in fact

The answer to your mystery

Is much simpler than that

It might only be

That the ring

Didn’t appear out of thin air

Just like that

They say

The ring could have an owner

And a maker


They really blindly believe

That the ring

Must have an owner

And a maker


Other people

Who are more -dare I say-

Scientifically minded

Accepted my theory

It’s easily fathomable

 It makes perfect sense

They thought



Till this day

The mystery of the ring

Like a dark thick cloud

Still hangs around





© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved

No chance by chance



No chance by chance




Please listen carefully

And let maths speaks


For an “average sized” single protein

To form by chance

From a group of amino acids

The probability is:


Not one in a million

Not one in a billion

Not one in a trillion

Not even one in zillion

Not one in zillion… zillion… zillion

Zillion… zillion… zillion


And I don’t even know

What zillion is


The probability is:

 One in

A number that we can’t even read


That consists of one

And in front of it

Three hundred zeros!


In mathematics

If the probability is smaller

Than one in





(150 zeros)


It is accepted as a zero probability



But wait


This is not

The end of the story


That is … only

Just one

Humble protein


If we explore more:

One of the smallest bacteria

Ever discovered

Have 600 proteins


What about a human cell

We need millions of proteins


We also need:

Nucleic acids





 And many other chemicals


Arranged in a specific proportion


 And design

 In terms of both structure

 And function

Don’t you think that

Saying that all this is accidental

Is a little bit OTT


This is beyond probability


If not


I want to ask you

 One simple question

Just do me a favour


And make me


A fly



© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved

Love impossible



Love impossible



You’re all around me

The air I breathe

I am longing to touch


You’re my humming heartbeats

That keeps me going

But I’m failing to hear


You are my fascinating vision

I frantically follow

In vain craving to see


You’re the sane-side of my mind

Giving meaning to my life

I’m madly trying to grasp


You are my pure inspiration

My gleaming thoughts

I am eager to seize


You are my flowering soul

That blooms inside

I’m yearning to hold


You are my astounding hope

My beautiful dream

I am dying to live


Because of you… I am dying to live

Because of you… I am dying to die


I want to live… I want to die

I want to live… I want to die

I want to live… I want to die


Life impossible… life is possible

 Death impossible… death is possible

Love impossible… love is possible

I am going mad!



© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved

Little boxes

Little boxes… little boxes… little boxes… little boxes… … … …


-Do you believe in God?

-I am a scientist, I don’t do religion


-Do you think we are here for a purpose?

-I am a biologist, I don’t do theology


-Can you see the splendour in this pattern?

-I am an artist, I don’t do mathematics


-Isn’t this garden just fascinating?

-I am an accountant, I don’t do botanic


-Do you like this poem?

-I am a chemist, I don’t do poetry


-Do you think drinking water is good for you?

-I am a physicist, I don’t do nutrition


-What do you think of the war on terror?

-I’m a priest, I don’t do politics


-Do you like this ruby-red colour in my painting?

-I am a politician, I don’t do art


-Do you think there was once a country called Palestine?

-I am an historian; I don’t do geography


-Do you think separating people with a wall mounts to apartheid?

-I am a solicitor, I don’t do international law


-Do you think people have the right to choose their faith?

-I am an atheist; I have no time for irrationality and superstition


-Do you think Muslim women should have the right to choose the way they dress?

-I am a secular free-thinker; I don’t like offensive religious symbols


-Do you think killing thousands of innocent people is a war crime?

-I am policeman; I don’t voice my opinion


-Do you agree with bombing schools and children?

-I am a teacher; I don’t take sides


-Do you agree with the right of self-defence?

-I am a Christian; I always turn the other cheek


-Do you think boycotting a tyranny could be fruitful?

-I am a shopkeeper; I get the best value for money, I don’t care where it comes from


-Do you agree with illegal settlement, and land confiscation?

-I am a journalist; I have to give an impartial view


-Do you oppose oppression and occupation?

-I am a human right advocate; I have to be neutral


-Do you feel guilty after shooting little boys for throwing stones?

– I am a soldier; I only follow orders



-Doctor… doctor… I had enough, I think I am going mad, I feel sick, can’t breath, I’m trembling, sweating, aching all over, help me…


-I am an orthopaedic; I only do bones


When you come to see a doctor, you can’t be vague; you’ve got to be precise:

Is this pain in your lower abdomen or upper thigh?

Is it at the top of your fingernail or at the bottom of your ear?

Is it in your left nostril or your right toe?

Is it above your hip or beneath your eye-brow?

I did my PHD in MCP (metacarpophalangeal joint ) known as knuckle/ finger joint; do you realize?

You need to be specific; I need to know before referring you to the relevant specialist, DO YOU UNDERSTAND?




© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved

Mind teasing


Mind teasing


Virtual/ surreal reality & Relativity, limitations and inadequacy of mind and science:


Things to stretch the imagination and to ponder about:


-What is the universe without the viewer? What is matter without the observer? And is there such a thing as absolute matter/material world?


-Does colour exist without an eye to see?


-Does sound have any presence or meaning without ears to hear and mind to interpret?


-Does matter have any substance or essence without hands and nerve-system to experience?


-What is time without the observer? Is there such a thing as absolute time detached from the observer?


-If our brains have a 3-seconds memory span, will time have any meaning in our world?


-If there is no brain at all to perceive the moment, the past and the future; is there such a thing as time?


The only way we perceive things in the world is through our senses: seeing, hearing, smelling, touching, tasting, feeling, and memory.

 All are brain functions, all are internal subjective interpretation of electric pulses.


-If there are no senses to perceive matter and energy; is there such a thing as the cosmos and space?


-What would be the looks, colours and sounds of the universe if we could perceive the entire spectrum of light and sound waves that exist?


If our brains were built differently, say if our optical nerves were connected to the part of the brain that interpret sound, we’d be hearing light signals, red would be perceived as a noise and green would be heard as a different sound.


 If our nerve taste-buds were connected to the part of the brain that interprets pain we’d be suffering taste of chocolate.


 If our touch nerve-endings were connected to the part of the brain that interprets sounds we’d be hearing the stone as we caress it, solid matter would hum differently from liquid or gas.

Sitting on a sofa might have a deep melody yet hitting a wall might be deafening.


If our hearing nerves were connected to the part of the brain that interpret touch or pain, we’d be touching the heat of Mozart’s symphony and aching as w do.

 How warm or painful is the voice of your cat, or how spongy or firm is the sound of your TV might be legitimate questions.


As I am writing this now; am I sitting inside the room or the room is actually inside my brain as perceived through my constrained senses?

What is the real entity of the room without me observing it with my restricted intellectual capacity?


Un-detached from our subjective senses and being totally trapped in them; all what we experience and perceive as real and think of as truth has no correlation in terms of absolute reality.


Trying to find out absolute facts and supreme truths is impossible with our existing limitations.


Trapped in our senses there is absolutely no way that we could ever find out any absolute reality.


Reality as we perceive is a mirage.


The closer we think we are getting to discovering reality, the further away we become from knowing and comprehending it?

The irony is that in the world of secularism, where people rely utterly on physical matter and materialism to understand and explain the world and our own existence; we fall flat on our faces as we hit the walls of constraint and limitation of our material senses.


Science can only take us so far; then perplexed, mystified, and subdued we surrender.


Don’t get me wrong, I love science, I delight in learning; but with the restraint of our senses we can never know any absolute reality of things, acknowledging our limitations is a step forward towards making sense of it all, getting some meaning and understanding of our own existence.

Virtual reality



Do you know the grass you see?

Is it really green or have you been deceived?


Can you feel the stone you hold?

Is it truly solid or could your hand simply run through?


What about this butterfly floating up and down?

Is it out there or merely an icon in your brain?


Are you sitting in the room, or is it the other way around

I mean the room is but conceived inside your mind?


If you erase your memory, what would be of yesterday?

What does tomorrow mean, when you’re never there?


What is a tree?

What is wood?

What is a cell?

What is a molecule?

What is an atom?

What is a proton?

What is a quark?

Names… names… names… nothing but names

All we know is how to give a name

This silly game I can’t work out


What is matter when all is none but energy

Condensed, concealed, slowed down?

Is it really true that energy is nothing but mass

Travelling with the speed of light?


The more we learn, the more manifest is our ignorance

The closer we become, the further we propel away

The harder we think, the less we understand


Trapped in space

Jailed in time

Restricted with my senses

How can I ever know? Will I ever come to grasp?




© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved





You declared… BE

And I was


 An atom I am… spinning

In your presence



A seed… blooming

Thriving on the bounty of your love



A butterfly… rotating

Drawn to your radiance



A star… glowing

A sign of your light… upon light



A universe

Expanding… bursting with beings

 A manifestation of your wonders


BE… and all was


© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved

Inner beauty


Inner beauty




Getting closer


Zooming in






Expecting a tedious bore


To my surprise


I found a pearl

Hidden in the deep



By layers of my ignorance


The thrill is never over

Every layer that I peel

Reveals still

 Beauty beyond imagination


I wonder

What will I find

If I ever get to the core




© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved

Life on hold


Life on hold


With my roots uprooted

Swinging like a pendulum

Exile…home… exile… home…exile…


Where my culture is appropriated

Threatened with erosion, nay extinction


Torn between two paradoxical worlds

My tortured soul exists

 In a state of permanent suspension


Life on hold


With my heart torn apart

I dangle in between two realms

Earth… heaven… earth… heaven… earth…


My body is here but my soul is far away

Running after my beloved’s mirage

I am endangered of annihilation


Frayed between two impossible worlds

My tormented core wavers

In a state of permanent suspension


Life on hold


With my memory shredded into pieces

I hang in the hue of non-existence

Past… future… past… future… past…


My brain is working

But my mind has gone missing

I am forcibly pushed towards insanity


Worn out between two dream worlds

My agonized being lingers

In a cosmos of thirteen dimensions

In a state of permanent suspension


Life on hold



© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved

Get to know me


Get to know me



Normal looking

Sub-normally looked at

Abnormally dealt with

 Joyfully sad eyes

Head inflamed with grey hair

Petite for my age

Giant with my pain


I would say

A beautiful beast

Or an ugly butterfly



Extremely sensitive

Yet incredibly thick-skinned

I feel so much for all others

While some-others deny my own existence

Spectrum of two extremes of intense emotions

Fluctuating between

Unwavering hope and utter despair


I would say

A strong wimp

Or a spineless hero



Above average

 Below-humanly perceived

 Viewed as a mentally suppressed creature

Trying to solve the world’s problems

While failing to figure out my own

Sharp with a great deal of naivety

Simple with much complexity


I would say

A stupid genius

Or a gifted fool



Faith is my lone reason for being

My fountain of hope

Overflowing with love, and joy

Yet for some I am the source of evil

And manifestation terror

Sporadically vibrating with the yoyo of my deeds

Between intimate nearness and lonesome isolation



I would say

A mild extremist

 A hostile angel

A tender terrorist

An mischievous child


Wouldn’t you agree?






By the way I think this works perfectly in identifying any Palestinian

Just look for those common characteristics, you will be amazed

© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved


Letting go


Letting go


You were there in front of me…

And I was missing you already

I was gazing at you

Couldn’t keep my eyes off you

Going to your shirts that you hang up

At the back of the door

Smelling them

Holding your jumper in my arms

Covering my face with it and sobbing

Trying hard

Not to show you my anguish and distress


I didn’t want to wash your clothes

I wanted to keep your scent… around

Holding on to your glasses

Kissing them… looking through them

Longing to see your eyes… behind


People kept telling me

"Don’t worry

It’s a routine operation"

We’d come through it

Seventeen years before, but

Deep… deep down

In the bottom of my soul

I knew…

I used to pray, pleading

"Please God let my feelings be wrong"


One week before the operation

We went to hospital for final tests

When we came back

I burst into tears

Couldn’t stop

Time was getting closer

And I couldn’t face what was to come

Losing you was more than I could bear


You didn’t know what was the matter

Nobody knew… but me

But I couldn’t say anything

I cried all afternoon

You followed me

Trying to comfort me

You held me in your arms

Until I fell asleep

Do you remember?



One night before the operation

You were admitted

But you didn’t know

I’d set my mind on

Staying with you tonight


When I packed your bag

I put the little book I wrote for you

A collection of my letters,

Cards and poems

Gathered over the years

You’d never seen the book before


When the surgeon came

He talked of many things

He wanted to explain details of what’s to come

And to answer our questions

"Can I stay here tonight?" I asked

He didn’t expect that

He hesitated…

"I’ll ask the sister in-charge"…

"It’s against the regulations

But we’ll let you off tonight

Don’t ever ask for another"

"I won’t… I promise" I said


That night, we shared our last meal together

We sat and talked

Trying to encourage each other

We both put on a brave face

We prayed together

We read some Quran together


Then, I gave you the little book

Holding hands

We read our last memories together

Everything I wanted to say to you

Was there, Habeebee

In those modest words

We relived our life that night

We relived our love that night

Habeebee… do you remember?


Hand in hand

We fell asleep

You on a hospital bed

And me on an arm chair

Next to you


We surrendered to what was to come

Most beautiful night

Most peaceful night

Most tranquil night

I think we were surrounded

By angels that night



We woke up next day

Prayed together

And got ready

When they came to take you

I walked alongside your hospital bed

Towards the operation room

And there at the door

And for the last time

We looked into each other’s eyes

Into each other’s souls


Holding our breath

Our eyes mesmerized

Our bodies frozen

Until the big white door

Separated us


Then came the waiting

Hours of agonizing pain

It felt eternal

I wanted to know what was happening

But I dreaded the phone

The surgeon had said

"Don’t worry if we don’t ring

It’s most likely good news

Only worry if we do ring you"


The phone rang

My heart stopped

"The surgeon encountered some problems"

The shaky voice from the other end announced

"He needs to see you"

Collapsing… I rushed to the car

Expecting to hear what I most feared


"Complications… beyond our expectations

I’ve done this operation thousands of times

Never seen anything like

What I’ve seen today

I’ve tried my best

We are only humans

It’s all in the hands of God now"


Two days later

They rushed you again

For an emergency surgery

That day was sooo long

Longer than my life

At night we received a phone call

The surgery was successful

But you’re still critical

Day after day

Night after night

I waited… for a miracle

That you’d pull through


Our friend Tareq

Kept ringing me

"Dear sister

Kneel down and pray

Beg for Khaled to survive

Plead for his life

Say to God

‘For the sake of all the orphans

That Khaled sponsored, looked after

And supported

Don’t let his children become orphans’ "


I tried to do just that

But couldn’t

I felt embarrassed

To ask for something

When I knew God wanted something else

I felt it was greedy to ask for more

People get a one month honeymoon

One year, two years, five years honeymoon,

I got 23 years, 6 months, and 9 days

How can I want more?


All through my life

I was constantly surrounded by love

Some people don’t experience

A fraction of the joy

That always immersed me

It was time to give now

And I knew it…

"We will not attain virtue

Unless we’re able to give

Of what we love most"


I surrendered…

I can’t show misery now

How can I?

When I was given so generously


Grant me patience

Grant me grace

Grant me dignity

Grant me serenity

Grant me ability to let go


As tender as you were

Your departure was as tender and gentle

And I was given two weeks

To help me let go… of you… Habeebee





© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved

But then…how?


But then…how?


How can I face the Lake District

Without you

What can I say to the trees

That we used to caress together

When they feel my cold trembling hands?


 How can I comfort the mountain

That we used to climb

When it starts mourning you?


What can I tell the fallen leaves and flowers

That I used to gather

When they realize that

You’re not with me any more to admire?


What can I say to the waterfall

When it hears my lonely footsteps

Without yours rubbing against them?


What about your Ness Garden

Membership card

That’s still hugging mine

How can I show it

 To the smiling lady at the gate?


And how can I ease the pain

 Of colourful azaleas

And scented roses

When their wondering sad eyes

 Question me about your absence?


How can I soothe the aching

Of the birds’ hearts

That used to sing for us

When they look down

And see not your shadow

Holding mine?


© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved

The last two weeks

Surrounded by many… many people

I could see their faceless faces

No comprehension

I could hear their voiceless voices

No understanding

I could feel their erratic movements

No sensation


For two whole weeks

My bedroom was a black hole

Sucking me and all in

Darkness prevailed

Not a thread of light could be seen

Or escape

Energy condensed

Infinite mass with naught dimension

Time withered to zero

Insanity in action

Verified there and then


Two weeks of anguish of epic proportions

Numb, staring at the void… breathless… motionless… emotionless

Except for my heart

Kicking and screaming

Beating at the speed of light


My sweetheart is leaving

My heart racing to follow

How can I restrain?


© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved

About dreams 1


About dreams



From the womb of agony

Dreams are born

Sweet and pure

We nourish and groom

And watch them grow


After living in us

For long enough

They come alive

And before we know it

We start living in them



© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved

About dreams -2

About dreams



I grow dreams in my garden

Colourful dreams

Wild dreams

And evergreens


In autumn

I plant their seeds deep

Feed them hope

And tender care


In spring

My garden blooms

Bursting with colour


A bouquet of scented dreams

I gather

And at your feet

I lay them down

With a little card saying

With all my love

To the one I love




© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved





Life was raging all around me

And all was surreal


I was looking at me

Madly searching for you

I knew what had happened

I felt sorry for me

I embraced


I was watching me

Sobbing… trembling

With my sore heart throbbing

I put my arms round me

And comforted


I was hearing me pleading

Begging for help

“Do not be afraid”

I whispered in my ear

And reassured


I was observing me

Staring at oblivion

Lost… lonely… petrified

I held my hand

And took me home





© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved



Hakunah matata


Hakunah matata 


“May you…never… ever lose this warm embrace

May these loving arms shelter you forever”


You used to pray holding me tenderly


Those few words

My security-blanket

Swathed this restless weary mind to serenity


Those few words

Flowered in my heart

A meadow… snowdrops… lilies… jasmine and camellias


Those few words

My lullaby songs

Gently swayed me to slumber

Sleeping like a baby

Hakunah matata

There is no worry

You are with me

I am with you


How much has changed since then

Hours of tossing and turning

Yearning to hear your warm words

Soothing my fears

Longing to feel your tender arm

Embracing me


I am cold… I am very cold






Hakunah matata is what simba the little lion of the cartoon “Lion King” used to sing with his friends after losing his dad




© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat  -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved

Shocking news


Shocking news 

“In your religion… … …”

“Hey… hey… stop there

I don’t have a religion

I don’t believe in God

I am a secular… atheist”


“Oh… but you do dear

You do have a religion

When you accept as true something

Without any decisive evidence

You simply believe


Mathematically speaking

The chances are

Either there is a God

Or there isn’t

You can never prove that God does not exist

Nor can you ever negate the possibility of God’s existence

So, when you say

Definitely there is no God

I.e. the probability of God’s existence = 0

Scientifically that is inaccurate

False statement

As this can never be proven


In your case

Affirming that

‘There is no God’

Believing that God doesn’t exist

Without the ability -ever-

To produce any conclusive proof

Is called faith


Sorry dear… but…

If this is not religion

What is?




  © Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat  -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved




I feel greedy today 

Holding onto your things

Not wanting to part 

My mind is whispering

“You would make some one’s life

A little bit better

If only you could share” 

But my heart is clinging on

Refusing to let go


I want to keep your olive shirt

Your auburn jumper… your pair of jeans

I want to keep your pile of papers

Your navy socks… your golden car

I want to keep your reading glasses

Your hearing aid… your sun burnt shoes 

I want to keep your fingerprints

Your footsteps… your magical laughter

I want to keep your frozen tear

Your loving eyes… your sweet smile  

I want to keep your tender touch

Your charming aura … Your heavenly gaze

And I want to drown in all

Drown in… you


I feel greedy today



© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat  -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved

Taste of love


Taste of love  

I didn’t see the wonders of love

Until your eyes gazed into mine


I didn’t feel the warmth of love

Until your hand reached out to mine


I didn’t sense the joy of love

Until your heart danced with mine


I didn’t know the taste of love

Until you held me in your arms


Hold me closer

Hold me tighter

Hide me safely

In your heart



© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat  -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved

When I held the world

When I held the world  

There, on the top of the mountain

I sat with you

You held me in your arms

And in my arms I held the world


There on the top of the mountain

Dawn spread its wings out … took a deep breath

Embraced us with a smile

Daisies looked at you

 Yearning to be picked up, as you crowned me with 

The stream invited us to dip our feet in

Join its mystic dance

Hills dozed off, dreaming of a life resembling ours

The breeze whispered the tale of our love

Our hearts discovered heaven


There, on the top of the mountain

I needed no more

I desired no more

In my arms I held the world




© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat  -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved

Without you


Without you


A wingless dove… struggling to survive

A dry flower… Fighting for its life

A soulless body… I linger

Without you by my side


A drained heart

Like Moses’ mother’s

Gazing at the basket

As her baby drifted away

Exhausted by yearning

Forever waiting



Searching for your voice

In your old files and papers


Looking for your heartbeat

Between the pages of your diary


Running after your footsteps

Amid garden grass and sand grains


 Seeing your face in all the faces

In all pictures and in all magazine covers


In vain

Craving for your hug

Chasing your breath

Clinging to your shadow

Following your smile

Finding nothing

But the echo of despair


Without you by my side

I am barely a human mirage




© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat  -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved




Every morning

I wake up


Into my nightmare 

Stretching my arm out




My heart screams


I want to break FREE

And follow you


© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat  -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved

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