The mystery of the ring


The mystery of the ring



Once upon a time

I was busy cooking

In the kitchen

Suddenly… I was struck

By a shiny ring glowing

On the corner of the worktop

I picked up… looked at it

Examined it

It’s definitely not mine

Whose is it?

Where did it come from?

Who normally comes

Into my kitchen

Many questions sizzled

Demanding answers


I asked my close friends

And those not so close

I asked my neighbours

I even asked those

Who never been to my house

The ring didn’t belong to any of them


I was intrigued

By this mysterious ring

That appeared suddenly

In my kitchen


Determined to solve the mystery

I started thinking

And thinking

Until one day



I cried

I found the answer



You see… long time ago

Back in the very past

The earth was so unstable

Things were moving around

Atoms, molecules, matter

Were every where

There were so many gasses

 In the atmosphere

The earth was covered

With thick heavy clouds

The sun was burning hot

Radiating so much cosmic rays

 Light and energy


With all this mystifying atmosphere

An accident happened


A few scattered atoms

Started gathering together

In a cluster

They started bonding

There was so much thunder

And lightning

 You see

So much energy around


Over the passing of time

Of billions of years

With chance upon chance

Upon chance upon chance

The atoms just completed

This perfect exquisite order


This beautiful ring


Mystery solved


The ring was laying around

For a long time

Before it was found

By me

My theory was

Just perfect


Except for only one thing


Deep down

I have to admit

I knew that

There is a missing link

In my story

Some thing I couldn’t

Quite explain

And that is

How did the ring

Come to be

“Specifically” in my kitchen

And why my kitchen?


Questions just waiting

To be answered


When people knew of my story

And my theory

With my mysterious ring

They thought

I must be insane


But hey… who cares

I know I am a genius

And my theory just

Makes perfect sense


People said

How can you believe

Such nonsense

When in fact

The answer to your mystery

Is much simpler than that

It might only be

That the ring

Didn’t appear out of thin air

Just like that

They say

The ring could have an owner

And a maker


They really blindly believe

That the ring

Must have an owner

And a maker


Other people

Who are more -dare I say-

Scientifically minded

Accepted my theory

It’s easily fathomable

 It makes perfect sense

They thought



Till this day

The mystery of the ring

Like a dark thick cloud

Still hangs around





© Copyright 2006 Nahida Izzat -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved

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