No escape

No escape


In my heart dwells the pain of the oppressed

Rivers of their wounds pour down

Drenching the ocean of my sorrow


I am the voice of the voiceless

The cry of the browbeaten

The howl of little ones

As they fade away


My whispers shoot like bullets

In the ears of the wicked

My words explode

Before his eyes

Muting his lies


He looks away

Pretending not to see

Not to hear

My murmurs pierce his bubble

My tortured shadow follows

No escape


He runs to bed

Covers his head

Sleep might rid him of me


My chopped limps chase his dream

He drowns in my tears

In my blood

Unable to breathe

Unable to cry

No escape


Time passes




Then he dies




Only to be greeted with my smile

He’d hoped he’d never see

As he was chained and dragged away

To meet his deeds


No escape


26 – 12- 2007

© Copyright 2007 Nahida Izzat  -PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved

2 Responses

  1. MachAllah, Jazakillah khair ! Salam


  2. salam.mashallah sister i just saw ur heart goes for u my duas are with we are not alone Allah is always with us .be strong like u are mashallah may Allah curse the from maldives and it would be nice if i could add ur sister in islam


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