God’s “Chosen Terrorists”

God’s Chosen Terrorists

Meet God’s Chosen Thieves and Terrorists: the Jewish settlers

“We don’t care what the world thinks abut what our land is or what our land is not… we are a chosen nation and the world knows that, and God promised us Jerusalem”

Ultra Zionists
Louis Theroux constructs his “documentary” by using his very carefully crafted expressions, finely tuned sentences and deliberately chosen vocabulary, charged with subliminal meanings that could have only been conceived in the minds of perception management experts, to soften the image of the most vile supremacist group of people, and show them as ideologically and morally firm, extremely brave, warm, fun-loving, permanently threatened and persecuted just because they are Jews, yet very determined and steadfast, who live under extraordinary conditions surrounded by Jew-hater, who have “pogromed” the Jews before and who are ready to slaughter them again and again, just because they are Jews:

Look at the introductory sentence for example:

“Many religious extremists, and yet they are protected by one of the world’s most powerful armies… and they are ready to resist any onslaught to re-establish the Greater Jewish nation

Louis Theroux

(Daniel Luria from the ultra religious Jewish organization utterit cohinim)
“This is the Jewish homeland and there never was a Palestinian people” Daniel Luria
“He doesn’t like the fact that the Jews are here full stop, that’s his problem” Daniel Luria
“The international community is on his side, really in the sense that it doesn’t recognise the validity of israel ‘s annexation of East Jerusalem, and it review you as interloper in his community” Louis Theroux
Ok, the world’s got a problem… so I say, so what for the world, it doesn’t bother me” Daniel Luria
(Yeh Lieberman chabad gilad)
Do you think that Palestinians and Jews are equal?” Louis Theroux
No…no Jews are the chosen” Y. Lieberman
“They just bring the grapes to the doors… They are not allowed inside”
“Do they mind?”
“No…They want to serve us
“He also knows that life is good UNDER the Jews” Daniel Luria
“Until the twenties a community of Jews lived here but they were violently driven out during a pogrom” Louis Theroux
“It was the dream of Jewish settlers to be allowed to re-populate the area” Louis Theroux
“The presence of Jewish people in their ancestral homelands upsets millions of people around the world” Daniel Luria

The program ends with this chilling sentence:

“There is the flag, there is the tabernacle, there is the house, there is the Jewish life in the united Jerusalem, and there is nothing… NOTHING that YOU or the world can do about it …NOTHING

One Response

  1. Knock! Knock! My great great great great grandmother use to live here thousand years ago, would you kindly move your family to other place or I shall kill them at once?

    Does it make any sense?

    God has truly blessed the Jews with naughty sense of humor.


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