Open Your Eyes

And come with me

I want to show you something

Some times, we waste our lives

Searching and dreaming of paradise


Paradise is near, it’s here

All around us

And deep within

If only we could hear

Hills, valleys, meadows and mountains

Music to the eye, healing to the soul

Creeks, rivers, seas and oceans

Azure compassion inviting for devotion

Jasmine, lilies, daisies, and roses

Vibrant poetry, tender and sublime

Sand, Pebbles, rocks and stones

Majestic beauty, humbling down

Forests, oasis, deserts in bloom

Melodies of angels, heartrending tune

Dancing galaxies and twinkling stars

Breathtaking splendour

Makes you want to cry

Can you feel your body trembling?

Can you hear the pounding of your heart?

See this planet

It’s ours

This is our planet

And we are LIVING in it

To cherish

To enjoy

To hold dear

Deep within our hearts

Wrapped with love

Offered with affection

A bequest … magnificent

From the Most Compassionate

Most Merciful, Most High

See this beauty

Who would want to destroy that?

See this innocence

Who would want to hurt that?

See this purity

Who would want to spoil that?

See this gentleness

Who would want to upset that?

See this love

Who would want to reject that?

See this mercy

Who would want crush that?


Am falling on my knees


Don’t let them

Don’t let them

Don’t let them

Don’t let them

Don’t let them

I plead with You

Don’t let them mess that up

Don’t let them tear it down

3 Responses

  1. Assalamu ‘alaykum wa Rahmatullahi wa Barakatuhu I read your comment here:
    Noam Chomsky is a fraud and you have understood his malicious intentions very well. Pray for us.We always pray for our brothers and sisters there. I would like to keep you informed about Zionist agenda here, and you like you to keep me informed about the developments there. Perhaps our worst enemies are the Hypocrites within us.I would like to share my response here, which I posted even there. I hope it doesn’t get deleted.

    I belong to Abbottabad where Osama was supposedly killed in the new milestone in the Zionist neo-Crusades of Antichrist.I had sensed his disingenuousness from his article about Abbottabad incident. His agenda starts making great sense when you are seeing the outside world from here. My analysis may be simplistic, but we have a general understanding of the immoral western politics.I consider 9/11 and Abbottabad incident as serving Zionist agenda to pre-emptively neutralize the success of Islamist agenda: by consensus of all saints-scholars of Islam, of the reversal of the racist genocidal unholy occupation of Holy Land. Zionists are the worst victims of their own fears or at least are masters of the art of exploitation of artificial fears of neo-Jewry and neo-Christendom suffering from serious religious identity crises which only the spiritual Truth of Islam can solve.Why do you do immoral things and expect Muslims to suffer passively and not respond by a just war?
    Their actions cannot ever weaken the will of the Muslim world to reverse the occupation because this is something rooted in Islamic sacred texts centuries ago that Jews will wage war against Muslims and then God will empower Muslims to overcome them.They probably gathered intelligence during 2005 Earthquake in Abbottabad to stage the drama in 2011. I consider Noam Chomsky a professional crypto-Zionist liar. Our military analysts have been saying since 9/11 that the Zionist agenda is to steal our nuclear weapons, in which we were least interested if India didn’t threaten our existence, and abided by UN resolutions regarding her occupation of Kashmir.[The irony is that US itself wants India to assert regional hegemony as evident from Hillary Clinton’s recent statement] .

    Pakistanis, although had to suffer from British,Soviet and US occupations, but still they are a pacifist nation who will be willing to de-nuclearize the whole world including US ,India and Israel, all of which want to politically subjugate us. In Urdu:9/11 is a bahana[excuse],Afghanistan is thikana [base to attack], and Pakistan is nishana [ultimate target]. For all those men and women of conscience who feel sad for us, I want to assure that One God and goodness will ultimately triumph over evil. We are believers in One God of Abraham(as),Ishmael(as),Isaac(as) worshipped by Moses(as) and Jesus(as), and we aren’t afraid of the lies and deceptions of the Jewish Antichrist.Islam is a spiritual civilization and the best way to defeat it is by breaking its spiritual backbone through apostasy and depravity. Qur’an has taught us to refuse to submit either spiritually or territorially like Red Indians.


  2. * I would like to keep you informed about Zionist agenda here, and would like you to keep me informed about the developments there.


  3. I came across one of Nahida’s poem and am very moved by it.


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