Beloved People of Gaza


Beloved people of Gaza

Treasured heroes of Palestine



Teachers of love, courage and dignity

Archetype of humanity



 Allow me to kneel down

And wash your feet with my tears



Kiss your blessed hands

And sprinkle your beautiful faces

With musk and scented rose petals



While we sat pondering like fools

Utterly helpless

Talking much and doing little

Going round and round in circles

Thinking how to help

What to offer you to relief some of your pain



As usual

Full of surprises



You come out to our rescue

Soothe our agony

You offer most precious gifts



Lessons in bravery



Steadfastness, patience, perseverance,

Defiance, resilience



Optimism against all odds

Creativity in the face of utter oblivion





You’ve demonstrated

We are the captives

You are the free one



You have chosen resistance over subjugation



You decided

Never to surrender

Never to be enslaved

Not even to superpowers

Would we ever learn from you?



5 Responses

  1. So true, Nahida. Palestine will not truly be free until “Israel” is no more. Every single jew needs to go back to where they came from (with apologies to wherever they came from). Every single inch!


  2. Dear readers
    My apologies again for subjecting you to such profanity. I do not censor such foul comments for the sake of exposing the moral bankruptcy of those who occupy the Holy land Palestine and their supporters outside Palestine. Sincere apology again.


  3. Great Palestine our liberator
    You are our great teacher
    Our heart our soul
    Our light that shines through the darkness
    Reaching with each breath
    Each a blossoming flower in the heat of the desert
    You are the struggle that makes us whole
    So I sit before you as my teacher
    And bow down before your grace
    Palestine you are the living heart
    The lion of the human race


  4. […] Beloved People of Gaza […]


  5. […] Beloved People of Gaza […]


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