Do Jews Have to Love Gentiles Unconditionally?

7 Responses

  1. Shouldn’t she be certified? Soon?


    • Indeed, but what is disturbing, she is not alone with these lunacies… she is a kabbalist and she only repeats their lunatic blather


  2. Hard to believe such people exist in this day and age. Anyone else coming out with such rubbish would be locked up. If this is her idea of a humane God, she’s welcome to him. And him to her.


  3. The lunatics have taken over the asylum.


  4. ISRA EL has no value! This is Jewish crap! ISRA EL is an abomination by its very definition.

    That Qabbalist creature is telling the truth about Jews being religiously forbidden to love all non Jews, the nations, the Goyim except that abomination called ISRA El and those who convert to Judaism!

    She is right when she says Jews are commanded to HATE the Goyim, that is, the entire non Jewish world.

    Instead of being certified insane, she should be congratulated for not “bull shitting” and for telling us (the stupid Goyim) the ‘Holy’ Jewish Truth and about the Jewish Panthers!

    Does anyone know what is really meant by the term ISRA EL?

    The son of Mary was not meek!





    Dedicated to Adalberto Eratzo Jr.

    Orthodox Jewish Qabbalist Mrs Doreen Dotan blocked me on her Youtube videos after my very first three short comments!

    Ho ho ho! ““The Qabbalah is God and His wife, His Real, having Sex”!”



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