How could one be spiritual

Without being saturated in love?

It’s impossible

How would one experience love

Without being spiritual to the core?

It’s not possible




When you love

You are bursting with curiosity

Teeming with awe and wonder

You see splendour all around

In the most unlikely places

And the most unnoticeable things




This beautiful feeling







Defying all laws

Challenging all notions

Transcending all boundaries

Refusing to be defined

Making life worth living

Gives you a glimpse into the infinite

The unknown




The more deeply you look at the visible

The closer you become to seeing the invisible




As you board the boat of love

You embrace your spiritual-self

Embarking on a magical journey

Floating… following your destiny

Spirituality and love are inseparable… intertwined



2 Responses

  1. “The more deeply you look at the visible
    The closer you become to seeing the invisible”

    Yet, most of us see not what is not immediately visible to the eye unless we purify our heart and open it to the world, but the world is no more what it used to be. Today it is definitely Dajjalic.

    “Spirituality and love are inseparable… intertwined”

    Funny that Christian “Westerners” who have turned apostates or New Agers (David Icke, “Peter Joseph” of Zeitgeist, Kerry Lyn Cassidy (Project Camelot), and many others come back with a vengeance against religion and God, and in particular Islam, viciously claiming that religion has killed spirituality (all religions).

    Without “revealed religion” there is no spirituality and love without the divine is just wishful thinking.

    Listen to Jallaluddin Rumi’s “Gift of Love” produced by Dr Deepak Chopra. This is 100% spirituality!

    Sister Nahida, many thanks for this beautiful poetic glimpse into the Infinite.

    Barak Allah Fik



  2. “The more deeply you look at the visible
    The closer you become to seeing the invisible”

    This is profound, Nahida.


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