Only love grew

When I was a little girl
My home was a tree-trunk
On a white cloud
Up…up… in the sky


In this world of mine
The sun shone forever
All seasons were spring
And love grew everywhere

Yesterday is gone and its tale told. today new seeds are growing
In gardens… on trees
In the streets
On roof tops
In the rivers
In people’s hearts
And on their tongues


Visitors to my world
Wondered how
And why
Hate didn’t grow
Hate couldn’t grow


The secret was
In this world of mine
People could read
Each other’s minds
So, they came to understand


How others feel
What others mean
Why others do
And where others stand


That’s why
In this beautiful world of mine
Only love grew


Soul songs


Would an electron stop spinning?

Would a photon cease vibrating?

Would earth lie down to sleep?


Thus, the poetry of my soul

Gushing out regardless

Throbbing in deafening silence

Wether anyone is listening

or I sing alone




Inner beauty

6 - Copy


Zooming in

Getting closer

Expecting a tedious bore


To my surprise

I found a pearl
Hidden in the deep

By layers of my ignorance

Picture 345

Thrill is never over
Every layer I peel
Reveals still
Beauty beyond imagination


I wonder
What will I find
If I ever get to the core


Indoctrination 101

Just come with me

I want to take you out


I want to hold your heart

In my little palm



Take you out, just for a day

Show you the world



Drifting with the breeze

Sitting on an autumn leaf



Flying with humming birds

Bouncing on clouds



Riding backs of dolphins

Diving with blue whales


9-19_sidney_t670 2

Sliding on a rainbow

Painting ruby skies



I want to take you out

Show you the world



Gliding between mountains

With colourful butterflies



Surfing seas and oceans

Swimming in the Nile



Floating between galaxies

Counting night stars



Racing with twilight

Travelling throughout time



I want to take out

Show you the world



Holding on your hand

Clinging to your heart

Just come with me


Come with me

Al-Jazeera Jewish-Zionist team

محمد نور- فرقة هارموني باند Mohammad Nour – The Harmony Band

Look who is training terrorist !

* * *

Soul Whispers

* * *

I think of You

Splendid thoughts

Buds  through my soul

Sublime and beautiful

* * *


* * *

Majestic waves

of love so great

Runs through my being

Serene and graceful

Tender and pure

* * *


Those who robbed Palestine have NO moral or ethical argument whatsoever, so they got into the habit of using two fig leaves to cover their nude morality: Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial.

Accusing Palestinians or human right activists of being hateful, racist and antisemites because they EXPOSE and DETEST the ideology of SUPREMACY rampant amongst the occupiers of Palestine, yet simultaneously keeping MUTE about such supremacy within, is hypocrisy at best, and active deception at worst.

What a bizarre configuration imposed upon Palestinians; they are called racist for fighting racism, they are called antisemites while being Semitic to the core, they are obliged to defend the rights of their persecutors before their own,  they are expected to study and sympathise with the history of their occupiers before their own current ongoing ethnic cleansing and slow genocide, they are supposed to care more for the feelings of those who genocided them for over six decades before they care about their liberation, and they are demanded to fall in love with the “humanity” of their occupiers and express that love in no uncertain terms otherwise their own humanity is in doubt and would be put on trial.

It defies belief to watch such scenario written, directed and acted by some alleged “supporters” of Palestine;  they call activists racists for being ferociously against all forms of  racism, while they consolidate the racism of their own by propagating such accusations as a smoke screen to silence truths and conceal ugliness in one shot.

Palestinians and their genuine supporters must walk away from the distraction of those who insist on injecting our struggle with banners of “fighting antisemitism”, or “fighting holocaust denial”, these are NOT our battles, these battles belong to ADL and its ilk.

Palestinians and their genuine supporters must come together to dialogue, explore strategies and hopefully work for  unified aims with clear vision without having to tiptoe around their thoughts along the path for freedom, and without having to sacrifice their aspiration of liberation on the altar of sensitivities of their persecutors and for the sake of not offending their oppressors.


Princess of Dreams

Dedicated to the  young girl I saw studying in the vicinity of Al-Agsa mosque-  May, 2013

Timidly I stretch my arms out
I bow my head in humble awe

Kissing those delicate hands
Wiping sorrow off your tender eyes

O… soul of my soul
Delight us with your dreams ignore death around

No to submissiveness no to being idle

Plant seeds of hope inside of us… lilies
Baby smiles
Spectra of love
Longing poetry
Celebrations of glory… huge grins

On the cusp of homeland scatter your winning laughter
Almond Blossom … fragrant roses …  heart beats … tears of love … and stars

IMG_7058 copy

أميرة الأحلام

على استحياءٍ أمد الكفوف
اطأطئ هامتي في خشوعٍ ذليل

اقبّل هذي الأيادي الرقيقة
وامسح احزان هاتيك العيون

ايا مهجة الروح
جودي بالمنى رغم المنايا
فلا للخنوع ولا للخمول

ازرعي الأمال فينا زنبقاً
أحلام طفلٍ
أطياف عشق
أنغام شوق
أعراس مجد باسمات

وعلى أعتاب الديار انثري ضحكات فوزك
زهرٍ لوز… عبق ورد… خفق قلب… دمع حبٍّ… ونجوم

IMG_7058 copy

Qur’an through the eyes of an outsider

Here We Stay. . . هنا باقون

By Palestinian poet Tawfeeq Zieyad

Translation by Nahida Exiled Palestinian

Here We Stay

Twenty impossible we are

In Lod, and Ramleh, Galilee

Here, on top of your chests, anchored like a wall

In your throats we shall stay, a piece of glass, a cactus thorn,

and in your eyes a blazing fire


Here, on top of your chests, anchored like a wall

Hungry .. Bare .. Confronting

Singing poems

Storming angry streets with demonstrations

Filling prisons with Dignity

Making children


Generation .. after generation

Twenty impossible we are

In Lod, Ramleh, and Galilee


45350_318044548308643_1062062800_n copy.
Here we stay

Go, drink seawater

While we guard the shadow of figs and olives trees

Cultivate ideas, like yeast in a dough

Cool as ice our nerves

Our hearts a blazing hell



If we get thirsty, we squeeze rocks

We eat dirt if hungry, but we do not leave

Our precious blood we do not withhold … do not withhold … do not withhold

Here … Our past … our present … And our future


35802_402017181306_306817171306_4781028_632538_n copy.

Twenty impossible we are

In Lod, and Ramleh, Galilee

Our living roots entrenched deep

Our ancestors hold on

Better for the oppressor to review his calculations

Before the wheel goes off

For every action has a reaction

Recite: What is written in the book



* * * * *

هنا باقون

توفيق زياد

168 - Woman on her land in Isla - november 2002

كأننا عشرون مستحيل

في اللد , والرملة , والجليل

هنا .. على صدوركم , باقون كالجدار

وفي حلوقكم

كقطعة الزجاج , كالصبار

وفي عيونكم

زوبعة من نار


هنا .. على صدوركم , باقون كالجدار

نجوع .. نعرى .. نتحدى

ننشد الأشعار

ونملأ الشوارع الغضاب بالمظاهرات

ونملأ السجون كبرياء

ونصنع الأطفال .. جيلا ثائرا .. وراء جيل

كأننا عشرون مستحيل

في اللد , والرملة , والجليل


إنا هنا باقون

فلتشربوا البحرا

نحرس ظل التين والزيتون

ونزرع الأفكار , كالخمير في العجين

برودة الجليد في أعصابنا

وفي قلوبنا جهنم حمرا


إذا عطشنا نعصر الصخرا

ونأكل التراب إن جعنا .. ولا نرحل

وبالدم الزكي لا نبخل .. لا نبخل .. لا نبخل

هنا .. لنا ماض .. وحاضر .. ومستقبل

كأننا عشرون مستحيل

في اللد , والرملة , والجليل


يا جذرنا الحي تشبث

واضربي في القاع يا أصول

أفضل أن يراجع المضطهد الحساب

من قبل أن ينفتل الدولاب

لكل فعل رد فعل:- … إقرأوا

ما جاء في الكتاب


Alice in Holy-land


Alice was falling up, then rising down,

With a quantum leap, transcending

Into a parallel universe

Were every thing is upside down,

And nothing is what it seems to be;

In a forgotten land, once called Palestine.



In this land of wonders, Alice saw

Murderers get Nobel peace prizes,

Thieves are the guardians

Of peace and security,

War criminals are the law,



In this land of faith, Alice saw

Strangers claiming that

God gave them every thing;

For they are the chosen

Above all others,

Despite the fact: most of them

Don’t even believe in God.



In this land of pain, Alice saw

Olive trees uprooted for having roots in the past,

Farmers beaten for harvesting their crops,

Men shot for wanting to pray,

Women imprisoned for having a family,




Children killed for going to school,

Babies gassed for… being.



In this land of sorrow

Alice saw people in refugee camps;

With large rustic keys around their necks,

Gazing away in despair

At beautiful, invisible homes in the distance,

With no keyholes, no doors, not even walls.



In this land of history

Alice saw signs for peace;

That only led to war and terror;

Road maps, but no roads;

Security zones, with no security;

Miles long checkpoints, where nothing is checked.



In this land of paradox

Alice saw a queen of hearts

Leading an army with hearts of stone,

Yet Alice picked up stones

With tender hearts,

Stones with tongues

That can dance and even sing.


I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think

And through the rabbit hole

Alice came out again,

Disorientated and bewildered

Alice was in Holy-land

She went, she saw, she understood.



Rising above


Soaked in humiliation

Standing in the corner

Of the security-check cubical

All alone

No mum to hold my hand

Or calm down my fear

No dad to hide my shame

And wipe my tears away

No shoes, no socks, no clothes

Not even underwear

After being stripped

By her…



The stern face

Of this woman soldier

Was looking down at me

In fury and contempt


She started her interrogation:

Where are you going to?

Palestine, my little shaky voice replied

Where are you going to? louder and firmer

Palestine, swiftly this time

There is no Palestine, do you understand

No more Palestine

Where are you going?  shouting with rage

Palestine, assertively

Determined to deny her the pleasure

Of hearing the word

She wanted to hear

556683_374137712677056_1530026432_n .

A refugee, visiting my stolen Palestine

For the first time

Since the occupation

A little girl of nine

Defiant, full of dignity, I leave

Holding in my heart

My very own victory



My Beloved Granddaughter

My Beloved Grandson

Beauty all around


Looking around

My eyes delight

Beauty bubbles in every corner

My heart swells with love, uncontainable

Sparkles of tenderness fall down as rain


Overwhelmed with gratefulness

I kneel down and pray


Lifted up


Swept off my feet,

I pop, I jump, I fly


My soul fills with colour

Besotted I swirl

And sing with joy



I am but a speck of dust

Lost in this vast cosmos


Inside my mind

Hides the entire universe



At the heart of soul of this speck of dust

Lives the Most magnificent, Most Sublime

The Creator of all

* * *


I gasp in awesome wonder

67045_157280537753939_660198381_nFirst_Signs_of_Spring_by_magnusti78 Fractal_Art_Flowerings_53 fractal17 benoit-mandelbrot-the-father-of-fractals-2


What would you do?

“Why don’t you write about the chaos happening now in the Middle East?”

Some may wonder

“Don’t you have anything intelligent to say in such dreadful times?”

They add


“Oh YES I do of course I do, I have much to say”

I reply

When you see a person being beaten up by a mob

Could be slaughtered before your eyes

What would you do first?

Do you stop to help him, save his life?

Or do you point at his dirty clothes,

Ask him to get changed first, as you criticise?

* * *

What I have to say is bitter sweet

Aimed at my Muslim family

From all schools of thought

Injured, humiliated

Fatigued, marginalized

Drained and disunited

Oppressed and dehumanized

Pushed into a trap

By sleazy fingers

Those whose motto:

“By way of deception, thou shalt make war”

בתחבולות תעשה לך מלחמה

Co+scenarist+co+director+Bernard+Henry+Levy+HzkIXW5nC3AlBHL sur la place Tharir Henry-LevyEPA imagesww

Director Levy and cast members pose during a photocall for the film Le Serment de Tobrouk at the 65th Cannes Film Festival 220608_198527960185080_100000836321876_450077_5731563_o 20111129-220722 6680060_bin 561733_366837706729423_1564299057_na Berhard Henry Levi Bernard+Henry+Levy+Celebs+Cosmopolis+Premiere+O7MBIhHkwZBl BHL in Benghazi, Libya bhl_libye2_03 bhl_libye2_022 big_63de09abe bhl-2-550x366 Cameron clinton_peace FRANCE-IRAN-DEMO gatzmon20110429 image-335394-galleryV9-olvt levi3 Levy & Younis Levy_pic_1 levy-rat lieberman1 France's President Sarkozy speaks with (NTC) Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril as they walk to Medical Center in Tripoli nicolas-sarkozy-and-david-cameron-colonising-libya برنار ليفي الاب الروحي لما يسمى بالربيع العربي مع مناحيم بيغن

Is it the right time to say what I have to say, then

While babies being slaughtered

And the innocent smothered under?

Just BE, anyway

When the sun shines every morning

It does not think what if someone objects to its heat

It would Just give its best, anyway


When twilight falls in the evening

It does not care who would curse its darkness

It would just embrace all, anyway


When Sky gates flung open to relinquish earth

It does not hesitate in case some passers by would get wet

It would just rain anyway


When you align yourself with the Most Sublime

You would not consider how people see you;

Would they mock you

Would they belittle you

Would they hurt you

Or would they even kill you

You’re constantly content in magnificent harmony

You would just BE, anyway



This poem is dedicated to my friend Genie (Palestine Rose)

When you write raw

You leave your heart exposed

It will carry many cuts and bruises

It might even bleed its life out

I too,  write raw

Not to appease
Neither to please
And certainly not to hurt or cause harm

Not to praise or to be praised
Not to condemn or put anyone down

But to heal and ease the pain
Of an injured world
With which I fell madly in love
Long before the day I was born


I hear rivers and oceans weeping I go to pieces
I see the tears running down sky’s face,

I melt away, I go insane

I would peel off the kernel of my soul
I would crush my being to nothingness
I would dwindle and wither away
I would set my heart ablaze
To see a child smile

564621_443916275691189_1478085130_n copy

Take my heart
Take my heart
grind it down
Sprinkle the dust over this tormented world
Turn it to compost
Let it feed love-hungry souls

In the palm of my hand I hold my heart, tender and sore
With delight I give it away
Watch the blossoms budding around
As one child smiles again


Wouldn’t you?

Her World is Mine

Holding on my hand

Strolling away


How could I resist

A tender baby’s hand

Embraced in mine


How could I let go

Of baby’s little fingers

Wrapped around mine


How could I remember

Fears, worries, illusions

When angels hover,

Forever, by my side


My heart is giggling

Her hand in mine

My mind is fizzing

Her world is mine


I came from there

Have always been

There I belong

Her world is mine



Where fairies dance in lavender valleys

Where grass grows tall, untamed and wild


Where butterflies have names

Grasshoppers play games

Back-floating they dream


Where babies dive

Splashing in rivers

Of daisies and jasmine


Where angels swim in milky-ways

Leaving trails of stardust behind


I came from there
Have always been
There I belong
Her world is mine


Floating with children

Smiling at rabbits

Chatting to fairies

My heart is giggling
Her hand in mine


Look, look up there

Flapping my wings

Jumping high then falling down

Her hand in mine


Her eyes of stars
Glowing with glee
Such innocent face

Such radiant light
And heavenly grace

O sweet my baby
Tender and pure
O smile my baby

Come heal and cure

Your hand in mine
Your world is mine


I look at her
In awesome wonder

Then sings my soul
Her hand in mine

Tiny and tender

Her hand in mine


I look at her
In awesome wonder

Then sings my soul

Her world is mine

Serene sublime

Her world is mine

Her world is mine


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