Ezz Al Zanoon, Son of Palestine


Your breathtaking images move my soul to tears


Thunderous beauty


Most articulate silence


Painfully mesmerizing eloquence


Thank you for telling the story in stillness


Without words


901596_4593848330970_365758401_o 1278157_10200430223544880_1894303445_o 919133_10200459901246804_714239684_o 1240286_725071010843007_2018055099_n 1275174_10200449892916602_159327553_o 1263901_10200442123842380_1909571553_o copy 132952_10200416469321033_2128023704_o 1239138_10200436429740031_1507599573_o copy 1237409_10200409404224410_1923997021_o 1272371_10200407391574095_1408391482_o 1233252_10200406046700474_568098489_o 1269701_10200401924357418_476247874_o 1277224_10200401566828480_1631975013_o 1291566_10200395363553402_1211699893_o 1275668_10200394280486326_1968001674_o 1276087_10200388194694185_1837434582_o 1264083_10200386822059870_934694573_o 1271086_10200381106836993_137684656_o 1272425_10200376430880097_1171497357_o 1263806_10200370839860325_868172638_o 1094685_10200365686891504_1597758788_o 1233153_10200349306882014_162199665_o 980916_10200360269276067_1261349868_o 1266116_10200346144002944_223913421_o 1167231_10200341314042198_1501285060_o 1234120_10200344843610435_1049975372_n 1272152_10200333421244883_483298158_o 1278942_10200340007209528_795015484_o 1273785_10200340008729566_1506091843_o 1265660_10200340012129651_121703308_o 1146855_10200310004659483_2061228016_o 1120027_10200302819359855_1168556125_o 1074296_10200298820459885_1811141931_o 1167605_10200298820939897_1146344467_o 664884_10200293618609842_441641359_o 1149506_10200298819779868_205289400_o 1146206_10200298819899871_128274883_o 1147005_10200298819499861_189125418_o 1147590_10200285664130985_1491747207_o 1102666_10200268698026843_1020077341_o 1120024_10200202660855955_2069282364_o 1146304_10200195612359747_230149750_o 964147_10200188810029693_1640352837_o 1102437_10200188772788762_135290972_o 1102423_10200188767348626_1959985692_o 1077822_10200186393689286_1729365208_o 1079068_10200185981558983_1538736687_o 1009237_10200183320132449_1762970358_o 1120061_10200176890971724_444199655_o 1077094_10200176341237981_101260214_o 980359_10200162844540572_1323063421_o 1039571_10200149694331825_1050319405_o 1074140_10200144453560809_1400330111_o 1077079_10200142899481958_1937935376_o 1074610_10200125205519620_515104718_o 1072644_10200132909592217_1753226004_o 1078578_10200133626090129_1802687680_o 1073981_10200139277831419_1477385259_o 1074739_10200122287206664_1964237534_o 1078862_10200118655275868_851853436_o 703540_10200119313692328_600405402_o 1073178_10200099339992998_1351640705_o 1049006_4970510987301_1097148993_o 1074745_4997301097037_1177005991_o 1073199_4975135422909_1204654892_o 1048303_4936119807543_1793262941_o 1040730_4931693496888_620472769_o 1048949_4911199224544_977244460_o 1040862_4914866716229_443557320_o 1008287_4834896317019_726557161_o 1040728_4873941293119_1845860128_o 1015737_4906943278148_1245073991_o 1052706_4909334777934_874064561_o 1014570_4864382614158_1599501803_o 922388_4698468666413_1457826007_o 921583_4656880226728_388253582_o 921452_4610055336135_1066239744_o 859924_4397880271891_1447720173_o 906345_4507029520554_379783987_o 545500_4507029480553_545544970_n 532011_4524590639571_426353990_n 883529_4397880751903_1520560490_o 858182_4397880591899_2067947007_o 885493_4369969254133_1895902949_o 887525_4329411920225_1183162673_o 775834_4146109017767_413698484_o 775717_4146101377576_166820616_o 841194_4168530698295_398772121_o 857914_4282846996131_1082831379_o 1238770_619920118030233_1656407432_n copy

يا صاحب الهم


يا صاحب الهم إن الهم منفرج


أبشر بخير فإن الفارج الله


اليأس يقطع أحياناً بصاحبه


لاتيأسن فإن الكافي الله


الله يحدث بعد العسر ميسرة


لاتجزعن فان الصانع الله


إذا إبتليت فثق بالله وأرض به


إن الذي يكشف البلوى هو الله !

الأمام الشافعي




تبت يدا أبي لهب

مشيت ذات ليلة من جليد
انا والقمر
والفؤاد كما أم موسى فارغٌ
زائغ العينين اضناه الحنين
وحيدين كنا
تلفنا الغربةَ الزرقاء
كان الطريق أغبراً
مظلم البيوت قاتم العتبات
كلانا حزين
كلانا بصمت يعاني
دموعنا الحرى تساقط
تخنق الآهات في عبراتنا
تحرق الوجنات
همست بأذنه
أتدري يا صديقي بحالي؟
أأخبرتتك النوارس بما قد جرى لي؟
أنا وأمتي نكتوي
أكفان الذل تلاحقنا
تخنق الأنفاس فينا
وثياب القهر سودا حالكة
أبدت كل مساوينا
تفضح قبح أفعالنا
تعري أعذارنا
على قارعات الطريق
تمرغ في الثري
ما تبقى من كرامة
على مرأى الأمم
 عذراً أيها القمر
ما ذنبك أنت؟
يكفيك ما قد لم بك
يكفيك ما قد رأيت
أنت لست الملام
لكنما أشكوا أعراباً
أتقنت “فن” النفاق
خانت القدس … خانت المسرى … خانت التاريخ
خانت الأجداد … خانت الشهداء
خانت الأطفال
وبحفنة من الدولار باعت الأوطان
وبكأس وعشيقة
صار لها التلمود ديناً
عوضاً عن القرآن
تبت يدا أبي لهب
ردد معي يا صديق العمر
الأعراب أشد كفراً ونفاقا
ردد معي يا ذا الوفا
تبت يدا أبي لهب

Beware of Side Battles


Why Palestinians should resist and NOT accept to be dragged and distracted, by the so called Jewh-anti-Zionist “supporters” into fighting side battles of “antisemitism”, “holocaust denial”, “conspiracy theories” and “LGBT rights”:

  • Under the pretext of fighting anti-Semitism and racism, the hijackers aim to obfuscate and cover up any study or scrutiny of Jewish supremacy and racism  .
  • Under the pretext of fighting racism and anti-Semitism the goal of the hijackers is to block and prevent serious investigation of  global Jewish Zionist networks and organizations in their respective Jewish communities world wide, and their role in supporting, defending and protecting the criminal Zionist entity.
  • Under the pretext of the uniqueness and exceptionality of Jewish suffering, they aim to justify the need of the perpetual existence of a “state for the Jews”, a “homeland for the Jewish people” in Palestine, an “Israel”, a “safe-haven” where the “eternally persecuted” Jews can finally call “home”, where they can exercise their “sovereign rights” to be a “nation”; be it as it may, an invented one, and be it as it may at the expense of another nation and the almost total extermination and dispossession of another people through wars of conquest and genocide. They call their omnibous solution, a Secular state for ALL its citizens. Hence preparing the ground of the soft, cultural, factual and permanent TAKE OVER of Palestine (early Zionists called that type of soft takeover, Cultural Zionism).
  • Under the pretext of the uniqueness and exceptionality of Jewish suffering, our detractors want to impose on Palestinians to give up their rights to resist and defend themselves, they want Palestinians to abandon the idea of reinstatement of their stolen land, and to impose on them the acceptance of sharing permanently their land with those who oppressed and dispossessed them for decades, those who have systematically violated, desecrated and destroyed the beloved land of Palestine.
  • Under the pretext of avoiding  “conspiracy theories”, we are forbidden from examining the role of FALSE FALG operations, a speciality “perfected” by Mossad, thus fail to identify real culprits and point our accusations at the wrong target.
  • Under the pretext of becoming “progressive” and “liberal”, and by tying our cause with campaigns like “gay and LGBT rights” we take a huge risk of becoming their vehicle to promote their agenda at our backs, while destroying in the process all that which is precious in our culture, the  welfare of the child, the family the  community, the cohesiveness of society and sink into the abyss of moral degradation, for we know for a fact that the calls for such “freedoms” will not stop there , and will continue to push for more perversion, until nothing is left to protect.


Children First


Is it fair to abuse little girls like so, and push them to become sex objects?

A reflection on the implication of politicisation of sexual behaviour/ orientation and its infringement on children’s rights, all this in relation to the Palestinian cause


This article is not a condonation or justification of any form of discrimination or persecution against people with various sexual orientations or disorders, it is a mere expression of an opinion and sharing of concerns associated with promoting explicit sexual education amongst children and pressurising other societies to change their codes of ethics, thus destroying the cradle of child-protection, the family unit being the foundation of these societies.


For whatever reason, I often find myself engaged in writing about taboo topics which very few are willing to touch, and expressing “politically incorrect” views, which no one is willing to even ponder about, this article is just one of those.

One of the main reasons that pushed me to speed up and write this article, besides its core subject, the welfare of children, is my observation of some huge efforts which have been exerted to make the issue of “sexual orientation” an integral part of the Palestinian struggle for Liberation!

As a mother and a grandmother with great love and devotion for children, as a human being with intense concern for children’s welfare, and as Palestinian, with a deep rooted culture, in which FAMILY -not the individual, is the nucleus of society, I feel the need to drop my two cents on the issue of adult sexual behaviour and the need of child protection.

Palestinian culture, being predominantly Muslim, is essentially a culture of faith where believing in a Creator, accepting that actions have consequences and taking responsibility for people’s own deeds are core concepts in its philosophy.

Most socio-dynamics in Islamic societies stems from that belief; starting with God-man relationship, ending with man-nature relationship, including all which is in-between. i.e. the boundaries of personal freedoms, and extents of responsibilities in the human-human relationship.

Such traditional culture views society NOT as the sum of its individuals, behaving as disconnected atoms floating in a vacuum,  but rather the very expanded social collective of families and extended families, which results is a neatly woven, well bonded social fabric, in which the welfare of the whole is understood to precede that of the individual. Acting exactly as an organic body, of which all cells are connected and important.

At the heart of such societies the concept of “All mankind are born free but OUR FREEDOM ENDS WHEN THE FREEDOM OF OTHERS BEGINS”.

Such culture puts very strong emphasis on the role of traditional family in the upbringing, welfare, health and protection of its children (the nucleus family ; consisting of mother and father, and the extended family consisting of relatives as well as neighbours and friends)

Is it not only reasonable then to assume that any ideology or practices which prioritises the INDIVIDUAL and puts their selfish desires up and above the welfare of the whole, might not fulfil the needs of a deeply religious, family oriented and tightly woven society?

If Muslims choose freely to have some restriction upon themselves (like modest dress code, abstinence from consuming alcohol or self-discipline in sexual behaviour) in order to create a more attentive and more protective, more family oriented atmosphere for the sake of its most vulnerable members, namely children, what harm is there in that?

If the support for human rights in Palestine or elsewhere in the world is conditional and dependent on people denouncing their religion, cultural heritage, and social traditions and adopting new sets of social behaviour alien to them, which only mirrors that of the West; does not that mean denying them a most basic human right, the right to think, and live within a specific ethical code and legal system of their own choice?

The East has different history and different experiences, different perspective on existential issue and different views of the world. It has different social structures, different ways of dealings with it’s social wells and of healing its ills, thus it is nonsensical and rather presumptuous to assume that East and West share exactly the same problems, thus need the same solutions!

TRANSFERRING the PROBLEMS of the West onto the East, then JUXTAPOSING the SAME SOLUTIONS on the East is rather shortsighted and very condescending, IMHO.

Trying to standardise and sum up humanity in the form of Western civilisation is a grave mistake. We can’t simply assume that what is good and right for the western culture is the norm, nor we can accept that it is superior to that of other cultures, and for me this is a BASIC HUMAN RIGHT. The Muslim world has suffered enormously from colonial imperialism, military and economic occupation, we are longing for FREEDOM, but the freedom that we long most for is the FREEDOM of THOUGHT.

We have to come to common grounds of accepting that each culture and civilization has its own structure that depends very much on a huge heritage and millennia of accumulated experiences, understanding this and respecting it is vital for the future peaceful existence of human race.

Now, coming to the topic of LGBT and homosexuality:

I don’t think it is my business, or anyone’s business for that matter to know what people do in their bedrooms, or to be exposed to such private matters, let alone be asked to support, take pride in, demonstrate for, or celebrate what people do in the privacy of their own homes.

However, like every issue in the world, people are entitled to express an opinion or to have personal views on it, such views should not be considered as “persecution”, “infringement”, or  “violation of the human rights” of LGBT or homosexuals.

Screen Shot 2017-12-03 at 22.01.07

For me personally, what makes me cringe about this issue :

  • it is the deliberate forceful insertion and  the politicisation of a private intimate bedroom act , pushing it to become one pivotal item on the global political agenda and one of the main if not THE main factor in determining the “progressiveness” and “liberality” of any one society or political group,



All the above should raise red flags in any decent person’s head, it should ring  alarm bells and concern with those who care about children’s welfare and wellbeing.



Is it human rights or abuse of humanity?

I see so much contradiction in dealing with these issues in Western societies:

Exposing children to all sorts of information images and materials, encouraging them to be sexually aware, sexually educated and active as young as possible, yet  pretending to want to protect them from sexual abuse.

Campaigning for human rights of one group yet being ever so quiet about other groups of similar tendencies.

Trying to shelter children from abuse yet see nothing wrong in putting them in a situation where they might be endangered; emotionally, mentally and psychologically abused.


Allow me here to storm your brains by throwing out some questions:

Homosexuality is what it is, a sexual orientation, like any other, so why make it into a defining identity?

Why should people be defined and take so much “pride” by such a narrow aspect of their behaviour, done in the privacy of their own bedrooms?

Why should the rest of mankind -including the young ones, engage in promoting, celebrating and taking pride in the sexual act of some of its adult members?


Why should humanity be split into two categories : hetro, homo, thus identified by such limiting and insignificant parameters?

Can we really tell how civilized a county is by the size of its pride parades?

Is civility and respect of human rights measured by its celebration of how fast growing its homosexual population?


Is it not total regression, to define ourselves merely by our sexuality -rather than by our morality and intellect?

Can we define humanity by two groups: those who love to sleep on their backs and those who prefer sleeping on their sides or tommies?

Can we start having “Pride Parades” for left-handed people, or for people who prefer using coloured tissue-paper in the bathroom, rather than the common white, for they too are minorities?



If this zealous support of homosexuality is all about human rights, why do people in the west favour to defend the human rights of homosexuals yet they are not so keen on the human right of:

ParaphiliasExhibitionism, Fetishism, incest, Frotteurism, Zoophilia, Mysophilia Necrophilia, Troilism, Coprophilia, Masochism, Sadism, Transvestitism, and Voyeurism?

For the sake of fairness, equal opportunity and refusal of double standards, should we not broaden the scope of tolerance and change the name of LGBT to this LGBTEFIZMNTCSVP?

All the above display “less-common” sexual behaviours. Just like homosexuals, they too can not control the impulses and desires they feel, and they are only sexually fulfilled in their own different way, so should they be invited to schools to “educate” children about their sexual peculiarities?

Should humanity celebrate a week “pride parade” for each and every sexual orientation or deviation there is?

Why are they –unlike homosexuals- given medical advice and psychological treatment instead of being accepted as they are?

Why are they forced by society to suppress their feelings and “live miserably” instead of promoting and celebrating their sexual habits in public?

Who can define sexual disorder, or “normal” and “abnormal”, who is allowed to vote?

Who has the right to draw the lines?

Why is it that those who view homosexuality and transgender as disorders are condemned and accused of being homophobes?

Do exhibitionists have the right to fulfil their desires and take pride in their sexuality by imposing their nudity and public sexual behaviour on society?

Whose rights come first exhibitionists or society and its children?

Do we become cruel, anti-human-rights bigots and exhibiphobes if we objected to the public sexual gratification of exhibitionists?

What about Zoophilia (people who are attracted to animals) or Necrophilia (gratification by having sexual contact with dead bodies), should that be legalised?

Is a man entitled to marry a dog, a goat, a corpse, or a woman’s underwear in church?

Why are such individuals not allowed to promote their sexuality, teach children about it and celebrate it publicly?

Is it appropriate and healthy to have children reading stories titled “My daddy John and my mummy black & red underwear”?

or “My daddy Harry and my mummy mountain goat”?

What are the mental, psychological and social health ramifications of such structure replacing traditional family units?

Will there be human right groups calling for the right of those people to get married and adopt children? After all this person is only expressing his love and is harming no one in the process?

Are we sure that teaching very small children all this intimate adult materials would have no negative effect on their emotional, psychological and mental state ?


Screen Shot 2017-02-09 at 18.32.05

It is clear that with paedophilia children’s rights are violated, because they are unable to give their consent as they are immature, vulnerable and unable to make good judgement. But why are we seeing individuals and groups trying to legalise and normalise such criminal activities?

 Who can decide who is a child then?

Who can define an acceptable  age of consent?

Is a 16 year-old a child? Is 12, 13, 14, 15 year-old a child?

Why then girls and boys as young as 12 are – by law- given contraceptive on demand?

Is it ok for children to have sexual relations with mates of similar age or a few years older?

How many years difference is deemed acceptable?

What age difference makes the relationship unlawful and wrong (Paedophiliac)?

Who can regulate and have the say on this?

What about the rights of adopted children, what effect will have on their psychological health, having two mums or two dads, and not knowing their biological parents?

Nowadays, where exactly is the persecution of homosexuals in the west, where is the abuse of their human rights?

Where is it all heading?


Is there an end to how far humanity would go in its abuse of children in order to gravitate its most primitive behaviour?

Have we not learnt yet the harm which would be caused to children by such abuse because of certain tribal customs amongst some communities?

Is expressing an opinion considered “infringement on rights”?

Moreover, why impose on the rest of the world, Western definitions, Western values, Western problems, and inflict Western solutions upon them?

Isn’t that yet another form of imperialism, i.e thought imperialism?

If Western countries along with  with LGBT and gay-rights “activists” are so keen to help other “undeveloped” societies into “progress”, wouldn’t their help be much more appreciated when it gives the other the freedom they desire in devising their own social structure and the respect they deserve in choosing ethical codes of their own?



They may never have experienced the so called “freedom” of having relationships
outside the frame of marriage, but they are committed, faithful and content

Wouldn’t be more modest to learn about other cultures, how they function, how their people interact, and how they solve problems, resolve conflicts and deal with disagreements, before thinking of exporting ideas, educating others’ children and imposing their solutions to imaginary problems?

Do we have sufficient knowledge as to the effect of early exposure to certain explicit sexual materials or behaviour might have on young children, how harmful?

Who have the right to decide what is appropriate, descent, acceptable exposure for children?


How do you feel if in other societies, majority of its citizens view homosexuality as a disorder?

In societies where the welfare of the whole is much important than the individual, who are encouraged to practice self restraint, sacrifice, and altruism, rather than pursuing selfish fulfilment and egoism, if they willingly give up some desires in order to keep a healthy society and less traumatized children; why the obsession with imposing change?

If some societies cherish family unit as foundations of a healthy society, and views protection, care and commitment as the finest expression of love, thus producing a socially cohesive and healthy society, where the weak is looked after and the needy is provided for, why attempting to replace it with failed experiments as documented in many Western societies, where family units are disintegrating and individualism is eating the fabric of society away?


Screen Shot 2016-12-18 at 23.08.27

Now, is the issue of promoting and celebrating homosexuality (again, I reiterate, a private act which should not be anyone’s business)  related to the Palestinian struggle for Liberation?

Are we obliged to start teaching our young Palestinian boys and girls about homosexual and LGBT “persecution” and “abuse of human rights” in order to be “accepted” as “progressive” society worthy of support?

Are we obliged to start competing with”Israel” which prides itself of being gay heaven in order for our supporters to be satisfied?

Just like attempting to tie our Palestinian struggle for liberation with causes which only distracts us from focusing on our goals and deplete our energies, like fighting “antisemitism”, “holocaust denial”, or “conspiracy theories”, pretending that this is the way for Palestine liberation, we refuse the imposition and the premises that the issue of “homosexuality is central to our cause”.

We refuse to consider sexual orientation issues as primal or urgent issues to be dealt with immediately, or that it the most burning issue in our quest for justice and freedom, when we have not yet achieved the most basic and fundamental human right ever, the right of SURVIVAL,

We do not accept to see our Palestinian struggle for freedom hijacked and used by some campaign groups who try to piggy-back on the Palestine cause in order to promote their own agenda and campaigns for “sexual freedom”, which would only distract, complicate and skew the essense of Palestine issues.

Moreover, this issue should be left to the Palestinians and other societies to examine, discuss and deal with, in its own time and in accordance with its own ethics and what is best for those societies.

We refuse to be distracted and our aims obscured by side issues while we struggle for survival facing threats of genocidal magnitude.

1238770_619920118030233_1656407432_n copy

They may be struck with extreme poverty, but they are protective of one another
They are bonded with love and commitment

My fear is that all this promotion and disproportionate importance given to homosexuality, would be used as the first crack in the foundational rock of human ethics which took mankind millennia of evolution and slow progress in order to fine-tune complex and refined moral systems founded on justice and compassion, thus followed by all sorts of sexual ill-behaviours; child molesting, beastality, and incest would cause total regression and collapse of nucleus family units bringing us back to stone age.
If prematurely and inappropriately and for selfish reasons, children are to be exposed to all these types of adult sexual behaviour, are we not allowed to cry then, where is the their safety and protection? Isn’t all this direct infringement on children’s right?


The wonders of purity and innocence of childhood is precious
Do not take it away


It is more wise, humanly decent and respectable to let various societies -especially the ones under threat of eradication, like the Palestinian society, exercise their rights of freedom of thought, by following ethical code of their own choice and without manufacturing artificial consent imposed upon them by donor countries or any other pressure group.

It is more wise, humanly decent and respectable to let children be children, do not rob them of their purity and childhood.

Children are not meant to be exposed to concepts, images, words or acts which they are not ready for.

Allow them time to enjoy being young and innocent and carefree, without having to be burdened with adult stuff.

Allow them to grow up and mature in their own time.

Allow them to play without concern, to run light-heartedly and to laugh loudly when they slide or use a swing.

Allow them to BE.


Give them protection
Allow them to play
Allow them to jump and run
Allow them to have fun
Allow them freedom to BE

This article is not a condonation or justification of any form of discrimination or persecution against people with various sexual orientations or disorders, it is a mere expression of an opinion and sharing of concerns associated with promoting explicit sexual education amongst children and pressurising other societies to change their codes of ethics, thus destroying the cradle of child-protection, the family unit and the foundation of these societies.

My wish for all

Strolling by the ocean

Seagulls flying by

Praying in adoration

Delightful full of grace



Engulfed in waves of love

Boundless indescribable

Immense intense supreme

One of those rare moments

Awesome and sublime




Love swathed my being

Love tickled my heart

Love caressed my mind

Love swayed my soul




Tears of joy streaming

Tranquil and serene

Melodies of gratefulness

Swirled inside my core




Singing like a nightingale

One thought gripped my mind;

I wish this wondrous moment

To be felt by ALL




Tribalism, Exclusivity, Superiority and Future



Zionism is the practical expression of tribal/ nationalistic Judaism, and “Israel” is the manifestation of Zionism.

Both, “Israel” and Zionism -as well as the ideology of their global supporters of Jewish-Zionists, are founded on some SUPREMACIST MYTHS :

Such supremacy is not confined to the ideological extremists nutcases, it is widespread amongst many sections of society, religious and secular alike.

What we have is what can be called “Jewish ideology”, which does not necessarily involve being religious or  believing in a creator. It does involve however, the belief in “Jewishness”, which is in essence a MINDSET of “us and them“, of EXCLUSIVITY of a tribe, ENTITLEMENT of  leadership, and SUPERIORITY of  race, intellect and morality.

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 03.00.34

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 03.00.40
They are not born that way, it is the indoctrination drummed in their heads from very young age, which causes them to favour tribalism over universality, thus shedding off their own humanity in the process.

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 09.28.49 2

Screen Shot 2014-09-20 at 09.29.50 2

Such skewed perception of reality cannot survive the test of time, the inevitable will happen and sooner or later reality will hit them in the face.

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 21.34.25 2
Collectively, this entity with such grandiose image of itself, has become a force of destruction, it carries within its womb the seeds of its own demise.

Exclusion and superiority by their very nature are mechanisms of elimination and destruction, including self-elimination and self destruction.

Screen Shot 2013-06-15 at 18.36.10

Screen Shot 2013-06-15 at 18.36.50

I am confident that mankind will be provided with the necessary resolve, courage and creativity to rid it self of those who strive to enslave, divide and destroy.

Sustainable human societies functions in ways that supremacists have no understanding, control or mastery of. Systems of Justice will inevitably re-emerge on the ruins of rotten old ones. With the hard work, dedication, steadfastness, energy, sacrifice and love of those who are sincere, undoubtedly, a more just system will organically rise from the ashes to replace that which has caused the world so much pain and agony.

The same system we see all around us in this fabulous mysterious universe of ours, dancing between utter mayhem and chaos to supreme balance and harmonious order, and between utter annihilation to new creation.

It’s the very same marvellous Cycle of Life, that irresistibly strives towards perfection; towards the Most Sublime, Most Gracious, Most High.

And so it goes

God’s “chosen” Psychopaths

No matter how much they try to “soften” the face of supremacist psychopaths, no matter how much they try to “normalize” their crimes and whitewash their behaviour, the truth remains ugly and glaring.

Something went terribly wrong in the mindset and attitudes of those people. Something is totally skewed in their perception of themselves and the world. The ideology of supremacy, the indoctrination, and the sheer facial expressions reflective of revolting arrogance leaves you speechless.

After watching  this “Israeli”  documentary, I realised that it is not a genuine attempt to “expose”  crimes and inhumane behaviour of the soldiers at checkpoints, but rather to whitewash the horrific nature of cold-blooded murders committed at these check points by these soldiers. It is an attempt give a “humane face” which begs for sympathy by presenting psychopathic soldiers in the image of imature innocent friendly adolescents who all they want is to “laugh”, “joke”, “have fun”, “take pictures” and be “with mommy”.

This work is not an investigative work, which aims to identify criminals, and uncover  those who participated in it. It is not a documentation of a crime-scene, but rather a statement of protection: “hey,  we know our boys have done some naughty things, but they are not bad boys at all”.

Omitting to mention the beatings of children, the killing, the shooting, the watching of patients die and of pregnant women give birth in agony and distress, which have been regular occurrences at these checkpoints, making them “execution and murder points” rather than just “check points”, thus concealing the horrific, violent  and sadistic activities, which translates to a deadly grinding daily reality in which Palestinians are forced to live under at gunpoint, is rather revealing and revolting.

Filmed 10-12 years ago, at the peak of Second Intifada, where shooting Palestinians was a daily practice, undoubtedly, this piece of work is another form of highly sophisticated hasbara piece which is done with the help of “perception management experts” as it is the nature of “Israeli” propaganda media, allowing criticism to certain degree, to give an image of a free, democratic, self–regulating and caring society which is even allowed to criticise their army.

At the same time their criticism is done  “humanely”, not with the intention to identify murderers, hence to file legal cases against the culprits,  it is done in a manner that causes criminals the least damage. It does not present their murderous activities as something to be dragged into courts of justice for prosecution and to pay for their crimes.

Such concealment, dressed up s “exposure” is worthy only of contempt.


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Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 10.44.39

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 10.45.15

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 10.41.10

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Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 03.00.20

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 03.00.34

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 03.00.40

The Tanya,  which explicitly divides people into two categories: Jews (refined ethical humans with divine souls) and non-Jews (corrupt sub-humans with animal souls).

The Tanya explicitly declares that unlike the Jewish souls, “The souls of the nations of the world, however, emanate from the other, unclean kelipot which contain no good whatever

Nefesh HaBahamis (Animal Soul), Nefesh HoElokis (G-dly Soul)

Jews, as we shall see, are different from GentilesJews have a spiritual purpose, Gentiles a physical one.1 This can be compared to hands and feet.”

every Jew has the nefesh (life force) of every human being known as the Nefesh HaBahamis (Animal Soul). His additional soul, neshomah, is also known as the Nefesh HoElokis (G-dly Soul).”


Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 03.03.08

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 03.03.28

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 03.04.14

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 03.04.26

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 03.04.42

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 03.04.58

Screen Shot 2013-09-21 at 03.05.06

Cherish Life

Every form you come by

Every smile you ever see

Every twinkle in the eye

Every child small and sweet


Cherish life

Every animal happen to meet

Roaming around for something to eat

All they want is to live, let live

Praising the One who brought them here




Cherish life

Every flower or  tree

Just like you, feels your love and have dreams

To bring beauty, delight your eyes

So fill your heart with gratitude

 Cherish life



Sit in silence, tune in,  try to listen

To the deepest voice within  your soul

Feel the melody swaying through

Wiping your tears, tickling your heart

As your eyes dance with joy

Cherish life

IMG_0006 copy

The UN did NOT create Israel



This type of legal expose is what pro-Palestinian activist must focus on.

Collecting legal documents and hard evidence which would enable Palestinians to expose the ILLEGALITY and ILLEGITIMACY of ‘israel”, and PROSECUTE its war criminals and their supporters and enables world wide

« Israel partisans distribute misinformation about “Against Our Better Judgment” |

I thought I would clarify the question of whether the UN “created Israel,” since most people – even many of those who are otherwise well-versed on Palestine – are misinformed on this important matter.

The fact is that UN General Assembly Resolution 181, the Partition Plan (read below), was a recommendation that was to go to the Security Council. In the resolution the General Assembly requested that the Security Council take it up. This never happened, and the partition plan has no force of law.

Israeli propagandists, however, perpetrated the myth that the UN created Israel, and this interpretation was then been repeated by numerous others. Please see an excellent article on this, “New States Are Not Created in the UN“. Below is an excerpt:

“…was it true that Israel owed its very existence to the U.N., as it became popularly perceived years later? …This same line of argument was repeated… by an Israeli analyst in the opinion section of the New York Times, who wrote that the vote on Nov. 29 was the “legal basis for the establishment of the State of Israel.”

Leading international legal scholars have vociferously rejected this claim. The noted Australian legal scholar Professor Julius Stone wrote in 1980 that Israel “does not derive its legal existence from the Partition Plan.”

Even Cambridge University’s Professor James Crawford… concluded in his monumental book on the creation of states in international law that Israel was not created on the basis of Resolution 181…”

In reality, Israel was created by a war of of conquest and ethnic cleansing, which it calls its “War of Independence.”

I hope people will read my article on this subject: “ The Real Story of How Israel Was Created. Among other things, this piece describes how Zionists bribed and threatened varous UN member nations in order to procure sufficient votes to pass the resolution. (For citations on this see my article on how the US-Israel “special relationship” was created.)

Below is an excerpt from General Assembly Resolution 181, also called The Partition Plan [emphases added]. (Read the full resolution at the link below.)

The General Assembly,

Having met in special session at the request of the mandatory Power to constitute and instruct a special committee to prepare for the consideration of the question of the future government of Palestine at the second regular session;

Having constituted a Special Committee and instructed it to investigate all questions and issues relevant to the problem of Palestine, and to prepare proposals for the solution of the problem, and

Having received and examined the report of the Special Committee (document A/364) 1/ including a number of unanimous recommendations and a plan of partition with economic union approved by the majority of the Special Committee,

Considers that the present situation in Palestine is one which is likely to impair the general welfare and friendly relations among nations;

Takes note of the declaration by the mandatory Power that it plans to complete its evacuation of Palestine by 1 August 1948;

Recommends to the United Kingdom, as the mandatory Power for Palestine, and to all other Members of the United Nations the adoption and implementation, with regard to the future government of Palestine, of the Plan of Partition with Economic Union set out below;

Requests that

(a) The Security Council take the necessary measures as provided for in the plan for its implementation…



Two taboos are tackled by Anthony Lawson


1) The ideology of the “CHOSEN”


2) The Global Networks






أنا لم اعد أستطيع

أخفي عينّي ورا كفّتي
كي لا ارى

فأنا لم اعد أحتمل


زهور الروابي تداس
نرجس الحي تمزق
وتقطع بالخناجر
وشقائق النعمان  ثكلى
 تشكوا الشقاء تبكي يتمها
هل من معين
أنا لم اعد أحتمل
أبٌ يهانُ… بيت يهدم
طفل يُروَّع…جرح يسيل
وأمٌّ تُلوع بدفن الحبيب
وعميِّ القلب والوجدان
يحثو الدماء على وجنتيه
هل من مزيد
أنا لم اعد أحتمل
 أقصى يدنس
مسرى النبي ينجس
وقدس وحيدة
تنوح  وتصرخ ولا من مجيب
وعُرْب ذليلة كاشفة سوءاتها
وحوش  كواسرعلى بعضها
سخول نعاج مع الغاصبين
تحتسي الخمر بأحضان الزناة
 وتنهق هل من مريد
أنا لم اعد أحتمل

أخفي عيني ورا كفتي
كي لا ارى
فأنا لم اعد أحتمل
أنا لم اعد أستطيع

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 14.14.26 2

I can’t anymore

I hide my eyes

So not to see

I can’t anymore


Flowers crushed at the foothill

Daggers slashing lilies in the neighbourhood

Tearing them to pieces

Orphaned Poppies weeping in agony

begging for help

Anyone there?


I can’t anymore


A  humiliated father, a home pulled down

A terrorised child, a bleeding wound

A mother traumatised, burying her beloved

The blind-hearted, blind-minded

Still splashing his cheeks with blood

Is there more?


I can’t anymore


Sanctuaries desecrated, disgraced

Ostracised Jerusalem pleading for help

To no avail

Arab-leadership, naked and subdued

Monsters against each other

Lambs and sheep in front of invaders

Drunken in the arms of molesters

Who wants more?


I can’t anymore


I hide my eyes

So not to see

I can’t anymore

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 14.14.26 2

Hidden Hands

وَكَذَلِكَ جَعَلْنَاكُمْ أُمَّةً وَسَطًا لِتَكُونُوا شُهَدَاءَ عَلَى النَّاسِ

Taking Qur’an as the yardstick by which we measure our thoughts, words and actions, it can easily be noticed that the emphasis on the idea that the Ummah should follow the MIDDLE PATH, and not to allow itself to be lead astray by deviating from the natural way, the middle way. Being grounded in moderation, and accepting with dignity and courage, personal responsibility by using one’s own intellect , rather than being a blind follower of another human-being, is an essential part of the Qur’anic message.

However, humans being what they are, -fallible and imperfect,  we were unable to live up to this standard, and often surrender our own intellect to others in order to avoid taking responsibility of our thoughts, words and actions.

Many Muslims of today have abandoned their responsibility and surrendered their faculty of thinking to others, call them imams, mullas, scholars or whatever other name.
Emerging out of this many splinter groups  and schools of thoughts, including the well known; Salafi and sufi, presenting two opposites on the spectrum of Islamic interpretations.

On the one hand some Wahabbi teachings and practices often exhibit literal, law-like, rigid,  hair-splitting, superficial, almost void of understanding the essence of the message, narrow minded interpretation, often dismissive of the mind and intellect in favour of  inflexible, literal interpretation” of inherently rich text, attempting to squeeze a universal vast and glorious message into an obsessionally controlled set of rules. Such interpretation  eeringly resembles Talmudic methods and Talmudists mindset.

While on the other hand, some Sufi teachings and practices often exhibits vague, esoteric, hierarchal, superstitious interpretation, elevating mortal beings into sacred,  holy and infallible beings, often dismissive of the mind and intellect in favour of heart and intuition. Such interpretation  eeringly resembles Qabbalistic methods and Qabbalists mindset
I got the shock of my life when I discovered lately that one “Salafi preacher” and another “Sufi master”  have actually come together preaching the same sinister message.

So, what do “Salfis” and “Sufis” managed to have in common?

Two opposing poles of Islamic interpretation, Salafism and Sufism have magically merged, meeting in the most peculiar places. They agreed on one thing; the Zionist, traitor and corrupt King Abdullah of Jordan is the long awaited hero who is going to unite the Ummah and liberate Palestine and Al-Aqsa. His son allegedly is going  to be the “Mahdi” .

When two opposing poles meet on something so bizarre and so erroneous,  is to me a strong enough evidence suggesting these two movements have been long infiltrated and misguided.

Beware my Ummah, some grey individual with sinister agendas have infiltrated  Islam.

Here is someone who claims to be a “salafi”, and he calls upon all Muslims to give allegiance to King Abdullah of Jordan:



Here is someone who poses as a “sufi master”, and he also calls upon all Muslims to give allegiance to King Abdullah of Jordan (Minute 33 onwards):


Faking “antisemitism”

This post is continuously updated whenever a new “antisemitic” false flag is faked

“I remember as a young rabbi working with university students in Johannesburg in the late 1970’s. At that time, they were completely apathetic to Judaism. My colleagues and I were struggling to elicit any meaningful response to Jewish programs on campus. During one particular meeting, we seriously contemplated getting up in the dead of night to spray-paint some swastikas on the Student Union building. Surely, that would get some reaction!  ”

~~~ Rabbi Yossy Goldman

“The French philosopher, Jean Paul Sartre, argued that anti-Semitism has been good for the Jews. It has kept Jews Jewish! While no one wants to be oppressed, and we reject anti-Semititsm categorically, the man does have a point. When antisemitism bites, we intuitively know how to respond. But when the world is in a kissing mood, we don’t quite know how to handle it. ”

~~~ Rabbi Yossy Goldman



“I write this article for the same reason I wrote my book: to tell the American people, and especially American Jews, that Jews from Islamic lands did not emigrate willingly to Israel; that, to force them to leave, Jews killed Jews; and that, to buy time to confiscate ever more Arab lands, Jews on numerous occasions rejected genuine peace initiatives from their Arab neighbors. I write about what the first prime minister of Israel called “cruel Zionism.” I write about it because I was part of it.”

~~~ Naeim Giladi




Jewish student caught painting Swastikas on her own door



Jewish man accused of writing “antisemitic” messages



Two Jewish Terrorists arrested



France: Police Catch 73-Year-Old Jew Spray-Painting the Word “Jew” on 20 Cars


Florida Jew arrested for posing as online jihadist, encouraging terrorism


FAKE HATE: Jewish Family ‘Staged’ Antisemitic Attack Against Themselves, Vandalized Own Business



Winnipeg café owners charged with staging alleged hate crime


A slip of the tongue by a former mossad agent about the London bombings

They never stop, do they?

Jewish Student Charged With Hate Crime For Vandalising Church With Swastika And Word “Trump”




Jewish man arrested after spray painting swastikas on his own home in Upstate NY


Israeli Jewish man arrested for bomb threats against Canadian, U.S. Jewish targets




‘Worst’ anti-Semitic hate crime at Winnipeg cafe was allegedly faked by owners, say police

‘Worst’ anti-Semitic hate crime at Winnipeg cafe was allegedly faked by owners, say police



Jewish Groups Get 94% of Homeland Security Grants




O my Beloved



My Beloved
I did not see You
But, with the whispers in my heart I knew
Is that possible?
Is it possible, a heart would fall in love,
With whom she never saw?





Can anyone who tasted the sweetness of such love
Ever deny?
Can it ever know bitterness?
Or think of running away?


Can prostrating souls
Accept subjugation?
Or ever engage in deception?



Oh my Hope …
I was little girl
Agonized with nostalgia
Went looking for you
Her sanity disintegrated, while searching
Couldn’t find her heartbeats
Her imagination inflamed… wild


Her sight estranged
Stunned, pulled up toward Heaven
Hoping to see your face
Longing for purification with your Light
Dreaming of a drop of mercy
Affectionate, tender, blessed with dew
Yearning for one moment of closeness …. Eternal



My Beloved… You are the One who Knows
If kneeling down would be a struggle sometimes
For this frail body, aching and sore
Soul never cease prostrating
Ever satisfied, care not for the pain
The heart does not know fright

Tranquil and serene




Hasten, my heartbeats, race your shadow
Fly above your imagination
Knock at the door of my Beloved
Hum your passion in supreme adoration
Scatter your poetry like shimmering stars
Meadows of flowers
Plaited daisies and dandelions
Scented lilac and lavender
Snowdrops, bluebells and butterflies



O my heartbeats, align
Standup and sway
Tune in and smile
Throb in devotion… infinite, sublime



In the name of my Beloved, sing
Until you melt away …
And perish …
In the name of my Beloved, sing
You return




يا حبيبي


يا حبيبي

انا ما رأيتك

لكنما في همس قلبي عرفتك

أيعقل ذاك؟

أيهوى الفؤاد ما لم يرى؟


وهل يمكن لمن ذاق شهد ذيّاك الهوى

أن ينكره

أن يعرف المرار
أو يطلب الفرار


أوتقدر الأرواح الركّع السجود

أن تقبل الهوان

أو  تحسن الخداع


يا رجائي…

طفلة كنت صغيرة

لوعها الحنين

ذهبت تبحث عنك

ثار فيها الخيال

ضاع عنها الرشد

 تاه منها الفؤاد


زاغ منها البصر

شاخصاً نحو السماء

آملاً رؤية وجهك

راجياً طهراً بنورك

حالماً بقطرة رحمة…

حنّانةٍ، حبّابةٍ… نديّة

وحنيناً للحظة قربٍ…. أبدية


حبيبي… وأنت الأعلم

إن  عز السجود حيناً

على الجسد الضعيف المفعم بالألم

فالروح لا تكف عن السجود

والنفس في رضا لا تابه للوجع

والقلب في سكينة

لا تعرف الهلع


أيا نبض قلبي أسرعَنْ … سابق خيالك

واطرقَنْ باب الحبيب

رتل الأشواق في عشقٍ

وانثر الاشعار كالنجوم الباهيات

كالزهور كالمروج كالورود

كعطر إكليل الجبل

كالنرجس المجدول


قم تمايل

قم تناغم

قم تبسم

خافقاً بهواك السرمدي


باسم الحبيب تغنّى

الى أن تذوب…


باسم الحبيب تغنّى

إلى أن …



رضينا بالإستحمار فاستحمرونا

رضينا بالإستحمار فاستحمرونا

We accepted donkeyfication, so they donkeyfied us

Paul’s Cathedral in London to host ‘peaceful Egyptian donkeys’ exhibit from Cairo, as a sign for peace.

Though the donkeys , with their heads bowing down, do not look peaceful to me, they look rather submissive, stupid and enslaved to obey orders and to do their masters’ hard labour.

and here


Stay human… Stay sane

How can one see all this evil

and stay sane



How can a soul live all these horrors

and stay sane

the Zionists crime i Gaza.

How can a brain digest all this lunacy


and stay sane


.how can such a small heart feel all this pain

and stay sane



Retreat, take a refuge within
Listen to your heart pounding
Tune in, hear its melody, as you pray


Share some bread with za’ater and olive oil
Speak a word of love, kind and caring, two or more
Embrace with a heart tender and warm
Listen with grace to a friend complaining
Hold a hand, caress the wounds
Wipe the tears of a lonely soul
Offer a shoulder to a head so weary
Hug a child in anguish or fear
Draw a smile, genuine and pure
Seeds of passion, sprinkle around
Watch your heart flower to life
Marvel, as poetry fills you soul
Meander in ample gratitude
Rinse, rinse, rinse your pain
Droplets of mercy
Fall down like rain


Another War for “Israel”

     Another War for “Israel” — Featuring America’s Newest Allies:

Lullaby of Hope

Let me run outside
Kiss a flower
Hug a tree
Follow my shadow
Till I am gone
I have seen too much
IMG_8260 copy 2
Let me escape
This world of lies
Embrace an angel

Hold a baby in my arms

Wash my soul

I have seen too much

.IMG_0709 copy
Let me chase a rainbow
Climb a mountain
Slide down a waterfall
Cover my eyes
Weep until tears no more
I have seen too much
Let me jump in the ocean

Pull out my heart

Shake it well, inside out

Scrap and polish until it glows
I have seen too much
Let me slay my own ogres
Ego and greed, arrogance and pride
Let me lay my head down
Humbly and pray
For I have seen too much
IMG_0955 copy
Remember soul, remember
The evil you see is not but a foaming froth
Passing away
Soon will be over, it will not last
Only truth, peace and beauty
Will remain

US Lawmakers forced to sign a pledge of support for “Israel”

     Cynthia McKinney US lawmakers forced to sign support of Israel




Cynthia McKinney on 911 Zionist Controlled Media Congress

Syria – Truth!



The Source of America’s Wars – Kristol Clear



Cynthia McKinney Grills Donald Rumsfeld



Give me a Break



chaba lub pentagon 10

Maybe some of the alleged “supporters” of Palestine  would find this interesting, and maybe they would like to join Abe Foxman in his struggle of “fighting antisemitism… He does it with the same logic and passion as they do:


“The Deadliest Lies: The Israeli Lobby and the Myth of Jewish Control”

Recorded on October 29, 2007

Location: The Heritage Foundation’s Lehrman Auditorium

Abraham Foxman – noted representative of the Jewish community and staunch defender of human rights – delivers a powerful rebuttal to the idea of “The Israel Lobby” and the myth of a global Jewish conspiracy. He shows how old stereotypes associated with the most virulent forms of bigotry have been resurfacing and taking subtle new forms and addresses the public figures who make these beliefs appear credible. He also reveals a disturbing parallel trend: the decline of global Jewish solidarity, which he argues is critical for dealing with current threats.

Abraham H. Foxman is the National Director of the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) and one of today’s leading voices against hatred, discrimination, and violence across the world. He is also the author of Never Again?: The Threat of the New Anti-Semitism.

“a sober, methodical, and laudably dispassionate indictment of well-known politicians, pundits, and professors who dress up centuries-old canards about Jews in more acceptable twenty-first century garb;”
– Robert Satloff, Executive Director, The Washington Institute for Near East Policy

Since the number of Muslim population in USA is about 7 million, and Jewish Population estimated about 5.5 million, the question is how many “supremacist jihadis who are plotting to create a world Caliphate” have made it to the White House, Congress, Senate, and Pentagon? How many Muhammed and Ali have been appointed as Chief of Staff in the Homeland Security Department?

Let us look at “antisemitism” is in USA for example, which Abe Foxman and many in the Palestine Solidarity Movement are determined to fight and put an end to.

Let us find out how rampant and how disturbing the “discrimination against Jews” is:

Jewish Members of the US government who are obsessively zealous Zionist, with potential dual-citizenship to the US and Israel


Michael Mukasey
Appointed as US Attorney General. Mukasey,  torture advocate, also was the judge in the litigation between developer Larry Silverstein and several insurance companies arising from the destruction of the World Trade Center on 9/11/2001.  a friend of the supremacist racist group Chabd

Michael Chertoff
Former Assistant Attorney General for the Criminal Division, at the Justice Department; was Head of Homeland Security.  Talmudist with strong links to Chabad, son of an ordained Rabbi

Richard Perle
One of Bush’s foreign policy advisors, he was the chairman of the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board. Perle was expelled from Senator Henry Jackson’s office in the 1970′s after the National Security Agency (NSA) caught him passing Highly-Classified (National Security) documents to the Israeli Embassy. He later worked for the Israeli weapons firm, Soltam. Perle came from one of the pro-Israel thinktanks, the AEI.

Paul Wolfowitz
Former Deputy Defense Secretary
, and member of Perle’s Defense Policy Board, in the Pentagon. Wolfowitz is a close associate of Perle, and reportedly has close ties to the Israeli military. His sister lives in Israel. Wolfowitz came from the Jewish thinktank, JINSA. Wolfowitz was the number two leader within the administration behind the Iraq war. He later was appointed head of the World Bank but resigned under pressure from World Bank members over a scandal involving his misuse of power.

Lawrence (Larry) Franklin
The former Defense Intelligence Agency analyst with expertise in Iranian policy issues who worked in the office of Undersecretary of Defense for Policy Douglas Feith and reported directly to Feith’s deputy, William Luti, was sentenced January 20, 2006, “to more than 12 years in prison for giving classified information to an Israeli diplomat” and members of the pro-Israel lobbying group American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

Douglas Feith
Under Secretary of Defense and Policy Advisor at the Pentagon
. He is a close associate of Perle and served as his Special Counsel. Like Perle and the others, Feith is pro-Israel. He is closely associated with the Zionist Organization of America. Feith runs a small law firm, Feith and Zell, which only has one International office, in Israel. The majority of their legal work is representing Israeli interests. His firm’s own website stated, prior to his appointment, that Feith “represents Israeli Armaments Manufacturer.” Feith also came from the Jewish thinktank JINSA.

Feith was investigated by the FBI under suspicion of leaking classified information to Israel, being that he was Larry Franklin’s boss when Franklin leaked those documents to Rosen and Weissman of AIPAC. For that he was forced to leave the National Security Council. Feith was also investigated by the Senate Intelligence Committee for  ‘intelligence’ that was used to justify invading Iraq.

Edward Luttwak
Member of the National Security Study Group of the Department of Defence at the Pentagon.

Henry Kissinger
Kissinger sits on the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board under Perle. For detailed information about Kissinger, read Seymour Hersch’s book (Price of Power: Kissinger in the Nixon White House). Kissinger likely had a part in the Watergate crimes, Southeast Asia mass murders (Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos), Installing Chilean mass murdering dictator Pinochet, Operation Condor’s mass killings in South America, and more recently served as Serbia’s Ex-Dictator Slobodan Milosevic’s Advisor. He advocated going to war against Iraq. President Bush nominated Kissinger as chairman of the September 11 investigating commission. He later declined this job under enormous protests.

Dov Zakheim
Zakheim  became an ordained Orthodox Jewish Rabbi in 1973. Affliated wit the supremacist group Chabad. He was adjunct professor at New York’s Jewish Yeshiva University.

Dov Zakheim is also a member of the Council on Foreign Relations and in 2000 a co-author of the Project for the New American Century’s position paper, Rebuilding America’s Defenses, advocating the necessity for a Pearl-Harbor-like incident to mobilize the country into war with its enemies.

He was appointed by Bush as Pentagon Comptroller from May 4, 2001 to March 10, 2004. At that time he was unable to explain the disappearance of $1 trillion dollars. Actually, nearly three years earlier, Donald Rumsfeld announced on September 10, 2001 that an audit discovered $2.3 trillion was also missing from the Pentagon books.

Zakheim took a lucrative position at Booz Allen Hamilton, one of the most prestigious strategy consulting firms in the world which worked closely with DARPA, the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency, which is the research arm of the Department of Defense.

Kenneth Adelman
Adelman also sat on the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board under Perle.

 Lewis “Scooter” Libby
Vice President Dick Cheney’s ex-Chief of Staff
. Libby is longtime associate of Wolfowitz. Libby was a lawyer for convicted felon and Israeli spy Marc Rich, whom Clinton pardoned, in his last days as president. Libby was found guilty of lying to Federal investigators in the Valerie Plame affair, in which Plame, a covert CIA agent, was exposed for political revenge by the Bush administration following her husband’s revelations about the lies leading to the Iraq War.

Robert Satloff
U.S. National Security Council Advisor
, Satloff was the executive director of Washington Institute for Near East Policy.

Elliott Abrams
National Security Council Advisor.
He previously worked at Ethics and Public Policy Center. During the Reagan Adminstration, Abrams was the Assistant Secretary of State. He played a role in the Iran-Contra Scandal, which involved illegally selling U.S. weapons to Iran to fight Iraq, and illegally funding the contra rebels fighting to overthrow Nicaragua’s Sandinista government. Abrams pled guilty in 1991 to two misdemeanors and was sentenced to a year’s probation and 100 hours of community service. A year later, former President Bush (Senior) granted Abrams a full pardon. Elliott Abrams   (son-in-law of neocon “godfather” Norman Podhoretz and a former National Security adviser to President George W. Bush);

Marc Grossman
Under Secretary of State for Political Affairs.
He was Director General of the Foreign Service and Director of Human Resources at the Department of State.

Richard Haass
Director of Policy Planning
at the State Department and Ambassador at large. He is also Director of National Security Programs and Senior Fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR). Haass was a member of the Defense Department’s National Security Study Group, at the Pentagon.

Robert Zoellick
U.S. Trade Representative, a cabinet-level position.

Ari Fleischer
Ex- White House Spokesman for the Bush Administration. Fleischer was the co-president of Chabad’s Capitol Jewish Forum. He received the Young Leadership Award from the American Friends of Lubavitch in October, 2001.

James Schlesinger
A Pentagon Advisor, Schlesinger also sat on the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board under Perle. Schlesinger was also a commissioner of the Defense Department’s National Security Study Group, at the Pentagon.

David Frum
White House speechwriter behind the “Axis of Evil” labe

Joshua Bolten
White House Deputy Chief of Staff

John Bolton
UN Representative and Under-Secretary of State for Arms Control and International Security, Senior Advisor to President Bush. Prior to this position, Bolton was Senior Vice President of the AEI.

David Wurmser
Special Assistant to John Bolton, the under-secretary for arms control and international security
. Wurmser also worked at the AEI with Perle and Bolton. His wife, Meyrav Wurmser, co-founded the Middle East Media Research Institute (Memri).

Eliot Cohen
Member of the Pentagon’s Defense Policy Board under Perle.

Mel Sembler
President of the Export-Import Bank of the United States, Former National Finance Chairman of the Republican National Committee.

Steve Goldsmith
Senior Advisor to the President, and Bush’s Jewish domestic policy advisor. He also served as liaison in the White House Office of Faith-Based and Community Initiatives (White House OFBCI) within the Executive Office of the President.

Adam Goldman
White House’s Special Liaison to the Jewish Community.

Joseph Gildenhorn
Bush Campaign’s Special Liaison to the Jewish Community.

Christopher Gersten
Principal Deputy Assistant Secretary, Administration for Children and Families at HHS. Gersten was the former Executive Director of the Republican Jewish Coalition.

Mark Weinberger
Assistant Secretary of Housing and Urban Development for Public Affairs.

Samuel Bodman
Deputy Secretary of Commerce. He was the Chairman and CEO of Cabot Corporation in Boston, Massachusetts.

Bonnie Cohen
Under Secretary of State for Management.

Ruth Davis
Director of Foreign Service Institute
, who reported to the Office of Under Secretary for Management – office is responsible for training all Department of State staff (including ambassadors).

Jay LefkowitzDeputy Assistant to the President

 Lincoln BloomfieldAssistant Secretary of State 
Dove Zakheim U.S. undersecretary of defense

Alan Dershowitz, The infamous prof. of Harvard Law School, who advocated  that using Nazi methods of torture can be useful, with very strong links to the supremacist group Chabad

Stuart Eizenstat, former Deputy Treasury Secretary, another Lubavitcher who said: “It is critically important that you accept Lubavitch as full partners,”.

Rabbi Levi Shemtov,  son of leading Chabad rabbi Abraham Shemtov, is the Executive Vice President of American Friends of Lubavitch. He founded and directs the Capitol Jewish Forum, which is the largest Jewish group on Capitol Hill.

President George Bush appointed Shemtov to serve on the Honorary Delegation to accompany him to Jerusalem  for the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the “Israel” in May 2008.


Jack Lew – Orthodox Hasidi, Chief of Staff to the President, Treasury Secretary
David Plouffe – Senior Advisor to the President
Danielle Borrin – Associate Director, Office of Public Engagement; Special Assistant to the Vice Preisdent
Gary Gensler – Chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission
Dan Shapiro – Ambassador to Israel
Gene Sperling – Director National Economic Council
Mary Schapiro – Chairwoman of the Securities and Exchange Commission
Steven Simon – Head of Middle East/North Africa Desk at the National Security Council
Eric Lynn – Middle East Policy Advisor


Rahm Emanuel (2009-2010) Chief of Staff to the President, Mayor of Chicago, served in IDF, son of a terrorist
David Axelrod (2009-2011) Senior Advisor to the President, Campaign adviser, director of the Institute of Politics at the university of Chicago,  top political advisor to Bill Clinton
Elena Kagan (2009-2010) Solicitor General of the United States
Peter Orszag (2009-2010) Director of the Office of Management and Budget
Lawrence Summers (’09-’11) Director National Economic Council
Mona Sutphen (2009-2011) Deputy White House Chief of Staff
James B. Steinberg (’09-’11 ) Deputy Secretary of State
Dennis Ross (2009-2011 ) Special Assistant to the President, Senior Director for the Central Region to the Secretary of State
Ronald Klain (2009-2011) Chief of Staff to the Vice President
Jared Bernstein (2009-2011) Chief Economist and Economic Policy Advisor to the Vice President
Susan Sher (2009-2011) Chief of Staff to the First Lady
Lee Feinstein (2009) Campaign Foreign Policy Advisor
Mara Rudman (2009) Foreign Policy Advisor Sources: White House

CONGRESS (current)


Richard Blumenthal
Barbara Boxer
Benjamin Cardin
Dianne Feinstein
Al Franken
Herb Kohl
Frank Lautenberg
Joseph Lieberman (Independent-CT) Homeland Security, a Chabad supporter and a strong fan of Rebbe Schneerson
Carl Levin , a Chabad supporter who said: “Chabad is an acronym for a philosophy that pursues wisdom, understanding and knowledge of God”
Bernard Sanders
Charles Schumer
Ron Wyden
Michael Bennet


Gary Ackerman
Shelley Berkley
Howard Berman
Eric Cantor
David Cicilline
Stephen Cohen
Susan Davis
Ted Deutch
Eliot Engel
Bob Filner
Barney Frank
Gabrielle Giffords
Jane Harman
Steve Israel
Sander Levin
Nita Lowey
Jerrold Nadler
Jared Polis
Steve Rothman
Jan Schakowsky
Allyson Schwartz

Adam Schiff
Brad Sherman
Debbie Wasserman Schultz
Henry Waxman
Anthony Weiner
John Yarmuth


The so called “Jewish-Israeli lobby” is not a mere external force which exerts pressure from the outside through organizations like AIPAC, by the use of funding and finance. NO, it is an INTERNAL force that works from the HEART of the SYSTEM. It is the Policy-makers, the Think Tanks, the Advisors and the Legislation & Decision makers:

Why is it that their number are  EXPONENTIALLY OVER REPRESENTED in such HIGH and SENSITIVE positions?

Presidents get elected, they come and go, yet these power structures are almost permanent features. They move from one position to another, swapping places as if playing musical chairs. They participate heavily, robustly, and disproportionally with immense weight and pressure, in making the rules of the game, while simultaneously crying “antisemitism”. It would sound hilarious if the lives of millions are not affected by it, and if didn’t have such serious and catastrophic consequences on World Peace.

Are we supposed to shut our minds, smother our logic and blindly believe that such bizarre phenomenon is a mere series of brilliant coincidences due to good fortune and pure luck?  or are we supposed to swallow the lie that it is just a natural organic occurrence, due to the merits of their “multiple talents” and “superior intelligence” which makes them rise to the top spontaneously as “natural high achievers”?

Give me a break, I say, ENOUGH  insulting of our intelligence.

A Tale of a Palestinian little girl

IMG_0788 copy

A little girl, she was…  young and mischievous
In a rusty barrel, she’d roll
From the orchard, down to the foot of the mountain
When someday she’d feel tired
She’d sit still… and ponder
Whisper to pomegranate kernels
Caress almonds with a stone
Make Jokes with lemons
Tell stories of good people to orange blossom
Recite the news to carob, hawthorn and apples trees,
IMG_0527 copy.
A little girl, she was…  young and mischievous
she’d run around gathering poppies
Drink morning dew scented of wild iris
She’d chase butterflies and race hummingbirds
Fill water jars from the well, empty them in clay zeer
From broken glass pieces she’d paint windows
and of pebbles and stones, walls for her little house
with girls and boys she’d sing and dance
celebrate a wedding, in “bride and groom” game
IMG_0534 copy
When evening
Her head, plaited with clouds
Would lay to embrace her grandma’s lap
Most tender most beautiful pillow
A warm and gentle hand… as paradise
would caress her curly hair
A sweet velvety voice as of an angel
Tell her stories, perhaps she’d fall asleep
With smiling heart and smiling lips she’d close her eyes
Open her transparent wings and fly
Above the vineyards and fig and olive fields
.IMG_0867 copy
A little girl, she was…  young and mischievous
One rosy moonless night
Sky shimmered with her diamond gown
Stillness fell asleep like a breathing angel
This gorgeous night is mine, I’ll sleep on the terrace
I will count her many stars
will not forget or ignore any
I’ll uncover her secrets
Tonight without a doubt, I’ll learn the truth
I will count her many stars, one by one
I’ll know their essence
and if I look hard enough
I may even see the face of the One who created
who sparkled sky with stars
Her giggling mischievous eyes whispered
.IMG_0854 copy
On a straw carpet, her eyes looked up and far
Struck by breathtaking beauty
Her heart gripped in awe
Her mind flew away
Her vision disintegrated
She didn’t give up though
Continued counting
Star after star after star
and since that day
She has not finished yet
If you ever meet her
You would find her still counting
IMG_0730 copy

حكاية طفلة من فلسطين

IMG_0788 copy

حكاية طفلة من فلسطين

طفلةً كانت… صغيرة… وشقية

تتددحرج في اسطوانة علاها الصدا

من أعلى الحاكورة

الى سفح الجبل

وإذا يوماً ما اعتراها التعب

جلست تتأمل …

تناجي حبات الرمان

تداعب اللوزات بالحجر وتمزح مع الليمون

تحكي قصة الأخيار لزهر البرتقال

وتسرد الأخبار للتفاح والخروب والزعرور

IMG_0527 copy

طفلةً كانت… صغيرة… وشقية

تقطف الحنّون
ترشف عطر السوسن البري مع ندى الصباح

تلاحق الفراش تسابق الأطيار

تملأ جرار الماء تفرغها في الأزيار

من فتافيت الزجاج ترسم النوافذ

ومن الحصى والطوب تصنع الحيطان

لبيتها الصغير

ومع بنات الحارة تشارك الصبيان

تزغرد وتغني بزفة العرسان

“في لعبة “العروس والعريس

IMG_0534 copy

وعندما المساء

يعانق رأسها المجدول بالغيوم

حضن الجدة الحنون

وسادةً… لا أرقَّ ولا أجمل

تداعب شعرها الأجعد

يد دافئة ناعمة حانية … كما الجنة

وصوت عذب مخملي كصوت ملاك

يحكي لها الحكايا لعلها تنام

باسمة القلب والشفتين تغفو … تحلم بالسنونو

بجناحين رقيقين تطير

فوق كروم العنب وحقل التين والزيتون

IMG_0867 copy

طفلةً كانت… صغيرة… وشقية

وذات ليلة وردية المشاعر ما بها قمر

تلألأت سماؤها بثوب من الألماس

غفا السكون في أحضانها ملاكاً وادع الأنفاس

تلك البهية ليلتي سأنام في العليّة

سأحصي نجوم الكون

وسأكشف عن أسرارها
لن أغفل عن أيٍّ منها لن أنسى منها شيئا

الليلة دون ريب سأعلم الحقيقة

سأحصي نجوم الكون… نجماً نجما

وأعرف الماهية

ولإن أنا أمعنت في التحديق

لربما رأيت ذاك الذي أبدع الأكوان

وزين السماء بالنجوم

همست بعينيها الضاحكة الشقية

IMG_0854 copy

فراشها الحصير

رنت بعينيها بعيــــــــــــداً للسما
سلب الجمال لبها

ذهب بقلبها

طار منها العقل وتبعثر البصر

لكنها ما استسلمت

بدأت تعد نجومها

نجماً نجما…. نجماً نجما

ومنذ ذاك الحين

لليوم ما انتهت

IMG_0730 copy

Waving the “Protocols” !

During a private group discussion about the role of “Israeli” lobby in waging wars against countries in the Middle East, in which these articles and videos were shared and discussed:

In response, I wrote this sarcastic comment:

“It is of course “anti-semitic” to investigate the names and background of the authors of this “strategy”

Poking into the wasp’s nest is BAAAD

We must only see them as “Americans”, nothing else!”

Someone in the group made this comment:

“Yes I have looked at but not studied in detail the Yinon plan. it is obviously still influential but, as Israel Shahak remarks, it also has the crazy and delusional characteristic of any ethno-supremacist grouping. ( cf Hitlers plan to take over Russia, Europe and even the US, or the Islamic jihadist plan for a world Caliphate). The notion that a tiny state of 7m people can become a world power is truly delusional, especially when its chief sponsor cannot defeat Afghan tribesman or Vietnamese peasant armies. The US is also economically bankrupt through the dominance of the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex, and the criminal financial machinations of Wall St”

Followed by another rather peculiar input :

From someone who defines himself as a Jewish, anti-Zionist, he came up with a bizarre, out of place comment. Instead of EXAMINING the EVIDENCE provided, challenging it or proving it wrong, he chose to use a thinly concealed ad hominem  attack and subliminal accusations of “antisemitism”:

Henry Ford had 500,000 copies of the “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” printed.  Perhaps we should see if there any copies still floating around that we could obtain……

My question is:

Why using a trick of an old frayed fig leaf and drag the “protocols” into an intellectual quest for truth?

Is it an attempt to smother the debate about this sensitive topic by intimidating people into silence, or is it to conceal incompetence, dishonesty and intellectual lack of integrity?


This series of emails were written as a response to the above comments:

Quoting my emails: 

How about perhaps trying to “see if there any copies still floating around that you could obtain”  of the  Talmud, Mishneh Torah, Tanya, and Torat HaMelech

At least they are confirmed to be not forgery but rather very authentic !

Moreover, why not trying to find out who actually invented the terms “extermination” and “annihilation” ( and it was not Hitler by the way)

Just a taster:

  • Some quotes from Mishneh Torah, NOT from the “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion” :

6) The obligation to destroy the seven nations living in the Land of Canaan;

7) The prohibition against allowing any one of them to remain alive;

8 ) The obligation to destroy the descendents of Amalek;



Israel was commanded to fulfill three mitzvot upon entering the Promised Land:

a) To choose a king, as Deuteronomy 17:15 states: ‘Appoint a king over yourselves;’

b) To wipe out the descendents of Amalek, as Deuteronomy 25:19 states: ‘Erase the memory of Amalek;’

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 1, Halacha 1


“A king should not wage other wars before a milchemet mitzvah. What is considered as milchemet mitzvah? The war against the seven nations who occupied Eretz Yisrael, the war against Amalek, and a war fought to assist Israel from an enemy which attacks them.

Afterwards, he may wage a milchemet hareshut, (war of aggression) i.e. a war fought with other nations in order to expand the borders of Israel or magnify its greatness and reputation.


“War, neither a milchemet hareshut or a milchemet mitzvah, should not be waged against anyone until they are offered the opportunity of peace as Deuteronomy 20:10 states: ‘When you approach a city to wage war against it, you should propose a peaceful settlement.’

If the enemy accepts the offer of peace and commits itself to the fulfillment of the seven mitzvot that were commanded to Noah’s descendents, none of them should be killed. Rather, they should be subjugated as ibid.:11 states: ‘They shall be your subjects and serve you.’

If they agree to tribute, but do not accept subjugation or if they accept subjugation, but do not agree to tribute, their offer should not be heeded. They must accept both.

The subjugation they must accept consists of being on a lower level, scorned and humble. They must never raise their heads against Israel, but must remain subjugated under their rule. They may never be appointed over a Jew in any matter whatsoever.

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 6, Halacha 1

“A gentile who gave a Jew a blow is liable to die for causing even the most minimal damage.”

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 10, Halacha 5


“A gentile who studies the Torah is obligated to die. They should only be involved in the study of their seven mitzvot.

Similarly, a gentile who rests, even on a weekday, observing that day as a Sabbath, is obligated to die. Needless to say, he is obligated for that punishment if he creates a festival for himself.”

Mishneh Torah, Chapter 10, Halacha 9


  • quotes from Tanya, NOT from the “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”

“For in the [case of the]  Jew, this soul of kelipah is derived from the kelipah called “nogah”, which also contains good; and the good within this nefesh gives rise to these positive natural traits.

והיא מסוד עץ הדעת טוב ורע

[This kelipah] is from the esoteric “Tree of Knowledge” [which is comprised] of good and evil.30

מה שאין כן נפשות אומות העולם הן משאר קליפות טמאות שאין בהן טוב כלל

The souls of the nations of the world, however, emanate from the other, unclean kelipot which contain no good whatever,

כמו שכתוב בעץ חיים שער מ״ט פרק ג׳: וכל טיבו דעבדין האומות לגרמייהו עבדין

as is written in Etz Chayim, Portal 49, ch. 3, that all the good that the nations do, is done out of selfish motives.

Since their nefesh emanates from kelipot which contain no good, it follows that any good done by them is for selfish motives.”

The kindness of the nations is sin” — that all the charity and kindness done by the nations of the world is only for their self-glorification…”

“When a Jew acts in a benevolent manner he is motivated mainly out of concern for the welfare of his fellow. The proof of this is that were his fellow not to need his help, this would give him greater pleasure than the gratification derived from his act of kindness.

Concerning the nations of the world, however, this is not so. Their motivation is not the welfare of their fellow; rather, it stems from a self-serving motive — the desire for self-glorification, a feeling of gratification, and the like.”

  • A quote from Torat HaMelech, NOT from the “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”

“The Rambam wrote in chapter 1, law 1 of the Laws of Murder

Anyone who kills a Jew transgresses a negative commandment, as it says, “Do not murder”. And, if he did it with malice in front of witnesses he is killed with the sword.

The commentary here suggests that the prohibition of Do Not Murder” related only between Jews, and not for a Jew who kills a non-Jew even if the non-Jew is from one of the righteous nations of the world. Also, in the book Fearers of God it’s written that killing a non-Jew is not considered a transgression of the commandment “Do Not Murder” at all. And so, the Minchat Chinuch wrote:

One should not kill a single person, as it says, “Do not murder”-…but the killing of a non-Jew and even a righteous inhabitant of the Land of Israel that has accepted upon himself the Seven Commandments of Noah’s Offspring are not included in this prohibition

From what we currently have in our hands and understand about the verse “Do Not Murder” it’s impossible to learn the prohibition of killing a non-Jew.

  • Quotes from Talmud, NOT from the “The Protocols of the Elders of Zion”

1. Yebamoth 57b: A girl who is three years of age and one day may be betrothed by cohabitation; if a levir cohabited with her, he has thereby acquired her[9][9]She is deemed to be his legal wife.

2. Yebamoth 60a: There was a certain town in the Land of Israel the legitimacy of whose inhabitants was disputed, and Rabbi sent R. Romanos who conducted an enquiry and found in it the daughter of a proselyte who was under the age of three years and one day, and Rabbi declared her eligible to live with a priest.

3. Yebamoth 60b: R. Simeon b. Yohai stated: A proselyte who is under the age of three years and one day is permitted to marry a priest,13 for it is said, But all the women children that have not known man by lying with him, keep alive for yourselves, and Phinehas surely was with them. And the Rabbis?

4. Yebamoth 60b: Consequently21 it must be said that Scripture speaks of one who is fit[22 ]

[22]I.e., one who had attained the age of three years and one day.

5. Sanhedrin 55b: A maiden aged three years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition, and if her deceased husband’s brother cohabits with her, she becomes his.

Kethuboth 11b: When a grown-up man has intercourse with a little girl it is nothing, for when the girl is less than this,6 it is as if one puts the finger into the eye.

7. Sanhedrin 54b footnote 26: Lev. XVIII, 22. Thus the point of comparison is the sexual matureness of woman, which is reached at the age of three.

Sanhedrin 69a: A maiden aged three years and a day may be acquired in marriage by coition, and if her deceased husband’s brother cohabited with her, she becomes his.

Yebamoth 12b: From the age of eleven years and one day until the age of twelve years and one day. One who is under,16 or over this age17 must carry on her marital intercourse in the usual manner.

George W. Bush


 Look how tiny minority the Talmudists are

Very tiny lunatic fringe indeed

With all the evidence around it is actually delusional to imagine that such Talmudist supremacists are a “lunatic fringe” with no power


It is even more delusional and DECEPTIVE to dismiss or belittle the “israeli” military capability 

It is also delusional, deceptive and may amount to being complicit in crime -by covering up and distracting away -from the extremely powerful supporters of “israel”

It is delusional and deceptive to minimize the ROLE of global Jewish institutes and foundations in furthering “israel’s” agenda

It is also delusional to imagine that Israel or many of USA policy-makers are not deeply connected to and the supremacists and their frantic desire for control

Followed by this email:

Apart from Zionist-controlled media sources, can you please show us the hard evidence for the existence of “the jihadist plans for a world caliphate“?

  • Where were the plans published?
  • What are the “jihadist” plan for the world?
  • What are their strategies?
  • Which Qur’anic  verses are they using in order to justify their “plans of taking over the world”?
  • How far are the “jihadists” in their plans?How many of their “men” are being inserted in sensitive and crucial positions in many governments?
  • Can you name some of these dangerous influential jihadists?
  • How many of them are here acting inside the circle of British leadership?
  • Where is the “jihadists”lobby? and how strong is it in US, UK and Europe?
  • In which countries so far “Sharia Law” has been adopted as opposed to “Noahide Law “?
  • Which supremacist “jihadists” have been the Comptroller of the US Department of Defense who while in office, 2.3 Trillion Dollars went missing from Pentagon, announced 1 DAY before 9-11?
  • Which “jihadist” has been influencing, directing and writing US policies?
  • How many “jihadists” been involved in the crippling and impoverishing of humanity through  banking system?
  • In which media outlets is the mention of “jihadists” and their “plans” a forbidden taboo, yet the “antisemitic” rhetoric flourishes unchallenged?From Main Stream Media to alternative news, from the far Right to the far Left, from Hollywood fiction to intellectual academia, in which of these platforms, the mention of “jihadists” and their “plans” is a forbidden taboo and a red line which would cost people their livelihoods and even lives if they dared to cross?


This kind of MSM hate-mongering, fear-mongering mantra, resonating as if a headline out of a cheap tabloid newspaper, echoing in a vacuum, being presented as a “reason” to dismiss real strategic information sources,  to dismiss the strong links between them, and to dismiss hard solid facts is really alarming… Where is the intellectual integrity? one is compelled to ask

Then I followed with this email:

  • Now what is the truth about “Caliphate”?

  • What does the word “Caliphate” actually means?
  • Does it exist in the Qur’an? and if it does, in what context?

Like many Arabic words; Jihad, Fatwa, Dhimmi, Shari’a etc, which were snatched out of the Arabic language, made it into the front pages of MSM, eviscerated and ripped off of their true meanings, distorted, twisted and bended beyond recognition to be used by ZIONISTS and their alibis to foment hatred against Islam, to serve their hate-fear-mongering programme, and justify THEIR wars of aggression planned and executed against many countries in the Muslim world, to suite the Zionist agenda, so is the word Khalifah.

Even the online “free dictionary” follows the same distortion without providing any evidence whatsoever:

khalifah – the civil and religious leader of a Muslim state considered to be a representative of Allah on earth; “many radical Muslims believe a Khalifah will unite all Islamic lands and people and subjugate the rest of the world”


Such twisting and misrepresentation in the realm of “war of ideas” presented as “information” couldn’t be further from truth, as every person with slightest exposure to, or knowledge of Islam would be able to verify.

Coming back to the word Caliph, it is a translation from the Arabic word khalifa (خليفة, khalīfah) meaning successor, representative, vicegerent, care-taker, substitute, which is used in the Qur’an to establish mankind’s role as representatives of God on earth in the sense of living by God’s names, attributes and principles of JUSTICE and COMPASSION, to take care of, protect and establish JUST and COMPASSIONATE societies.

The true meaning is that EVERY HUMAN BEING is given the responsibility of a care-taker of earth and life on it , NOT a “the civil and religious leader of a Muslim state considered to be a representative of Allah”

Kalifah describes the real nature of man’s (as in all mankind) role on earth; a care-taker.

The term Caliph (خليفة‎ khalīfah) is also used as a title for the ruler, a head of state of Islamic Ummah indicating his responsibilities and duties.

(Ummah: a community which accepts Islam out of their own freewill and accepted to live by general set of moral principles as presented in the Qur’an).

leaders of the Muslim nation were called Khalifat Rasul Allah, the political successors to the messenger of God (referring to Muhammad). Khalīfah can be a female also, as Sitt Al-Mulk of Egypt circa 11th century. Some wives of Khalifas, such as Zaynab an-Nafzawiyyah and Al-Khazuran bin Atta, wielded great influence during the era of their husbands rule.

Sharia’a is the Arabic word for “the road to the watering place” In a religious context, it means “the righteous path“.

Shari’a is not a rigid set of Laws, but rather a Set of Principles through which one is expected to align him/herself with and strive to achieve JUSTICE which lies at the heart of Shari’a and considered its foremost aim, using whatever means of human wisdom, knowledge, comprehension, effort and capacity to establish and nourish.

These are, the six principles of shariah which is concluded from the Qur’an by Muslim scholars:

1. The right to the protection of life.

2. The right to the protection of family.

3. The right to the protection of education.

4. The right to the protection of religion.

5. The right to the protection of property (access to resources).

6. The right to the protection of human dignity.

It must be mentioned also that Shari’a does NOT by any means apply to Non-Muslim, it can ONLY be applied for those who out of their own freewill chose to live by Islam as a philosophy of life, faith and set of principles, otherwise it will contradict the major Qur’anic principle “No compulsion in religion”.

Despite all the incessant fear-mongering against the word Sharia,witch has infected almost every corner in the Western mind and sphere of thinking, yet the word Noahide Laws -which has already been adopted by many countries in the world, did not even surface, it is a taboo which no one talks about and is never discussed in the Islam-crazed Media, very few have even heard of.

If you don’t know yet what Noahide Laws are, you can begin your research with  Jewish Halachiac Laws for GENTILES

Th word Khalifah in the Qur’an:

“Behold thy Lord said to the angels: “I will create a vicegerent on earth.” They said “Wilt thou place therein one who will make mischief therein and shed blood? Whilst we do celebrate Thy praises and glorify Thy holy (name)?” He said: “I know what ye know not.” “(2:30)

وَإِذۡ قَالَ رَبُّكَ لِلۡمَلَـٰٓٮِٕكَةِ إِنِّى جَاعِلٌ۬ فِى ٱلۡأَرۡضِ خَلِيفَةً۬‌ۖ قَالُوٓاْ أَتَجۡعَلُ فِيہَا مَن يُفۡسِدُ فِيہَا وَيَسۡفِكُ ٱلدِّمَآءَ وَنَحۡنُ نُسَبِّحُ بِحَمۡدِكَ وَنُقَدِّسُ لَكَ‌ۖ قَالَ إِنِّىٓ أَعۡلَمُ مَا لَا تَعۡلَمُونَ

Major Qur’anic Principles:

(If not applied or manifested, if disrespected or abused, the blame is on the followers of Islam, not the documented principles)


  • Justice is the core of Islam

“O ye who believe! be steadfast firmly for God, as witnesses to fair dealing, Let NOT a group’s hostility to you cause you to deviate from JUSTICE. Be JUST, for it is closer to piety. Be God conscious; for God is Well Aware of what you do.” (Qur’an; 5-8 )

“We thus made you an impartial community, that you may serve as witnesses among the people, and the messenger serves as a witness among you” (2:143)

“No soul shall be made to bear the liability of another.” (35:18 )

“God commands justice, the doing of good, and kindness to kith and kin, and He forbids all shameful deeds, and injustice and antagonism: He advices you, that ye may be reminded.” (16-90)

“God doth command you to render back your Trusts to those to whom they are due; and when ye judge between people that ye judge with justice: verily how excellent is the teaching which He giveth you! for God is He who heareth and seeth all things” (4:58)

“The recompense for an injury is an injury equal thereto (in degree): but if a person forgives and makes reconciliation, his reward is due from God; for (God) loveth not those who are wrong-doers”. (42:40)

“O you who believe, equivalence is the law decreed for you when dealing with murder … If one is pardoned by the victim’s kin, an appreciative response is in order, and an equitable compensation shall be paid. This is alleviation from your Lord and mercy. Anyone who transgresses beyond this incurs a painful retribution.” (2:178)

“And if you punish, you shall inflict an equivalent punishment. But if you resort to patience (instead of retribution), it would be better for the patient ones”. (16:126)

“You shall hand over to the orphans their rightful properties. Do not substitute the bad for the good, and do not consume their properties by combining them with yours. This would be a gross injustice.” (4:2)

“You shall test the orphans when they reach puberty. As soon as you find them mature enough, give them their property. Do not consume it extravagantly in a hurry, before they grow up” (4:6)

“O you who believe, do not consume each others’ properties illicitly. Only mutually acceptable transactions are permitted. You shall not kill yourselves. GOD is Merciful towards you.” (4:29)

  • Equality and brotherhood of mankind: No racism… No superiority… No tribalism but kindness and respect to the other;

“Ye who believe! Stand out firmly for justice, as witnesses to God, even as against yourselves, or your parents, or your kin, and whether it be (against) rich or poor: for God can best protect both. Follow not the desires (of your hearts) (4:135)

“O mankind! We created you from a single soul, male and female, and made you into nations and tribes, so that you may come to recognize one another. Truly, the most honoured of you in God’s sight is the greatest of you in righteousness. God is All-Knowing, All-Aware”. (49.13)

“And among His Signs is the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the variations in your languages and your colours: verily in that are Signs for those who know”.(30-22)

“Had God willed, He could have made you one congregation. But He thus puts you to the test through the revelations He has given each of you. You shall compete in righteousness. To God is your final destiny – all of you – then He will inform you of everything you had disputed” (5:48)

“An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black, nor a black has any superiority over a white” saying of Muhammed

  • Islam forbids aggression:

Muslims do NOT believe in wars of aggression, and NO war is “holy” according to Islamic tradition, but the Qur’an permits self defence, when you are occupied, attacked, oppressed, unable to negotiate constructively and effectively, when your rights are violated and when you are prevented from living your life in a dignified and free manner, then and ONLY then you have the PERMISSION to fight back

‘You may fight in the cause of God against those who fight you, but DO NOT INITIATE AGGRESSION. God does not love transgressors.’ (Quran; 2.190)

There is the type of man whose speech about this world’s life may dazzle thee and he calls God to witness about what is in his heart; yet is he the most contentious of foes. And when he turns away, he roams the earth corruptingly, destroying properties and lives. God does not love corruption” (2:204-205)

  • Islam gives the permission to fighting BACK and resisting oppressive and tyrannical regimes in defence of the oppressed

“And what is wrong with you that you fight not in the Cause of God, and on behalf of those who are weak, ill treated and oppressed among men, women, and children, whose cry is: “Our Lord! Rescue us from this town (to freedom) whose people are oppressors; and raise for us, out of Thy Grace, a protector, and raise for us, out of Thy Grace, one who will bring us victory.” (4:75)

“To those against whom war is made, PERMISSION is given (to fight back), because they are wronged; and verily, God is most powerful for their aid; (They are) those who have been expelled from their homes in defiance of right,-(for no cause) except that they say, our Lord is God”. (22:39-40)

“ You shall not kill any person – for God has made life sacred – except in the course of justice. If one is killed unjustly, then we give his heir authority to enforce justice. Thus, he shall not exceed the limits in avenging the murder, he will be helped.” (17:33)

“ You may fight those who wage war against you, and you may evict them whence they evicted you. Oppression is worse than murder” (2:191)

“Show forgiveness, speak for justice and avoid the ignorant.” (7:199)

“But show them forgiveness, and say “Peace!” and soon shall they know!” (43; 89)

‘If they seek peace, then seek you peace. And trust in God for He is the One that heareth and knoweth all things.’ (8.61)

“But God does call to the Home of Peace” (10-25)

  • Islam calls for democracy, religious tolerance, calls for freedom of thought and protection of the individual’s right to choose his/her ideology

“No compulsion in religion or ideology” (2:256)

“Say: O you that reject Faith! I worship not that which you worship, and you do not worship that which I worship… To you be your Way, and to me mine”. (109:1-6)

The verse “no compulsion in religion” (2:256) and the verse “To you your religion, to me my religion” (109:6) have been interpreted in the Islamic legal and theological traditions to mean that the followers of other religions should not be forced to adopt Islam. Also they have been used as a “proof-text for pluralism and coexistence” and they served to implement tolerance of other religions under Muslim rule.

لَآ إِكۡرَاهَ فِى ٱلدِّينِ‌ۖ قَد تَّبَيَّنَ ٱلرُّشۡدُ مِنَ ٱلۡغَىِّ‌ۚ فَمَن يَكۡفُرۡ بِٱلطَّـٰغُوتِ وَيُؤۡمِنۢ بِٱللَّهِ فَقَدِ ٱسۡتَمۡسَكَ بِٱلۡعُرۡوَةِ ٱلۡوُثۡقَىٰ لَا ٱنفِصَامَ لَهَا‌ۗ وَٱللَّهُ سَمِيعٌ عَلِيمٌ (٢٥٦)

“Let there be no compulsion in religion: Truth stands out clear from Error: whoever rejects evil and believes in God hath grasped the most trustworthy hand-hold that never breaks. And God heareth and knoweth all things” (2.256)

“Proclaim: “This is the truth from your Lord,” then whoever wills let him believe, and whoever wills let him disbelieve” (18:29)

قُلۡ يَـٰٓأَيُّہَا ٱلۡڪَـٰفِرُونَ (١) لَآ أَعۡبُدُ مَا تَعۡبُدُونَ (٢) وَلَآ أَنتُمۡ عَـٰبِدُونَ مَآ أَعۡبُدُ (٣) وَلَآ أَنَا۟ عَابِدٌ۬ مَّا عَبَدتُّمۡ (٤) وَلَآ أَنتُمۡ عَـٰبِدُونَ مَآ أَعۡبُدُ (٥) لَكُمۡ دِينُكُمۡ وَلِىَ دِينِ (٦)

“Say : O ye that reject Faith!
I worship not that which ye worship,
Nor will ye worship that which I worship.
And I will not worship that which ye have been wont to worship,
Nor will ye worship that which I worship
To you be your religion and to me mine.”

“Had God willed, He could have made you one congregation. But He thus puts you to the test through the revelations He has given each of you. You shall compete in righteousness. To God is your final destiny – all of you – then He will inform you of everything you had disputed” (5:48)

“We showed him the Way: whether he be grateful or ungrateful (rests on his will)”. (76:3)

“Let there arise out of you a band of people inviting to all that is good, enjoining what is right, and forbidding what is wrong: They are the ones to attain felicity”. (3:104)

“And their affairs are (conducted) through consultation among themselves.” (42:38 )

“If any one does a righteous deed, it ensures to the benefit of his own soul; if he does evil, it works against (his own soul). In the end will you (all) be brought back to your Lord”. (45; 15)

“Each of you chooses the direction to follow; you shall race towards righteousness. Wherever you may be, God will summon you all. God is Omnipotent.” (2:148)

“They respond to their Lord by observing the Contact Prayers. Their affairs are decided after due consultation among themselves, and from our provisions to them they give (to charity)” (42:38)

“They are the ones who examine all words, then follow the best. These are the ones whom God has guided; these are the ones who possess intelligence.” (39:18)

  • Islam calls for respect of people of other ideologies and religions: Every one will be judged fairly, salvation is for all good-doers, not just Muslims:

” Anyone who does an atom weight of good shall see it, and and anyone who does an atom weight of evil shall see it” (99:7-8)

“Those who believe, and those who follow the Jewish (scriptures), and the Christians and the Sabians,- any who believe in God and the Last Day, and work righteousness, shall have their reward with their Lord; on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve.” (2.062)

“Anyone seeking dignity should know that to God belongs all dignity. To Him ascends the good words, and He exalts the righteous works. As for those who scheme evil works, they incur severe retribution; the scheming of such people is destined to fail” (35:10)

“Say: “O people of the Book! come to common terms as between us and you: that we worship none but God; that we associate no partners with Him; that we erect not from among ourselves Lords and patrons other than God .” If then they turn back, say: ye! “Bear witness that we (at least) are Muslims (bowing to God’s will).” (3:64)

“Whoever wrongs one with whom a treaty has been made ( dhimmi) and lays on him a burden beyond his strength, I will be his accuser” Hadith (saying of Muhammed)

“One who kills a man under covenant (peace treaty) will not even smell the fragrance of Paradise” Hadith (saying of Muhammed)

  • Islam FORBIDS USURY and rejects financial systems which are built upon interest, debt and the exploitation of the poor, and promotes kindness and charity as the foundation of caring society:

“O ye who believe! Devour not usury, doubled and multiplied; but be God-conscious. That ye may (really) prosper” (3:130)

“Woe to those that deal in fraud, Those who, when they have to receive by measure from men, exact full measure, But when they have to give by measure or weight to men, give less than due. Do they not think that they will be called to account?”(83:1-4)

“If the debtor is in a difficulty, grant him time till it is easy for him to repay. But if ye remit it by way of charity, that is best for you if ye only knew”. (2:280)

“God will deprive usury of all blessing, but will give increase for deeds of charity: For He loveth not creatures ungrateful and wicked. Those who believe, and do deeds of righteousness, and establish regular prayers and regular charity, will have their reward with their Lord: on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve. O ye who believe! Be God-conscious, and give up what remains of your demand for usury, if ye are indeed believers.”(2: 276-278 )

”Those who devour usury will not stand except as stands one whom the Evil One by his touch hath driven to madness. That is because they say: “Trade is like usury, but God hath permitted trade and forbidden usury. Those who after receiving direction from their Lord, desist, shall be pardoned for the past; their case is for God (to judge); but those who repeat (the offence) are companions of the Fire: they will abide therein (for ever)” (2:275)“God will deprive usury of all blessing, but will give increase for deeds of charity: for He loveth not creatures ungrateful and wicked” (2:276)

“Those who believe, and do deeds of righteousness, and establish regular prayers and regular charity, will have their reward with their Lord: on them shall be no fear nor shall they grieve” (2:277)

“O ye who believe! fear God and give up what remains of your demand for usury, if ye are indeed believers” (2:278)

“If ye do it not, take notice of war from God and His Messenger: but if ye repent ye shall have your capital sums; deal not unjustly and ye shall not be dealt with unjustly” (2:279)

  • Islam goes beyond social justice to compassion and generosity:

So he who gives (in charity) and is God-conscious, and (in all sincerity) confirms the good, We will pave his way to bliss. But he who is a greedy, stingy and thinks himself self-sufficient, and denies the good, We will indeed pave his way to Misery. His wealth will not be of any help to him when he falls headlong (into the Pit)” (92:1-11)

“Do you know who really rejects the faith? That is the one who mistreats the orphans. And does not advocate the feeding of the poor. And woe to those who observe the contact prayers – who are totally heedless of their prayers. They only show off. And they forbid charity.” (107:1-7)

“They ask you about giving: say, “The charity you give shall go to the parents, the relatives, the orphans, the poor, and the travelling foreigner.” Any good you do, God is fully aware thereof.” (2:215)

“Part of their money is set aside. For the poor and the needy.” (70:24-25)

“By no means shall ye attain righteousness unless ye give (freely) of that which ye love; and whatever ye give, God knoweth it well” (3:92)

“So he who gives (in charity) and is God-conscious, and (in all sincerity) confirms the good, We will pave his way to bliss. But he who is a greedy, stingy and thinks himself self-sufficient, and denies the good, We will indeed pave his way to Misery. His wealth will not be of any help to him when he falls headlong (into the Pit)” (92:1-11)

“ (You shall give) to the needy who immigrated. They were evicted from their homes and deprived of their properties, because they sought God’s grace and pleasure” (59:8)

  • Islam liberates, dignifies and restores the rights of women:

“The Believers, men and women, are protectors one of another: they enjoin what is just, and forbid what is evil: they observe regular prayers, practise regular charity, and obey God and His Messenger. On them will God pour His mercy: for God is Exalted in power, Wise”. (9:71)

“If any do deeds of righteousness, be they male or female – and have faith, they will enter Heaven, and not the least injustice will be done to them”. (3-124)

“Then shall anyone who has done an atom’s weight of good, see it! And anyone who has done an atom’s weight of evil, shall see it”. (99:7-8 )

“It is He who created you from a single soul, and made its mate of like nature, in order that he might dwell with her (in love)”. (7:189)

“And among His Signs is this: He created for you mates from among yourselves that ye may dwell in tranquillity with them, and He plants love and mercy between your (hearts): verily in that are Signs for those who reflect. (30-21)

“For Muslim men and women, for believing men and women, for devout men and women, for truthful men and women, for men and women who are patient and constant, for men and women who humble themselves, for men and women who give in Charity, for men and women who fast (and deny themselves), for men and women who guard their chastity, and for men and women who engage much in God’s praise; for them has God prepared forgiveness and great reward”. (33:35)

“The divorcees also shall be provided for, equitably. This is a duty upon the righteous.” (2:241)
“If a couple fears separation, you shall appoint an mediator from his family and an mediator from her family; if they decide to reconcile, God will help them get together” (4:35)

  • Islam calls for equality of mankind; no man is a slave for another:

“Did we not show him the two paths? He should choose the difficult path. Which one is the difficult path? The freeing of slaves, and feeding, during the time of hardship. (90:10-14)

“Righteousness is not turning your faces towards the east or the west. Righteous are those who believe in God, the Last Day, the angels, the scripture, and the prophets; and they give the money, cheerfully, to the relatives, the orphans, the needy, the travelling foreigners, the beggars, and to free the slaves” (2:177)

”Those who (in charity) spend of their goods by night and by day, in secret, and in public, have their reward with their Lord: on them shall be no fear, nor shall they grieve” (2:274)

“Charities shall go to the poor, the needy, the workers who collect them, the new converts, to free the slaves, to those burdened by sudden expenses, in the cause of God, and to the travelling foreigners. Such is God’s commandment. God is Omniscient, Most Wise” (9:60)

  • Islam calls for equality before the law, no man is infallible:

“GOD knows best about your belief, and you are equal to one another, as far as belief is concerned” (4:25)

“He (Muhammad) frowned and turned away. When the blind man came to him. How do you know? He may purify himself. Or he may take heed, and benefit from the message. As for the rich man. You gave him your attention. Even though you could not guarantee his salvation. The one who came to you eagerly. And is really reverent. You ignored him. Indeed, this is a reminder.” (80:1-11)

  • Islam calls for open-mindedness and using one’s intellect:

“Let the human reflect on his creation.” (86:5)

“We made the Qur’an easy to learn. Does any of you wish to learn?” (54:17)

“You shall not accept any information, unless you verify it for yourself. I have given you the hearing, the eyesight, and the brain, and you are responsible for using them.” (17:36)

“Behold! in the creation of the heavens and the earth, and the alternation of Night and Day,― there are indeed Signs for men of understanding. Men who celebrate the praises of God standing, sitting, and lying down on their sides, and contemplate the (wonders of) creation in the heavens and the earth, (with the thought): “Our Lord! not for naught hast Thou created (all) this! Glory to Thee! Give us salvation from the penalty of the Fire” (3: 190-191)

“They are the ones who examine all words, then follow the best. These are the ones whom God has guided; these are the ones who possess intelligence.” (39:18)

  • Islam calls for honest dealing, protection of human dignity and the right to privacy:

“Woe to every backbiter, slanderer.” (104:1)

“O you who believe, you shall avoid any suspicion, for even a little bit of suspicion is sinful. You shall not spy on one another, nor shall you backbite one another; this is as abominable as eating the flesh of your dead brother. You certainly abhor this. You shall observe God. God is Redeemer, Most Merciful.” (49:12)

“It was mercy from God that you became compassionate towards them. Had you been harsh and mean-hearted, they would have abandoned you. Therefore, you shall pardon them and ask forgiveness for them, and consult them” (3:159)

“And do not eat up your property among yourselves for vanities, nor use it as bait for the judges, with intent that ye may eat up wrongfully and knowingly a little of (other) people’s property” (2:188)

“Kind words and the covering of faults are better than charity followed by injury. God is free of all wants, and He is Most Forbearing” (2:263)

“O ye who believe! Cancel not your charity by reminders of your generosity or by injury― like those who spend their substance to be seen of men” (2:264)

“O ye who believe! Give of the good things which ye have (honourably) earned, and of the fruits of the earth which We have produced for you, and do not even aim at getting anything which is bad in order, that out of it ye may give away something, when ye yourselves would not receive it except with closed eyes. And know that God is Free of all wants and Worthy of all praise” (2:267)

“You shall give full weight and full measure when you trade, equitably” (6:152)

“O my people, you shall give full measure and full weight, equitably. Do not cheat the people out of their rights, and do not roam the earth corruptingly” (11:85)

  • Islam hold parents in the highest esteem:

“And We have enjoined on the human being in (regard to) his two parents – his mother bore him in weakness upon weakness, and his weaning was two years – Give thanks to Me and to your parents. To Me is the goal. But if they strive with you to associate with Me (gods) you do not know about, then do not obey them. But keep company with them both in the world in an honourable manner, and follow the path of who repents to Me. Then I will tell you what you have worked.” (31:14-15)

”And We have enjoined on the human being in (regard to) his two parents the most beautiful conduct. But if they strive with you to associate with Me (gods) you do not know about, then do not obey them. You all will return to Me and I will tell you what you have worked” (29: 8)”And We have enjoined on the human being in (regard to) his two parents the most beautiful conduct. His mother bore him under duress and brought him forth under duress. And his bearing and his weaning was thirty months. At length, when he reaches the age of forty, he says, “My Lord and Sustainer, grant to me that I am thankful for the graciousness that You have bestowed upon me and upon my parents, and that I may work righteousness pleasing to You, and make my offspring righteous. Surely I turn to You and surely I am of those who submit (to You).” (46:15)

”Your Lord has commanded that you shall not worship (anyone) but Him and to be good to the parents. If either or both of them reach old age with you, say not to them (so much as) ‘Ugh’ nor chide them, and speak to them a generous word. And lower for them ‘the wings of humility’ out of mercy; and pray; ‘O my Lord! Have mercy on them as they brought me up (when I was) little.’” (17:23-24)

”O Prophet) say, “Come, I will read out to you the sacred rules your Lord and Sustainer has given you: That you do not associate anything as a partner with Him. That you give beautiful conduct to the two parents. That you do not kill your children fearing flat poverty – We will provide for you and for them. That you do not even go near lewdness, neither the obvious nor the hidden. That you do not kill the life that God has made sacred, except in the truth (of what has been commanded). That is what He has enjoined upon you in order that you become intelligent.” (6:151)“O humankind! Be in awe of your Lord and Sustainer, He who created you all from a single soul, and created from it her mate, and from the two of them brought forth many men and women. Be in awe of God and of the wombs (that bore you). Surely God is watching over you.”(4: 1)

  • Islam calls for striving for perfecting of human values and elevating the standard of morality:

Prophet Muhammad, Peace be upon him, declared “Verily I was sent to this World to define (and live by) the Generous Temperament.”

According to him, the codes of Generous Temperament (makarem elakhlaq) are seven:

“Pardoning those who have oppressed you

Giving to those who have deprived you

Connecting with those who have shunned you

Benefiting those who have abused you

Counselling those who have deceived you

Forgiving those who have maligned you

Forbearing with those who have angered you.”

Prophet Muhammad also said:

“God, said: O My servants, I have forbidden oppression for Myself and have made it forbidden amongst you, so do not oppress one another.”

“You will never enter Paradise until you become believers, and you will not become believers until you love each other.”

“None of you truly believes until he loves for his brother what he loves for himself”

“God has no mercy on one who has no mercy for others.”

“The most excellent Jihad is that for the conquest of self”

“Do not belittle any act of kindness, even that of greeting your brother with a cheerful countenance.”

“God does not judge you according to your appearance and your wealth, but He looks at your hearts and looks into your deeds”

” Who is the most favoured of God? He, from whom the greatest good comes to His creatures”

“The most excellent Jihad is that for the conquest of self”

“It is difficult for a man laden with riches to climb the steep path, that leads to bliss”

“Who are the learned? Those who practice what they know.”

“Kindness is a mark of faith, and whoever is not kind has no faith.”

“Whoever is kind, God will be kind to him; therefore be kind to man on the earth. He Who is in heaven will show mercy on you”

” God has revealed to me, that you must be humble. No one should boast over one another, and no one should oppress another”

“Say what is true, although it may be bitter and displeasing to people”

“The most perfect in faith amongst believers is he who is best in manner and kindest to his wife.”

“Practice humility until no one oppresses or belittles another”

“A believer is not one who eats his fill while his next door neighbour goes hungry.”

“A good word is charity”

Followed by this email:

Watch out!Another potential “antisemite”, he could be a “holocaust denier” too, what if he has read “the Protocols of the Elders of Zion”. Ouch!
That is serious… Keep him under your Radars.

Col. Lawrence Wilkerson a former top adviser to Colin Powell says Syria chemical weapons atrocity could be “Israeli” false flag operation.
As for those whose only argument is “antisemitism” when they FAIL to refute the others’ honestly, intellectually and by providing hard evidence, I say:Frankly, my patience is running out with this duality and conflict of interest, playing at the heart of our solidarity movement.

If they don’t want to stand being accused of smothering debate and concealment of truths, i.e intellectual dishonesty, then they must STOP using such methods, accusing others of antisemitism when they fail to refute the evidence or provide counter evidence.

Hiding behind , ad hominem attacks, name-calling, accusations of “antisemitism”  or even escaping debate and refusal to engage in mature discussions under the fable pathetic excuse “we don’t talk to “antisemites” is no longer an option.
They must learn to argue like mature human beings; not like cowards, not like Zionists, not like fools. ( apology for using such words, but I consider fighting without directly facing one’s opponent is dishonest)They must cease to use Zionist tactics of bringing  words like “antisemitism”, “holocaust” or “the protocols” into the discussion for the sole purpose of aborting it.

These are pathetic, useless and cowardly methods; ad hominem attacks, rather than challenging facts, shooting the messenger rather than rebutting the argument, excommunication rather than having spine and defending their case .

PRODUCE YOUR EVIDENCE. This is intellectual integrity
Fighting “antisemitism” will never succeed by the participation of concealing horrible truths, protecting criminal networks, or by acting like “thought police” attempting to forbid others from independent thinking by using hideous methods of mud-throwing, intimidation and accusation.If they believe that by doing so they are going to “prevent antisemitism”  and to stop “hatred against Jews”, they are gravely mistaken, for such methods are only going to aggravate the situation when people start learning and discovering. Worse, they might not be as tolerant or as willing to forgive.

If their aim is to “prevent antisemitism”  and to stop “hatred against Jews”, my aim is to prevent supremacy and anti-humanism and to stop powerful Jewish-Zionist networks from HURTING and HARMING to DEATH Palestinians and many more in other parts of the world

Let it also be known, that the world is changing, people began to see that which was hidden, and many are no longer willing to be subjugated to such reprehensible treatment.

Tough choices are to be made: either choosing to join the rest of humanity and its ideals of equality and universalism, by rejecting ALL forms of supremacist ideology (including their own tribal one) and speaking out against and exposing the powerful networks, OR to just plod along,  continue to deny the reality, just continue to pretend not to understand their critics (including me),  just continue to act as alibis for a network involved in igniting genocidal wars, mass destruction, and mass pauperization, just continue to distract activists by pointing at petty criminals and thereby preventing the identification of the leadership, heads, movers and shakers, of the criminal network, which equates to chasing tiny fish while letting the sharks off the hook
(please remember that when I dug up these “Networks”, which are only a small sample of what is out there, I was smeared with “antisemitism”) 

(please notice that even the name “Jewish Institute for national Security Affairs” have been REMOVED now from the title page, see  the bottom of this email)

Anti-Defamation League  ADL


Board of Deputies of British Jews  BDoBJ

The Jewish Federation of North America  JFNA

Greenberg Traurig  GT

Global Israel

Jewish Agency for Israel JAI

Jewish Internet Defense Force JIDF

Israel on Campus Coalition

The Cohen Group

Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia

Chabad Youth Network

The Jewish Business Network

The Washington Institute

Chabad on Campus International

 United Jewish Israel Appeal UJINA


Friends of Israel defense Force FIDF



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Screen Shot 2013-09-06 at 12.59.07 2JINSA PAGE NOW:

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I am off


Hey grownups

I don’t want your world

I don’t want your crazy wars

I don’t want your gold and silver

I don’t want your shiny coins

I can’t stand your golden calf

I don’t like your silly games

I don’t want to play

no more

I am off, I don’t want to stay

.IMG_0535 copy 2.
I want to run away, go back
Be child again… forever
I want to hold my broken heart
Glue it back together

Paint it all anew


With a brush and splash of tears

Fill its oceans, wash the sky

Colour a rainbow all in between

IMG_0714 copy 2


With my doll holding my hand
Run towards the edge of the world
Where heaven dives down to kiss the earth
Near the bush where sparrows pray
There I’d sit calmly and wait
Until its all over
and grownups are no more


IMG_0881 copy copy
Come little children with Jasmine hairbands
Come pray… Come play hand in hand
Sow your torn hearts and dry your tears
Claim your voice back and sing with me
IMG_0864 copy 2
Vinoth Ramachandra

IFES Secretary for Dialogue and Social Engagement

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