O my Beloved



My Beloved
I did not see You
But, with the whispers in my heart I knew
Is that possible?
Is it possible, a heart would fall in love,

With whom she never saw?




Can anyone who tasted the sweetness of such love
Ever deny?
Can it ever know bitterness?
Or think of running away?

Can prostrating souls
Accept subjugation?
Or ever engage in deception?



Oh my Hope …
I was little girl
Agonized with nostalgia
Went looking for you
Her sanity disintegrated, while searching
Couldn’t find her heartbeats
Her imagination inflamed… wild


Her sight estranged
Mesmerised, pulled up toward Heaven
Hoping to see your face
Longing for purification with your Light
Dreaming of a drop of mercy
Affectionate, tender, blessed with dew
And yearning for one moment of closeness …. Eternal



My Beloved… You are the One who Knows
If kneeling down would be a struggle sometimes
For this frail body, aching and sore
Soul never cease prostrating
Ever satisfied, care not for the pain
The heart tranquil and serene
Does not know fright



Hasten, my heartbeats, race your shadow

Fly above your imagination
Knock at the door of my Beloved
Chant your longing in supreme adoration
Scatter your poetry like shimmering stars
Like flowers, meadows and roses

Like the scent of lavender
Plaited daisies and dandelions


O my heartbeats, align
Standup and sway
Tune in and smile
Throb in devotion… infinite, eternal



In the name of my Beloved, sing
Until you melt away …
And perish …

In the name of my Beloved, sing
You return



6 Responses

  1. I wish I could meet and speak with one single soul who claims that he or she loves?

    When did the word LOVE come into the English language and when did the word AMOUR come into the French language and in Christian doctrine? The answer will surprise and baffle most of us.



  2. My wife says she loves me and I say I love her, but I have taught her to trust no human on earth unless she has met with some angels and they of course do exist among us (I must be one of them! Ha.) And to love Allah, the Last Prophet , peace and blessings be upon him, and the Struggle in Allah’s Path before anything and anybody else.

    When Christians and others accuse Muslims of not having an ALL LOVING God, they do not know what they are talking about.

    In there lies the secret of a happy earthly life even in the midst of the worst of misfortunes and calamities.



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  4. Reblogged this on Zarina's Weblog.


  5. […] Source: O my Beloved […]


  6. Nahida is a Palestinian on Exile but writes beautiful poems.


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