Ezz Al Zanoon, Son of Palestine


Your breathtaking images move my soul to tears


Thunderous beauty


Most articulate silence


Painfully mesmerizing eloquence


Thank you for telling the story in stillness


Without words


901596_4593848330970_365758401_o 1278157_10200430223544880_1894303445_o 919133_10200459901246804_714239684_o 1240286_725071010843007_2018055099_n 1275174_10200449892916602_159327553_o 1263901_10200442123842380_1909571553_o copy 132952_10200416469321033_2128023704_o 1239138_10200436429740031_1507599573_o copy 1237409_10200409404224410_1923997021_o 1272371_10200407391574095_1408391482_o 1233252_10200406046700474_568098489_o 1269701_10200401924357418_476247874_o 1277224_10200401566828480_1631975013_o 1291566_10200395363553402_1211699893_o 1275668_10200394280486326_1968001674_o 1276087_10200388194694185_1837434582_o 1264083_10200386822059870_934694573_o 1271086_10200381106836993_137684656_o 1272425_10200376430880097_1171497357_o 1263806_10200370839860325_868172638_o 1094685_10200365686891504_1597758788_o 1233153_10200349306882014_162199665_o 980916_10200360269276067_1261349868_o 1266116_10200346144002944_223913421_o 1167231_10200341314042198_1501285060_o 1234120_10200344843610435_1049975372_n 1272152_10200333421244883_483298158_o 1278942_10200340007209528_795015484_o 1273785_10200340008729566_1506091843_o 1265660_10200340012129651_121703308_o 1146855_10200310004659483_2061228016_o 1120027_10200302819359855_1168556125_o 1074296_10200298820459885_1811141931_o 1167605_10200298820939897_1146344467_o 664884_10200293618609842_441641359_o 1149506_10200298819779868_205289400_o 1146206_10200298819899871_128274883_o 1147005_10200298819499861_189125418_o 1147590_10200285664130985_1491747207_o 1102666_10200268698026843_1020077341_o 1120024_10200202660855955_2069282364_o 1146304_10200195612359747_230149750_o 964147_10200188810029693_1640352837_o 1102437_10200188772788762_135290972_o 1102423_10200188767348626_1959985692_o 1077822_10200186393689286_1729365208_o 1079068_10200185981558983_1538736687_o 1009237_10200183320132449_1762970358_o 1120061_10200176890971724_444199655_o 1077094_10200176341237981_101260214_o 980359_10200162844540572_1323063421_o 1039571_10200149694331825_1050319405_o 1074140_10200144453560809_1400330111_o 1077079_10200142899481958_1937935376_o 1074610_10200125205519620_515104718_o 1072644_10200132909592217_1753226004_o 1078578_10200133626090129_1802687680_o 1073981_10200139277831419_1477385259_o 1074739_10200122287206664_1964237534_o 1078862_10200118655275868_851853436_o 703540_10200119313692328_600405402_o 1073178_10200099339992998_1351640705_o 1049006_4970510987301_1097148993_o 1074745_4997301097037_1177005991_o 1073199_4975135422909_1204654892_o 1048303_4936119807543_1793262941_o 1040730_4931693496888_620472769_o 1048949_4911199224544_977244460_o 1040862_4914866716229_443557320_o 1008287_4834896317019_726557161_o 1040728_4873941293119_1845860128_o 1015737_4906943278148_1245073991_o 1052706_4909334777934_874064561_o 1014570_4864382614158_1599501803_o 922388_4698468666413_1457826007_o 921583_4656880226728_388253582_o 921452_4610055336135_1066239744_o 859924_4397880271891_1447720173_o 906345_4507029520554_379783987_o 545500_4507029480553_545544970_n 532011_4524590639571_426353990_n 883529_4397880751903_1520560490_o 858182_4397880591899_2067947007_o 885493_4369969254133_1895902949_o 887525_4329411920225_1183162673_o 775834_4146109017767_413698484_o 775717_4146101377576_166820616_o 841194_4168530698295_398772121_o 857914_4282846996131_1082831379_o 1238770_619920118030233_1656407432_n copy

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