Don’t you wish, sometimes, to be a Palestinian!



As curious lenses compete to capture our tears

Our pain-filled smiles radiate, redefining the meaning of beauty




Shackled with chains of occupation and oppression

Our awe inspiring dignity leaves you astounded




Tear-gassed with poison, sprayed with skunk, tasered with hatred

Our mothers  plant hearts, sprout love, flower compassion




Besieged in concentration camps in Gaza, Beit Iksa, Beit Hanina and Silwan

Our children laugh at your shortsightedness as they continue to play



Denied Identity, Return, and simply the right to BE

Palestine became a symbol, Palestinians an inspiration for freedom-lovers worldwide




They wanted us “guinea pigs” to test their weapons and practice their supremacy

We became the spearhead of global resistance




“The old will die, the young will forget” they fantasised

We embraced life with passion unmatched




Humanity, come and learn

Stand up, look up, to tyrants don’t ever kneel down




Rafeef is right, slamming her mighty words

In all shades of righteous anger

“we teach life, sir”



297113_280401452071523_2130062782_n 528223_539399372799621_1033442384_n 429466_10151551554188238_254003304_n 45545_524168280959076_1424879792_n 29598_604999682871675_1282790012_n 229426_354465761339603_77790347_n 164620_484846514920776_540133725_n 545250_507290526031666_1246734261_n 64237_443822049037320_1679357750_n 534200_489739611120091_1718662589_n 544784_524168414292396_1529816921_n 860005_4369971214182_1285345595_o 857661_4398390764653_1907919372_o 885493_4369969254133_1895902949_o 902084_4516164468922_1193695825_o 936942_547380268633578_686450227_n 943479_549382415100069_2076472155_n 954695_10152264075486542_207418438_n 970626_402662369846860_331004049_n 976044_4732147908373_1199919425_o 1004016_661337673880358_512766981_n 1005984_575121242526186_2091436963_n copy 1011369_10152342332266542_266554331_n 1016599_559297867442344_1837832412_n 1039982_4966003394614_1572787061_o 1048949_4911199224544_977244460_o 1120024_10200202660855955_2069282364_o 1230039_10152437161151542_1395272936_n 1233508_454401998006230_916252424_n 1234268_10152431224661542_148145009_n 1237409_10200409404224410_1923997021_o 1238270_423779561064605_352510547_n 1376510_10151862689177225_1046396084_n 1239427_559495634117475_1271098614_n 1239579_3345884542943_2013284291_n 1266006_514429645314528_974544091_o 1266116_10200346144002944_223913421_o 1271086_10200381106836993_137684656_o 1368680_421157947990512_727088664_n 1374243_680000125345668_646857280_n 1375296_578883585482808_370267645_n 1375311_563161953750843_1348863839_n 1377342_563162053750833_1473544551_n 1379416_10151865042222421_646971299_n 1380374_597289040317416_1141037713_n 1381708_721144617899860_547866161_n 1381839_680000112012336_260015399_n


4 Responses

  1. Decadent and degenerate Muslims, Arabs and Christians are responsible for the long suffering of the Palestinian people. The miracle is their survival despite all the efforts of the Satanic imperialist and colonialist forces.
    This always happen when leaders are misleaders and when they do not govern for the common good and according to God’s Law and Guidance.



  2. […] Don’t you wish, sometimes, to be a Palestinian! […]


  3. Amazing pictures capturing the resisliance and defiance of a people who are being murdered, jailed and mistreated everyday. They are losing their homes, losing their lives, losiing their loved one’s and hope is so hard to maintain, but these amazing beautiful Palestinians inspire me.


  4. Brilliant, Nahida. Absolutely brilliant. All we do is not enough. Yet.


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