Cinderella Palestine

Mama, habibti mama

When you hold me in your arms

Don’t you cry

Hold your tears,  show me your smile

Where I am now, there are no bombs

No bullets shooting, no guns

No more fear and no more pain

All quiet and serene


Mama, habibti mama

When you search where my room once was

If you find my Eid dress

Never to be worn, for I am gone


Don’t be sad, for I am really fine

When you kiss my favourite pink shoes

Don’t cry, the stains on them

My shoes in heaven are rainbow and clean

I can put them on all by myself, now

Then I jump, I float and fly




Mama, habibti mama

If you find baba, when dust and smoke settles down

Tell him not to cry

Hold his hand and say: “your daughter is fine”

Her translucent wings are made of stars

Her dress has no blood stains, no more

Silk with sparkles, her favourite colours, pink, lilac and azure


Mama, habibti mama

When someone gives you my baby brother’s shoes

Don’t let your tears run down

In Heaven he runs, joyous, all smiles

No more fear and no more pain

All quiet and serene

He holds my hand as we hover around

The Throne of the Most Loving Most Kind


4 Responses

  1. Nahida, Cinderella Palestine touches my heart and soul. Each time I read it along with the pictures, I am brought to tears for I feel the pain and heartache of many parents in Palestine who have lost their children by the murderous and racist Jewish Zionist Regime in Israel. I pray to God that He rids Palestine and the rest of this Gentile Earth of these Seeds of Satan that bring about death and destruction in our lives. Long Live Palestine! Long Live GAZA. My thoughts and prayers are with my fellow human beings in GAZA and the rest of Palestine. I am proud of your courage and resistance, God Bless All of You.


    • MaryGrace, my dear sister, thank you for your heartwarming comment. Just like you, I still cry when I read this poem, as I was crying when I wrote it the first time.

      If it wasn’t for our faith and love of God, we would’ve all gone insane


      • Nadiha, my dear sister, you are welcome. You have been blessed by God with the gift of writing these powerful and beautiful poems. Your poems are instruments of peace, love, and for awakening the rest of God’s children in this Gentile Earth to the truth about the struggle of your fellow Palestininians in Palestine which is now almost 70 years. Your poem called In Palestine Something Miraculous Happens is very powerful as it will help to open the hearts and minds of our fellow human beings who are still indifferent to the sufferings of their fellow brothers and sisters in Palestine, the rest of the Middle East, and Africa and the entire world where Zionist Jews bring about death and destruction.

        Palestininians in Palestine, especially in Gaza are constantly in my thoughts and prayers. I have cried many times these past few weeks because I know Palestininians in Gaza, West Bank, and the rest of Palestine are in great danger from the current Israeli regime’s relentless genocidal acts against all of Gaza. I am a mother of two little boys so I feel the pain and heartache of those mothers, fathers, and young adults, and children in Gaza. What I noticed in the live coverage I have seen from Press TV is the courage, resiliency, and determination of Palestininians in ending the occupation and blockade of Gaza by the rogue and racist Israeli regime. My brothers and sisters in Palestine are constantly in my thoughts and I pray to God to give them more strength and courage.

        I called two politicians in US Congress and Senate who are suppose to represent me and the American people here in Southern California but they have consistently shown they do not. Nevertheless, I called but I was only able to speak to their staff aids. I did leave a message about my strong opposition to US govt’s complicity in Israel’s war crimes against Gazans and I protested the USA’s ongoing funding for the weapons of mass destruction that the rogue and racist Israeli Force have been using against the innocent Palestininian men, women, and children and against all its enemies in the Middle East and Africa. I will continue to spread the truth about our common oppressors and I will continue pray to God to help Palestinians in Palestine and the rest of my fellow Gentile brothers and sisters worldwide with our plight against the entire Jewish Zionists of the Synagogue of Satan.

        God Bless You my dear sister Nahida.


  2. Nahida,’s been a long time since I’ve been brought to tears. The mentally and spiritually diseased, warmongering regimes in Israel & Washington will answer for their day. Believe that many of the propagandized are waking from their brainwashed stupor! I for one stand with Palestine! Stay strong sister


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