Mike Explodes With Callers Defending Israel






4 Responses

  1. Those “Defending Israel” and the Troops that say”I defend your Freedoms” are the worst to discuss stuff with.


  2. […] Posted on September 1, 2014 by Nahida Exiled Palestinian […]


  3. […]   […]


  4. I understand his; Mikes, frustration but the Jews of Israel do believe that the land is theirs and given to them by God. Mike said about some fairy tale God in the heaven standing by them. Mike first God is not a fairy tale God. He is God and He is alive and well and His angels are writing things down in books that we do and say daily. But one must read the whole Bible to understand what is going on and Palestine should have that land. I believe that when Jesus rules this earth that everything is going to be fair and just, but as long as Satan rules the world there is going to be deception and destruction. Abraham father of many Nations and his SEED of many people whom believe in God and
    His Son and do what God states are the chosen people. It is not I repeat NOT the lying, Jew Zionist in the Nation Israel that is Gods chosen .Jesus said the scribes and Pharisees of religion of His day on earth were of their father the devil. That He came among His own and His own knew Him not and they crucified Jesus and they did put a curse upon them when they said Let His blood be upon us and our children. They lie about so much and they control USA and that is why USA is going down the tubes for every country they have entered into they destroyed it or came close to destroying it until they were kicked out. They do not call them wandering Jews for nothing people. Wake up.


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