You start connecting the dots

A definite pattern emerges

WOW shocking TRUTH


The most dangerous “allies”

Those who try to prevent you

From connecting the dots

Be cautious, be alert

Series of crimes

You scratch the surface

Same culprit every time

Every time

Every time

You talk in codes

No mention of names

Only the guilty objects

Accusing you of “hate”


Kissed By Heaven

​Heaven descends

Caresses your cheeks

Poses a kiss

On your weary brow

​You smile

Life blooms

Picture 358aaas



With a tight embrace

and few tears

Heaven holds your heart

Washes your feet

You smile

Life blooms

IMG_7220 copy

I Miss You

What! Spring still visits you, my sweetheart, despite all that pain?

Does he still yearn to give your wounded cheeks a kiss?

Does he still caress your velvet plaits with scent of roses and jasmine?

Do daffodils still bloom in your meadows, in spite of death-makers?

O, do poppies still grows yearning to touch the feet of your beloved,

Enchanted, as prophets adoration of Heaven?

This is My Palestine

I miss you sweetheart, I miss your embrace

Take me to you, embrace me, never let go

Shatter me under the beats of your heart,  let me divvy with your breath

Fade away   dissolve into nothingness


Death by Music

To have a roof above your head,  dance to their tune 

To feed your family, dance to their tune

To find a job, dance to their tune 

To keep your job, dance to their tune

To get medicated, dance to their tune

To travel abroad, dance to their tune

To polish reputation, dance to their tune

To get good references, dance to their tune

To avoid prison, dance to their tune

To breath, dance to their tune

To stay alive, dance to their tune 

Yes, rejoice and keep dancing

What is left of you?

A lifeless, miserable corpse, emaciated

A sac of skin, filled with doom and gloom

Rattling bones, dancing to their tune

00 nose1 copy

jewish racism7

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 11.54.22

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 23.38.25

Eternal Love Story


Once upon a velvet night … A Jerusalemite night

The moon approached the moon

Two moons embraced

Like, true lovers, they gazed and exchanged tenderness


The moon whispered to his beloved’s ear

Sweetheart, let me dry your tears

Your tears shook the Throne of the Most Sublime

Your dignified sighs shattered the cosmos


Yesterday, my beloved

Epoch told us a story

About a Universe

Who fell in love with a moon

A never ending love story

Between Eternal and mortal, Infinite and finite


Heaven and Earth entwined

Planets bowed down, and stars prostrated in awe

Between a rock and Paradise

A rope of light unfurled


Here, galaxies kissed earth

Here, prophets prayed in adoration

Here, an oath… Here, a promise

Here, joy, bliss and delight


Here, souls of martyrs flew above

Buoyant, to drumbeats below

Here, the chanting of angels

Following footsteps of the messenger


Here, the sound of truth is loud and powerful

Here, falsehood is defeated

Here, darkness of oppression does not stand a  chance

Here, hearts are consoled, wounds are healed

01 2

A Refugee

mama baby2

I too, was once a refugee

Shipped away in a truck

Wearing two dresses and jumper

In the heat of summer June


Fearing for her children,

Mama, ran away with four daughters

The oldest was seven and new born baby boy

Thousands upon thousands, fleeing for safety


Unlike many, I survived the bombing

Unlike many, didn’t drown at sea

Day after day, I waited to go home

Listening to the news, ever since

Hoping to hear “Palestinians, time to return”


A refugee in Libya, stranger in a strange land

Teacher asked, “where are you from?”

Full of pain, guilt and shame

I couldn’t pronounce the name


Lips sealed, and mouth dried out

I trembled and cried, sobbed out loud

Palestine, Palestine, Palestine

Raged in my anguished brain

Palestine Pictures 406

Living on donation and UN aid

Flour and oil and sardine cans

Used clothes and shoes with holes

Too much to bear, for self-respecting souls


Children too, weep loss of dignity

Rob of homeland and rape of identity

Children too ache of humiliation

Of having no place to call home





What a viscous “antisemitic” Palestinian apple, trying to bite the poor innocent knife and crunch its bones to pieces

Save the knife from being “ethnically cleansed”


Nahida Izzat's photo.
 *  *   *


Zionism is Jewish Nationalism

“israel” is the Jewish state

“israel” is committing Ethnic Cleansing, Genocide, War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity


All the above has absolutely nothing to do with Jews, Jewish people, Jewishness or Judaism

OK ?


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Of Love and Hate


Love and hate are matters of the heart

Cannot be enforced by law

Or threats of war

Nahida Al Mughtareba's photo.

A simple fact

Those without insight

Fail to comprehend

""Hey, all you antisemites out there, I demand you love ME or else""

You cannot “demand” love at gun point

Lawsuits, might win you a case

But never once, a genuine smile


Premium bank accounts guarded by guns

Might surround you by bowing hypocrites

Respect however, you could never buy


Love and respect are earned

By kindness, humbleness

Compassion, honesty and fairness

Your humanity and overall character

Or denied, by lack thereof

Love and hate are matters of the heart

Nahida Al Mughtareba's photo.

NOT a Sell Out

This heart, where sorrow dwells

Refuses to surrender

Madly in pain

Stubborn and defiant

Snatches a moment of joy

To fly above the masses of agony

His outcry… NO

I am NOT a sell out




أنا لا أساوم

ويأبى القلب الذي استوطنته الأحزان  أن يستسلم

يتألم  بجنون لكنه عنيد  ويكابر

يقتنص  من الفرح لحظة

يطير بها فوق جموع أوجاعه

صارخاً لا . . . أنا لا أساوم


Is Torah “Antisemitic” ?



if you do not obey the Lord, your God,

to observe to fulfill all His commandments

and statutes which I am commanding you this day,

that all these curses will come upon you and overtake you:


* * * * *

You shall be cursed in the city, and you shall be cursed in the field

Cursed will be your [food] basket and your kneading bowl

* * * * *

Cursed will be the fruit of your womb,

the fruit of your soil, the fruit of your livestock,

those born from your cattle and the flock of your sheep

* * * * *

You shall be cursed when you come,

and you shall be cursed when you depart

* * * * *


The Lord will send the curse of shortages, confusion, and turmoil upon you,

in every one of your endeavors which you undertake,

until it destroys you and until you quickly vanish,

because of your evil deeds in forsaking Me

* * * * *

The Lord will make pestilence cleave to you,

until it has exterminated you from upon the land,

to which you are coming, to possess it

The Lord will strike you with consumption,

fever, illnesses with burning fevers,

a disease which causes unquenchable thirst,

with the sword, with blast,

and with yellowing,

and they will pursue you until you perish

* * * * *

10325219_746821238689318_2813415023179534538_n copy

And your skies above you will be [like] copper,

and the earth below you [like] iron

* * * * *

The Lord will turn the rain of your land into powder and dust,

raining down upon you from the heavens until you are destroyed

* * * * *

The Lord will cause you to be broken before your enemy:

you will come out against them in one direction,

but you will flee from them in seven directions.

And you will become a terrifying [example] to all the kingdoms on earth

* * * * *


Your corpse will be food for all birds

of the heaven and for the beasts of the earth,

and no one will frighten them [away]

* * * * *

The Lord will strike you with the boils of Egypt,

with hemorrhoids, with oozing sores,

and with dry lesions, from which you will be unable to be cured

* * * * *

The Lord will strike you with insanity,

with blindness, and with bewilderment

* * * * *


You will grope at midday,

as the blind man gropes in the dark,

and you will be unsuccessful in your ways.

You will be only oppressed and robbed all the days,

and no one will save [you]

* * * * *

You will betroth a woman, but another man will lie with her.

You will build a house, but you will not live in it.

You will plant a vineyard, but you will not redeem it[s fruits]

* * * * *

Your ox will be slaughtered before your eyes,

but you will not eat from it.

Your donkey will be snatched right in front of you,

and it will not return to you.

Your flock will be given over to your enemies,

and you will have no savior

* * * * *


Your sons and daughters will be given over to another people,

and your eyes will see [this] and long for them all day long,

but you will be powerless

* * * * *

A people unknown to you will eat up the fruit of your soil

and [the result of] all your toil.

You will be only wronged and crushed all the days

* * * * *

You will go insane from the vision before your eyes that you will behold

* * * * *


The Lord will strike you on the knees and on the legs

with a terrible skin eruption from which you will be unable to be cured;

[it will eventually cover you] from the sole of your foot to the top of your head

* * * * *

The Lord will lead you and your king whom you will have established over you,

to a nation unknown to you or your fathers;

and there, you will serve other deities [made] of wood and stone

* * * * *

And you will become an [object of] astonishment,

an example, and a topic of discussion,

among all the peoples to whom the Lord will lead you

* * * * *


You will take much seed out to the field,

yet you will gather in little,

for the locusts will finish it

* * * * *

You will plant vineyards and work [them],

but you will neither drink of [their] wine, or gather [the grapes],

because the worms will devour them

* * * * *

You will have olive trees throughout all your boundaries,

but you will not anoint with [their] oil,

because your olive trees will drop off

* * * * *


You will bear sons and daughters,

but you will not have them,

because they will go into captivity

* * * * *

All your trees and all the fruit of your soil the cicada will make destitute

* * * * *

The stranger who is among you will arise above you,

higher and higher,

while you will descend lower and lower

* * * * *


He will lend to you,

but you will not lend to him.

He will be at the head,

while you will be at the tail

* * * * *

All these curses will befall you,

pursuing you and overtaking you to destroy you

because you did not obey the Lord, your God,

to observe His commandments

and statutes which He commanded you

* * * * *

And they will be as a sign and a wonder,

upon you and your offspring, forever

* * * * *

because you did not serve the Lord, your God,

with happiness and with gladness of heart,

when [you had an] abundance of everything

* * * * *

Therefore, you will serve your enemies,

whom the Lord will send against you,

[when you are] in famine, thirst,

destitution, and lacking everything,

and he will place an iron yoke upon your neck,

until he has destroyed you

* * * * *


The Lord will bring upon you a nation from afar,

from the end of the earth,

as the eagle swoops down,

a nation whose language you will not understand

* * * * *

a brazen nation,

which will not respect the elderly,

nor show favor to the young

* * * * *

They will devour the fruit of your livestock and the fruit of your soil,

to destroy you.

They will not leave over anything for you of the grain,

wine, oil, offspring of your cattle or flocks of your sheep,

until they annihilate you

* * * * *


And they will besiege you in all your cities,

until your high and fortified walls in which you trust come down,

throughout all your land.

And they will besiege you in all your cities

throughout all your land, which the Lord, your God, has given you

* * * * *

And during the siege and the desperation

which your enemies will bring upon you,

you will eat the fruit of your womb,

the flesh of your sons and daughters,

whom the Lord, your God, gave you

* * * * *

The most tender and delicate man among you,

will begrudge his own brother

and the wife of his embrace and the rest of his children,

whom he will leave over

* * * * *

of giving any one of them of the flesh of his children that he is eating,

because not a thing will remain for him in the siege

and in the desperation which your enemies will bring upon you,

in all your cities

* * * * *


The most tender and delicate woman among you,

who would not venture to set her foot upon the ground,

because of delicateness and tenderness,

will begrudge the husband of her embrace

and her own son and daughter

* * * * *

and the infants who emerge from between her legs,

and her own children whom she will bear,

for she will eat them in secret,

in destitution, in the siege and the desperation

which your enemies will inflict upon you, in your cities

* * * * *


If you do not observe to fulfill all the words of this Torah,

which are written in this scroll,

to fear this glorious and awesome name, the Lord, your God

* * * * *

Then the Lord [will bring upon] you

and your offspring uniquely [horrible] plagues,

terrible and unyielding plagues,

and evil and unyielding sicknesses

* * * * *

And He will bring back upon you all the diseases of Egypt

which you dreaded,

and they will cling to you

* * * * *

Also, the Lord will bring upon you

every disease and plague

which is not written in this Torah scroll,

to destroy you

* * * * *


And you will remain few in number,

whereas you were once as numerous as the stars of the heavens

because you did not obey the Lord, your God

* * * * *

And it will be, just as the Lord rejoiced over you to do good for you and to increase you,

so will the Lord cause to rejoice over you

to annihilate you and to destroy you.

And you will be uprooted from the land

which you enter therein, to possess it

* * * * *

And the Lord will scatter you among all the nations,

from one end of the earth to the other,

and there you will serve other deities

unknown to you or your forefathers, [deities of] wood and stone

* * * * *


And among those nations,

you will not be calm,

nor will your foot find rest.

There, the Lord will give you a trembling heart,

dashed hopes, and a depressed soul

* * * * *

And your life will hang in suspense before you.

You will be in fear night and day,

and you will not believe in your life

* * * * *

In the morning, you will say,

“If only it were evening! ”

and in the evening, you will say,

“If only it were morning!”

because of the fear in your heart

which you will experience

and because of the sights that you will behold

* * * * *


And the Lord will bring you back to Egypt in ships,

through the way about which I had said to you,

You will never see it again.

And there, you will seek to be sold to your enemies

for slaves and handmaids,

but there will be no buyer

* * * * *


These are the words of the covenant,

which the Lord commanded Moses

to make with the children of Israel

in the land of Moab,

besides the covenant

which he made with them in Horeb

Devarim- Deuteronomy- Chapter 28 ; 15-69


* * * * * * * * * * *
“I will surely gather all of you, Jacob;

I will surely bring together the remnant of Israel.

I will bring them together like sheep in a pen,

like a flock in its pasture;

the place will throng with people

Micah 2: 12


Then I said,

“Listen, you leaders of Jacob,

    you rulers of Israel.

Should you not embrace justice,


    you who hate good and love evil;

who tear the skin from my people

    and the flesh from their bones;


who eat my people’s flesh,

    strip off their skin

and break their bones in pieces;

who chop them up like meat for the pan,

    like flesh for the pot?”


Then they will cry out to the Lord,

but he will not answer them.

At that time he will hide his face from them

    because of the evil they have done.

This is what the Lord says:


“As for the prophets

who lead my people astray,

they proclaim ‘peace’

if they have something to eat,

but prepare to wage war against anyone

    who refuses to feed them.


Therefore night will come over you, without visions,

    and darkness, without divination.

The sun will set for the prophets,

 and the day will go dark for them.

The seers will be ashamed

  and the diviners disgraced.

They will all cover their faces

because there is no answer from God.”

But as for me, I am filled with power,

    with the Spirit of the Lord,

   and with justice and might,

to declare to Jacob his transgression,

    to Israel his sin.

Hear this, you leaders of Jacob,

you rulers of Israel,

who despise justice

and distort all that is right;

harper chabad

10 who build Zion with bloodshed,

and Jerusalem with wickedness.


11 Her leaders judge for a bribe,

    her priests teach for a price,

and her prophets tell fortunes for money.

Yet they look for the Lord’s support and say,

    “Is not the Lord among us?

No disaster will come upon us.”

12 Therefore because of you,

Zion will be plowed like a field,

Jerusalem will become a heap of rubble,

the temple hill a mound overgrown with thickets

Micah 3


I Dream of a World, With No Colour Red


I would love to wake up one morning

Not thinking of children sobbing or dying


When I lay my head down at night

Not to see babies maimed or crying


At the break of dawn, as the sun begins to shine

I would love to hear the giggling of my heart and the prayer of my soul

Without suffocating with the smoke of war


When I look up at evening sky glittered with stars

To be carried far, where only angels dwell and fairies fly

Not chased by “humans” with glacial stares


When I gaze at my baby laughing

To rejoice at the twinkle in his eyes

Not tormented, for the millions of long lost smiles

10505378_10152685318349258_1947154731205303788_n copy

When I hold my daughter in my arms

To sway with tender love serene

Not to tremble at the shrieking echos of  fathers screams


When I close my eyes to sleep

To bathe in rainbow with no colour red

No colour red… No colour red


I dream of a world, with no colour red

No colour red… No colour red

No more wounds… No more tears… No more blood


Karma is a Law


When slime is cornered

It changes shape

In order to escape

L & M swap places

Slime becomes a Smile


Road maps are drawn

Peace talks are back

Fake entities are born

Barack Obama has awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Criminal Israeli President Shimon Peres


As if a feint smile could deliver redemption !

Avoid justice

Or bypass prosecution


As if a feint smile would allow them

 To kill the shepherd and keep the loot!

Deluded ! !


Karma is swift and sweet

Not fooled by kapparot

Or crocodile tears



A voice of truth echoes in the wilderness

Singing all alone


Screen Shot 2014-12-10 at 01.51.04

Alive !

O my O my !

Didn’t I bomb your village to smithereens?

Didn’t I crush your bones last July ?

Didn’t I blow your head up to pieces?

Didn’t I shoot you in the eye?

What are you doing here?

Why are you still alive?

Just tell me why?

* * *

Yes, indeed

You did kill us all


We… forgot… to… die

brave2 0 1 - Copy 01q 00001aa 2 - Copy 4 - Copy 9 15 16 - Copy 610xulw - Copy 18190_467244339984804_779336497_n 20483_10151878281578854_519749057_n 21677_313611545418610_1245555600_n 24765_345085476306_306817171306_4015728_2572260_n 24765_345087606306_306817171306_4015762_514130_n 24946_384739231541_6737070_n 33530_412760156306_306817171306_5076225_235431_n 34747_409466676306_306817171306_4978545_2446919_n 34799_460644166306_306817171306_6000717_7821714_n 40379_419818986306_306817171306_5266446_3723629_n 40342_415871111306_306817171306_5160450_7397653_n 45150_114140778639745_108514095869080_87191_1290283_n 58367_365646736860793_1521501292_n 164623_483860264985579_58388841_n copy 167382_167636236614132_123703501007406_363887_7537648_n 180193_178625488848540_123703501007406_427088_3936732_n 190310_4773233410179_463891424_n 205111_189272994450456_123703501007406_496138_6142116_n 215805_195876420456780_123703501007406_548377_926164_n 205731_552072234803085_1660859213_n 224140_195764460467976_123703501007406_547503_2611609_n 246645_1879160532631_1049816547_31806190_2525744_n 248620_136036746555415_974266700_n 248977_201079046603184_123703501007406_584497_4541887_n 318865_220527071411526_276242387_n 377277_491821734163008_376397583_n 383552_375984025813138_1347584497_n 387098_341063269340104_851867144_n 524226_305603086173399_874893897_n 531126_302868929826205_1681819421_n 550412_511741572170641_1596264860_n 557585_302875539825544_45438891_n 10440935_653041044793743_742641353843437388_n 1101000728-1 Amal, 11 years old. clip_image002 image003

Daughters of Palestine Roar for Freedom

This is the authentic beautiful, truthful, roaring voice of Palestine, throughout Her young poetesses 

NOT the sellouts who are campaigning only to “live side by side” with their rapists

NOT those who are desperate to absolve the usurpers of Palestine from their crimes,

NOT those who are tirelessly working to enable the robbers to keep the loot legally, thus finalising the Zionist project.

This daughter of Palestine puts to shame, all the self-appointed “leaders” who pretend to be our representatives and claim to speak on our behalf

This lioness, this beautiful daughter of Palestine delivers her roaring speech in classical Arabic, like shooting bullets

Her name is Shahd, Listen to the ten years old, roaring 

(her name means Honey)

Translation (by Nahida Exiled)

My feelings echo the feelings of every Palestinian child,

Every Palestinian girl and boy

I am feeling VICTORY and JOY, all simultaneously mixed

Today, today we speak of words, our lips have yearned long to utter,

Words of VICTORY;

Victory in Gaza…

Gaza is victorious

Today in Gaza, tomorrow in Jerusalem,

The day after tomorrow in all of Palestine

We will liberate all of Palestine,

from Ra’ss Ennaqoureh to Um elrashrash

We will Liberate All of Palestine

We say to them (our occupiers)

You are the ones hiding in shelters

We are the strong ones

We, the children

You are the ones who widowed our women,

Orphaned our children and killed our elderly

Despite all of that, we stand in dignity

We will continue to resist the your occupation

We will resist

You are nothing but a nation of occupation, of oppression

You have not a shred of compassion

You kill women and children and accuse them shooting rockets

Avichay Adraee , women and children shooting rockets?

You are a liar, you and your entire army are liars and oppressors

Without one shred of mercy

You are transgressors, ruthless and corrupt

I swear, I swear, I swear, we will liberate Palestine,

I swear we will pray prayers of gratitude,

But in Al-Aqsa mosque in Jerusalem, God willing

We will liberate the entire land of Palestine

 We will kick you out of our land

We will stand above the last damn Zionist corpse of you,

Here in Gaza, with our dignified feet, insha’Allah”

#شـاهد ,, ماذا قالت طفلة من غزة لأفيخاي أدرعي !!
و كيف احتفلت غزة #بأطفالها و #شبابها و #قيادتها بالانتصار الجديد

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Her name is Jana: “Go from my land, you are TERRORISTS” 




Her name is Nagham (Tune)


Listen to Nagham reading her own poems


Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 23.22.38

Two awe-inspiring poems by child poet Nagham Sami El-Yaziji

(her names means Tune)

Translation (by Nahida Exiled)

Peace be with you, mercy and blessings
I am poet Nagham Sami El-Yazji
From Gaza,
But my native city is Yaffa
God willing, we will return to Yaffa

* * *

First poem (recited in Palestinian dialect)

I am eight

EIGHT years of bombing and destruction,

Fear and dispossession

I survived three wars

THREE wars

Each is more horrific than the previous

* * *

Is there a little girl, in this entire universe

who ever lived three wars, in such a brief age?

I was asleep, in the arms of mama and baba

Safe, tranquil and serene

Suddenly, they bombed our home

Our home is destroyed

My family were martyred

Mama died

Baba died

* * *
At night, who will embrace me when I hear the bombing?

Who will buy me Ramadan’s lantern?

Who will buy me Eid clothes?

* * *
I don’t want anything from you

I don’t want food, clothes or toys

All I want is safety, tranquility and peace

I want my family

I want my home, my beautiful memories

I want to sleep in serenity, wake up in serenity and play free

O world


Is that too much to ask?

Is that too much for me, a Palestinian child, to ask?


Nagham reads her second poem in Classical arabic

I am Naghamu

I am a child

The nectar of my dreams infuses my lungs with life

Love runs in my veins

I embroider my tears in my heart

To wear, a dress of sorrow

Swathing me with light of dawn

I am a child

I am Naghamu

* * *
People say, my name is a tune

People say, I am a song, soft and delightful

They didn’t know that phosphorus bombs have ignited our calm nights

They didn’t know that the bombing has created my first revolution

The revolution of my exiled father

The revolution of my childless grandmother

The revolution of our budding childhood

The revolution of our traumatised home

The revolution of our usurped neighbourhood

The revolution of our parched blood

* * *
What is my name?

What is the meaning of my name?

The relevance of my name?

When a nightmare is crushing my lungs

Without food, without a home, without a name

Without hope, without love, without a dream

* * *

What is my sin?

What is my sin? answer me

I, what did I… do?

What did I do?

* * *
Did I commit a crime for loving this universe, O mama?

Is my crime that I fell in love with this universe for a moment, mama?

I don’t adore it any more

How can I adore it without mama, without Muna, without Huda, without Rami?
I am Naghamu


I remember, Lema and Nour


Her name is Lema, listen to her whispers roaring



A letter to Arabs

This poem was read by Nourul-Islam abu Huwaishel just 45 minutes before he was killed by the Jewish state:

A letter to Arabs

In Gaza, we are alright
Comfort us with good news about you
In war, we are alright
How about you?

Our martyrs are under rubble
Our children are living in tents
Asking about you, where are you?
In Gaza, we are alright
Comfort us with good news about you

The Sea is behind us, but we still resist
Our enemy is in front of us, but we still resist

We’ve got enough weapons, food, and promises of peace
We thank you for your “support”

Our souls, our wounds, our skies, our homes, our faces, our blood, our eyes, our coffins;
Protect us from your promises and your words

In Gaza, we are alright
Comfort us with good news about you




Her name is Tune

Listen to Nagham reading her poems


Screen Shot 2014-09-17 at 23.22.38

Two awe-inspiring poems by child poet Nagham Sami El-Yaziji
(her names means Tune)

Translation (by Nahida Exiled)

Peace be with you, mercy and blessings
I am poet Nagham Sami El-Yazji
From Gaza,
But my native city is Yaffa
God willing, we will return to Yaffa

* * *

First poem (recited in Palestinian dialect)

I am eight

EIGHT years of bombing and destruction,

Fear and dispossession

I survived three wars

THREE wars

Each is more horrific than the previous

* * *

Is there a little girl, in this entire universe

who ever lived three wars, in such a brief age?

I was asleep, in the arms of mama and baba

Safe, tranquil and serene

Suddenly, they bombed our home

Our home is destroyed

My family were martyred

Mama died

Baba died

* * *
At night, who will embrace me when I hear the bombing?

Who will buy me Ramadan’s lantern?

Who will buy me Eid clothes?

* * *
I don’t want anything from you

I don’t want food, clothes or toys

All I want is safety, tranquility and peace

I want my family

I want my home, my beautiful memories

I want to sleep in serenity, wake up in serenity and play free

O world


Is that too much to ask?

Is that too much for me, a Palestinian child, to ask?


Nagham reads her second poem in Classical arabic

I am Naghamu

I am a child

The nectar of my dreams infuses my lungs with life

Love runs in my veins

I embroider my tears in my heart

A dress of sorrow

Swathing me with light of dawn

I am a child

I am Naghamu

* * *
People say, my name is a tune

People say, I am a song, soft and delightful

They didn’t know that phosphorus bombs have ignited our calm nights

They didn’t know that the bombing has created my first revolution

The revolution of my exiled father

The revolution of my childless grandmother

The revolution of our budding childhood

The revolution of our traumatised home

The revolution of our usurped neighbourhood

The revolution of our parched blood

* * *
What is my name?

What is the meaning of my name?

The relevance of my name?

When a nightmare is crushing my lungs

Without food, without a home, without a name

Without hope, without love, without a dream

* * *

What is my sin?

What is my sin? answer me

I, what did I… do?

What did I do?

* * *
Did I commit a crime for loving this universe, O mama?

Is my crime that I fell in love with this universe for a moment, mama?

I don’t adore it any more

How can I adore it without mama, without Muna, without Huda, without Rami?
I am Naghamu

Perpetual Nakba

In 1948 WAR, my grandmother was a young mother,

My mother was a child in 1948

* * *

In 1967 WAR my mother was a young mother,

I was a child in 1967

* * *

In 1987 WAR, I was a young mother,

My daughter was a child in 1987

* * *

In 2014 WAR, my daughter is a young mother

My granddaughter is a child in 2014

* * *


FIVE generation girls/ women/ mothers/ grandmothers

Have lived the Nakba

Repeated over and over and over again

Copy of Picture 375aa - Copy

Enemies of Life

In Devil’s temple, they chose to pray


On corpses of babies they preyed inside



A pothole of Hell called “Israel”


Ogres of Zion crawled, side by side



Nightmare creeps of doom and gloom


Squirmed upon the Holy Land



Demons buzz above the ground


Raining death, drab, cold and blind



Gushing throe, crushing below


Leaving oceans waste behind


10550891_10152604047467970_3410432207334025455_n10407529_760821453976006_7243915636748850316_n 10659411_760821490642669_2583870582282025831_n

One stinky breath of Satan-yahu


Ghostly spell, all life denied



Hold on, you creeps, not so fast


Your karma awaits: “meet me outside”



My Beloved Little Ones


Children of the stones


Children of Palestine


Beacons of Dignity


Lanterns of Hope



Freedom-lovers, Life-Givers


Before you courage, I stand in awe


At your wounds, I lower my gaze in shame



In altruism, you are the masters


For Humanity…  The Inspiration



Before the beauty of your scarred faces



I bow my head down

Kiss your feet

In utmost love and adoration


10534589_710226635711699_4700715003206214057_n 2

I remember, Lema and Nour





“My name is Lema, I am eight”

“My sister is Nour, she is five, her name means Light”

“I took her out to buy some sweets”

“They bombed us, alhamdulillah”

“I was injured with shrapnel, alhamdulillah”

“My sister is a martyr, alhamdulillah”

“My sister is a bird in Heaven, alhamdulillah”

“We want to live in dignity, like all people, alhamdulillah”

“We are not afraid of Jews, alhamdulillah”

“We are patient, alhamdulillah”

“I am from gaza, alhamdulillah”

“I support the Resistance, I love the Resistance, alhamdulillah”

* * *

Lema… Your few words shuttered my being

The flood of your silence uprooted me

The calmness of your screams  tormented my heart

The twinkle in your eyes, despite your wounds, haunted me

* * *

Lema, a singing of a Canary…soft and warm

Lema, a Psalm of David… A heart pure and serene

* * *

Stars in the highest are lost in bewilderment, listening to the echo of your pain

Sky kneeled down, sobbing and trembling in the presence of your mighty patience

Words diminished and fell short of meanings, in front of your sublime poetry

* * *

Lema, sweetheart

Lema, a face of an angel from paradise

Lema, an exquisite rose, worthy of awe and appreciation

Allow me to lay my head beneath the shadow of your pain

Kiss the ground, blessed and honoured, with the touch of your toes

* * *

Lema, sweetheart, don’t you worry

Your beloved is now free

She was Nour . . . Now she is Light

Glowing in the heart of a green bird

His nest, a lantern of light

* * *

Nour is now in ecstasy, floating

Around the Throne of the Most Compassionate, Most Kind

Chanting, hymns of gratefulness

Scattering prayers, scented flowers

Painting smiles of love and yearning, at the gates of Heaven

For those beloved and adored



لمى ونور


” اسمي لمى وعمري ثمانية… واختي نورخمسة  ”

“اخذتها للدكان أشتري لها”

“قصفونا . . . الحمد لله”

“اصابتني شظايا . . . الحمد لله”

“اختي  شهيدة . . . الحمد لله”

“اختي عصفورة في الجنة . . . الحمد لله”

“نريد حياة كريمة زي كل الناس . . . الحمد لله”

“أنا من غزة . . . الحمد لله”

“أنا مع المقاومة . . .  أنا بحب المقاومة . . . الحمد لله”

* * *

لمى هزتني كليماتك

اجتثني من الاعماق  سيول الصمت بآهاتك

وروع قلبي المكلوم سكوناً  لف صرخاتك

ولوعني ذاك البريق في عينيك رغماً عن جراحاتك

* * *

لمى يا بلبلاً شادي… بصوت خافتٍ دافي

لمى مزمارُ داوودٍ… يا قلباً طاهراً صافي

تاهت نجوم الليل في عليائها لرجع أنينك الخافي

 أطت سماء الكون وحق لها، بحضرة صبرك الكافي

قمؤت حروف الكلم عن معانيها لروعة شِعرك الوافي

* * *

لمى يا حبيبة

لمى يا وجه حورية من الجنة

لمى يا وردة جورية . . . لها المنَّة

دعيني أمرغ رأسي تحت ظلال أوجاعك

أبوس الترب الذي بورك . . . بلمسه طرف أقدامك

* * *

لمى يا حبيبة لا تجزعي

فحبيبتك الآن حرة

هي نور وقد صارت الآن نوراً

في جوف طيرأخضرٍ

عشه قنديل نور

* * *

ملائك ربك تقرئها السلام

تطأطئ الهامات إكباراً واجلالا

تفرش لها الأكوان  ياسمينا وورداً

* * *

نورتطوف الآن نشوى

حول عرش الرحمن

تُسَّبح دوماً تراتيل امتنان

تنثر الدعوات زهورعطر

وروح وريحان

ترسم البسمات أشواقاً وحباً

ولقاءً للأحبة بأعتاب الجنان


Baba Stop Sobbing


Baba habibi

Don’t hide your eyes in pain

Don’t bow your head down in sorrow

Lift it up, hold it high

look up, look up

You may see my grin and twinkly eyes


Baba, I kiss your heart, stop sobbing, don’t cry



If you could see me now

You would wipe your tears

and jump of joy

Now, I go to bed with no fear

No longer do I need to block my ears to sleep

No longer do I wet my bed at night


Up there, where I now reside

No F16 fly above

No drones, no gas, no smoke

No bombs fall from sky

Only the face of Most loving

Angels humming

Stars shimmering

and dancing butterflies


Cinderella Palestine

Mama, habibti mama

When you hold me in your arms

Don’t you cry

Hold your tears,  show me your smile

Where I am now, there are no bombs

No bullets shooting, no guns

No more fear and no more pain

All quiet and serene


Mama, habibti mama

When you search where my room once was

If you find my Eid dress

Never to be worn, for I am gone


Don’t be sad, for I am really fine

When you kiss my favourite pink shoes

Don’t cry, the stains on them

My shoes in heaven are rainbow and clean

I can put them on all by myself, now

Then I jump, I float and fly




Mama, habibti mama

If you find baba, when dust and smoke settles down

Tell him not to cry

Hold his hand and say: “your daughter is fine”

Her translucent wings are made of stars

Her dress has no blood stains, no more

Silk with sparkles, her favourite colours, pink, lilac and azure


Mama, habibti mama

When someone gives you my baby brother’s shoes

Don’t let your tears run down

In Heaven he runs, joyous, all smiles

No more fear and no more pain

All quiet and serene

He holds my hand as we hover around

The Throne of the Most Loving Most Kind


Woe unto thee, ye “Israel” !

Micah 2: 1-4

Woe to those who plan iniquity,

to those who PLOT EVIL on their beds!



At morning’s light they carry it out

because it is in their power to do it.



They covet fields and seize them,

and houses, and take them.

They defraud people of their homes,

they rob them of their inheritance.



Therefore, the Lord says:

“I am planning disaster against this people,

from which you cannot save yourselves.

You will no longer walk proudly,

for it will be a time of calamity.



In that day people will ridicule you;


they will taunt you with this mournful song:


‘We are utterly ruined;


You drive the women of my people


from their pleasant homes.


You take away my blessing


from their children forever.




Get up, go away!


For this is not your resting place,


because it is defiled,


it is ruined, beyond all remedy.




Micah 3

Listen, you leaders of Jacob,


you rulers of Israel.


Should you not embrace justice,


you who hate good and love evil;


who tear the skin from my people


and the flesh from their bones;




who eat my people’s flesh,


strip off their skin




and break their bones in pieces;


who chop them up like meat for the pan,


like flesh for the pot?”




Then they will cry out to the Lord,


but he will not answer them.


At that time he will hide his face from them


because of the evil they have done.


10325219_746821238689318_2813415023179534538_n copy


Hear this, you leaders of Jacob,


you rulers of Israel,


who despise justice


and distort all that is right;



who build Zion with bloodshed,


and Jerusalem with wickedness.



Her leaders judge for a bribe,


her priests teach for a price,


An Ultra-Orthodox Jewish man gestures as

and her prophets tell fortunes for money.


Yet they look for the Lord’s support and say,


“Is not the Lord among us?


No disaster will come upon us.”




Therefore because of you,


Zion will be plowed like a field,


Jerusalem will become a heap of rubble,


the temple hill a mound overgrown with thickets.





آه كم احبكم وكم اغبطكم يا اهل الرباط

وددت لو اقبل الارض تحت اقدامكم

وددت لو انثر مهجتي

عطراً وندى، على عتبات دياركم

هاكم قلبي، فلا املك سواه

يناجيكم على استحياء


10525731_10204227599353113_5434121572176025518_n 10547544_926812490665921_4318448413066886707_n

Do you hear my pain?

My rose

Where is your head I used to hold in my hands ?

Where is your rosy cheek to kiss goodbye ?

What did they do to your beautiful smile ?


What did they do to you?

O my pain, my pain


O World

Do you hear my pain?



Don’t leave me alone

“Baba and I are best friends

We often play and laugh till late

In his arms I felt like a king

Near his heart, I touched the moon”


But, once upon a freaky nightmare

Monsters in human form

Zipped out in a dark and eery night

Landed upon his Holy-Land


Ogres of death kidnapped his heart

Snatched it off and left a void

He holds on mama tight and weeps

Baba is gone, don’t leave me alone




You are welcome



You are welcome to have my land

Yes, you can have my land

When… you are able to hear

The weeping olive tree, when pulled down

With the sharp, yellow teeth of your ugly bulldozer




Yes, you can have my land


When… you are able to feel, the agonising pain


Of my hills and mountains… torn apart


When hit by your merciless missile





Yes, you can have my land


When… you are able to see


The blood of my poppies, when fallen to the ground


Crushed under the cold metallic chains of your tank




Yes, you can have my land


When… you are able to taste


The bitter salty flavour of slavery,

Felt by my villages and towns


When under curfew for days on end



notice the little Hero


Yes, you can have my land


When… you are able to smell


The burning yearning in my orchid’s wounded heart


To be united again with her much missed children





Yes, you can have my land


When… you are able to hear


The cries of howling wind, mourning her little ones


Who used to play, flying away their black and white


Red and green kites





Yes, you can have my land


When… you are able to feel


The tight shallow breathing of my home and garden


Suffocating by your nerve and tear gas





Yes, you can have my land


When… you are able to see


The tears of my clouds trickling down their cheeks


When punched by the fist of your apache helicopter





Yes, you can have my land


When… you are able to taste


The sweetness of dignity felt by a stone


When picked up by a little hand of a brave boy





Yes, you can have my land


When… you are able to smell


The perfume of my earth, taking a shower


Getting ready to embrace the body


Of her beloved child





Yes, you can have my land


When… you are able to touch and heal


The deep bleeding wounds of my sky


Stabbed by your f16





Yes, you can have my land


When… you are able to teach


Your heart how to love


Every drop of water, gushing from below


Or falling from above





Yes, you can have my land


When… you can gently hold


Every grain of sand


And tell her how sorry you are


For causing all the pain she’s gone through





Yes, you are welcome to have my land


When… you fall on your knees sobbing


When are able to hear, whispers of angels

Chanting of saints and prayers of prophets


Singing words of love and peace


For EVERY human soul, not just your own





Then… and ONLY then


You are welcome to have my land


But then, will you ever do it?



Na… I doubt it !


2222557405_23d64b5e51_z - Copy


Do you really want to help?

Because of occupation,

Palestinians are forced to live on donations,

for many generations



Have you ever felt your heart ablaze,

Fuming with rage and righteous anger

For a baby, with an unfinished smile,

Shot in the head at point blank




Did storms of fury ever roared inside,

For claims by a mob, of a God given right,

to lynch, rob, maim and shout:

“unto the nations we are the light”

Screen Shot 2013-11-30 at 20.50.02

Have you ever shed a tear, in sadness or despair

For a child, perished prematurely, of cold or hunger,

clutching mum’s hand, waiting for her dad


Are you truly in love with that mystic land?

Do you feel for her people,

Unwelcome by life, unwelcome by death

Hanging in between?

1263901_10200442123842380_1909571553_o copy

Can you hear them chanting, FREE FREE PALESTINE?

Passing the flag of dignity, from hand to hand

As they fall in droves, on enduring death march


If so,

Help it rid itself of demons,

Flesh eating ogres with guns and tanks


Be a spark of light, be an inspiration

Say no to occupation

Aim for nothing but FULL LIBERATION

No more slavery, no more donations


The impossible dream

Though I have not written this song, it resonates with my soul as if every word is mine

The impossible dream

by Jello Biafra

To dream the impossible dream
To fight the unbeatable foe
To bear with unbearable sorrow
To run where the brave dare not go
To right the unrightable wrong
To love pure and chaste from afar
To try when your arms are too weary
To reach the unreachable star

This is my quest
To follow that star
No matter how hopeless
No matter how far

To be willing to give
When there is no more to give
to be willing to die
So honour and justice may live

To fight for the right
Without question or pause
To be willing to march into Hell
For a heavenly cause

And I know if I’ll only be true
To this glorious quest
That my heart will lie peaceful and calm
When I’m laid to my rest

And the world will be better for this
That one man, scorned and covered with scars
Still strove with his last ounce of courage
To reach the unreachable star

No fear in my heart

Do this you lose,

Do that I win,

Losers !

You could imprison me!

With that you ONLY imprison my physical body

My joyful soul you cannot restrain

Out of your reach

Forever FREE

Floating in contentment, tranquillity and peace

Watching your despondent captive souls

Behind bars of your wickedness and lies

Walls of your guilt, fear and insecurity



You could kill me!

But my poetry is unassailable

The minds of many already impregnated with my words

As soon as you make me a martyr

Those seeds would be infused with life

Hubs of love

Like rays of sunshine… warm… tender… invigorating

Giving birth to a delightful dawn

Hubs of love

Like summer rain… pure… cleansing… revitalizing

Gushing through hearts and minds

Hubs of love

They’d bloom and multiply

Budding… hope, buoyant and sublime

Blossoming… verve and splendour

Just try

Picture 345


My prayer


My prayer is that








Will invent the ultimate weapon




The weapon that renders


ALL weapons

Dysfunctional and useless



Just a thought


Our quest for JUSTICE through our pursuit of TRUTH is what should keep our intentions pure and our actions noble.

Our passion for humanity, beauty, harmony and equality is what allows love to grow in our hearts unhindered.

Like the Holy Land that is Palestine, it shines with goodness through the pursuit of its people for spiritual truth and by existing in harmony with nature and the pace of nature.

What makes it Holy and so breathtakingly beautiful is its embrace of that which is organic, pure and natural.

Thus, when we align ourselves in full harmony with the epitome of Nature’s Divine Laws, i.e Balance outlined with Beauty, translated in human terms as Justice embraced with Compassion, we become one with all there is.

If we slip, however,  into following the deceptive and oppressive methods of those whom we oppose, we lose the battle and it would be our defeat.


Once upon a dream

Whenever I finish writing an article or a poem, I think to myself, that’s it now, I have said all what I needed to say, I have poked into wasps nests, divulged forbidden topics and delved into taboos, few are willing to touch.  I have also expressed the very innermost deepest sentiments and thoughts of my being, I am done now. I am ready to depart. Nothing left to say or to write about.

Lo and behold,

Before I know it

I fall upon a crime

An image of life pulverised

A frozen tear of a beloved child

Stabs my heart

Coils my guts in crazy knots

Rips my soul

Like a dagger piercing into my existence

Like a volcano erupting in my conscience

Like a burning bullet whizzing through my mind

My limbs tremble in agony

My hearts pounds like thunder

I weep of pain

I scream of rage and anger

A poem is born

1382321_312785112194515_2057893673_n 2

Other times,

Wondering in my world

I fall upon a dream

A vision tickles my heart

Melt it away, like butter on a hot tray

Like a baby’s hand

Wrapped around my finger

Like a blanket of stars

Embracing my estrangement

Caressing my wounds

Swaying my soul in an ocean of love

Whispering a lullaby of heaven in my ear

I twirl in dazzlement

Wallow in delight

My heart pounds like thunder

My eyes moisten of joy

My limbs tremble in ecstasy and bewilderment

A poem is born


Don’t you wish, sometimes, to be a Palestinian!



As curious lenses compete to capture our tears

Our pain-filled smiles radiate, redefining the meaning of beauty




Shackled with chains of occupation and oppression

Our awe inspiring dignity leaves you astounded




Tear-gassed with poison, sprayed with skunk, tasered with hatred

Our mothers  plant hearts, sprout love, flower compassion




Besieged in concentration camps in Gaza, Beit Iksa, Beit Hanina and Silwan

Our children laugh at your shortsightedness as they continue to play



Denied Identity, Return, and simply the right to BE

Palestine became a symbol, Palestinians an inspiration for freedom-lovers worldwide




They wanted us “guinea pigs” to test their weapons and practice their supremacy

We became the spearhead of global resistance




“The old will die, the young will forget” they fantasised

We embraced life with passion unmatched




Humanity, come and learn

Stand up, look up, to tyrants don’t ever kneel down




Rafeef is right, slamming her mighty words

In all shades of righteous anger

“we teach life, sir”



297113_280401452071523_2130062782_n 528223_539399372799621_1033442384_n 429466_10151551554188238_254003304_n 45545_524168280959076_1424879792_n 29598_604999682871675_1282790012_n 229426_354465761339603_77790347_n 164620_484846514920776_540133725_n 545250_507290526031666_1246734261_n 64237_443822049037320_1679357750_n 534200_489739611120091_1718662589_n 544784_524168414292396_1529816921_n 860005_4369971214182_1285345595_o 857661_4398390764653_1907919372_o 885493_4369969254133_1895902949_o 902084_4516164468922_1193695825_o 936942_547380268633578_686450227_n 943479_549382415100069_2076472155_n 954695_10152264075486542_207418438_n 970626_402662369846860_331004049_n 976044_4732147908373_1199919425_o 1004016_661337673880358_512766981_n 1005984_575121242526186_2091436963_n copy 1011369_10152342332266542_266554331_n 1016599_559297867442344_1837832412_n 1039982_4966003394614_1572787061_o 1048949_4911199224544_977244460_o 1120024_10200202660855955_2069282364_o 1230039_10152437161151542_1395272936_n 1233508_454401998006230_916252424_n 1234268_10152431224661542_148145009_n 1237409_10200409404224410_1923997021_o 1238270_423779561064605_352510547_n 1376510_10151862689177225_1046396084_n 1239427_559495634117475_1271098614_n 1239579_3345884542943_2013284291_n 1266006_514429645314528_974544091_o 1266116_10200346144002944_223913421_o 1271086_10200381106836993_137684656_o 1368680_421157947990512_727088664_n 1374243_680000125345668_646857280_n 1375296_578883585482808_370267645_n 1375311_563161953750843_1348863839_n 1377342_563162053750833_1473544551_n 1379416_10151865042222421_646971299_n 1380374_597289040317416_1141037713_n 1381708_721144617899860_547866161_n 1381839_680000112012336_260015399_n


تبت يدا أبي لهب

مشيت ذات ليلة من جليد
انا والقمر
والفؤاد كما أم موسى فارغٌ
زائغ العينين اضناه الحنين
وحيدين كنا
تلفنا الغربةَ الزرقاء
كان الطريق أغبراً
مظلم البيوت قاتم العتبات
كلانا حزين
كلانا بصمت يعاني
دموعنا الحرى تساقط
تخنق الآهات في عبراتنا
تحرق الوجنات
همست بأذنه
أتدري يا صديقي بحالي؟
أأخبرتتك النوارس بما قد جرى لي؟
أنا وأمتي نكتوي
أكفان الذل تلاحقنا
تخنق الأنفاس فينا
وثياب القهر سودا حالكة
أبدت كل مساوينا
تفضح قبح أفعالنا
تعري أعذارنا
على قارعات الطريق
تمرغ في الثري
ما تبقى من كرامة
على مرأى الأمم
 عذراً أيها القمر
ما ذنبك أنت؟
يكفيك ما قد لم بك
يكفيك ما قد رأيت
أنت لست الملام
لكنما أشكوا أعراباً
أتقنت “فن” النفاق
خانت القدس … خانت المسرى … خانت التاريخ
خانت الأجداد … خانت الشهداء
خانت الأطفال
وبحفنة من الدولار باعت الأوطان
وبكأس وعشيقة
صار لها التلمود ديناً
عوضاً عن القرآن
تبت يدا أبي لهب
ردد معي يا صديق العمر
الأعراب أشد كفراً ونفاقا
ردد معي يا ذا الوفا
تبت يدا أبي لهب

أنا لم اعد أستطيع

أخفي عينّي ورا كفّتي
كي لا ارى

فأنا لم اعد أحتمل


زهور الروابي تداس
نرجس الحي تمزق
وتقطع بالخناجر
وشقائق النعمان  ثكلى
 تشكوا الشقاء تبكي يتمها
هل من معين
أنا لم اعد أحتمل
أبٌ يهانُ… بيت يهدم
طفل يُروَّع…جرح يسيل
وأمٌّ تُلوع بدفن الحبيب
وعميِّ القلب والوجدان
يحثو الدماء على وجنتيه
هل من مزيد
أنا لم اعد أحتمل
 أقصى يدنس
مسرى النبي ينجس
وقدس وحيدة
تنوح  وتصرخ ولا من مجيب
وعُرْب ذليلة كاشفة سوءاتها
وحوش  كواسرعلى بعضها
سخول نعاج مع الغاصبين
تحتسي الخمر بأحضان الزناة
 وتنهق هل من مريد
أنا لم اعد أحتمل

أخفي عيني ورا كفتي
كي لا ارى
فأنا لم اعد أحتمل
أنا لم اعد أستطيع

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 14.14.26 2

I can’t anymore

I hide my eyes

So not to see

I can’t anymore


Flowers crushed at the foothill

Daggers slashing lilies in the neighbourhood

Tearing them to pieces

Orphaned Poppies weeping in agony

begging for help

Anyone there?


I can’t anymore


A  humiliated father, a home pulled down

A terrorised child, a bleeding wound

A mother traumatised, burying her beloved

The blind-hearted, blind-minded

Still splashing his cheeks with blood

Is there more?


I can’t anymore


Sanctuaries desecrated, disgraced

Ostracised Jerusalem pleading for help

To no avail

Arab-leadership, naked and subdued

Monsters against each other

Lambs and sheep in front of invaders

Drunken in the arms of molesters

Who wants more?


I can’t anymore


I hide my eyes

So not to see

I can’t anymore

Screen Shot 2013-07-10 at 14.14.26 2

Don’t let them

Don’t let their cruelty take away your tenderness


Don’t let their barbarity injure your bravery


Don’t let their brutality cut off your wings


Don’t let their crimes kill your dreams


Don’t let their arrogance hurt your joy


Don’t let their maliciousness wipe away your smile


Don’t let their supremacy wound your dignity

1005984_575121242526186_2091436963_n copy

Don’t let their savagery discolour your hope


Don’t let their arms disarm you of your steadfastness


Don’t let their ruthlessness empty your heart of love

IMG_7113 copy

Don’t their inhumanity rob you of your own humanity


Princess of Dreams

Dedicated to the  young girl I saw studying in the vicinity of Al-Agsa mosque-  May, 2013

Timidly I stretch my arms out
I bow my head in humble awe

Kissing those delicate hands
Wiping sorrow off your tender eyes

O… soul of my soul
Delight us with your dreams ignore death around

No to submissiveness no to being idle

Plant seeds of hope inside of us… lilies
Baby smiles
Spectra of love
Longing poetry
Celebrations of glory… huge grins

On the cusp of homeland scatter your winning laughter
Almond Blossom … fragrant roses …  heart beats … tears of love … and stars

IMG_7058 copy

أميرة الأحلام

على استحياءٍ أمد الكفوف
اطأطئ هامتي في خشوعٍ ذليل

اقبّل هذي الأيادي الرقيقة
وامسح احزان هاتيك العيون

ايا مهجة الروح
جودي بالمنى رغم المنايا
فلا للخنوع ولا للخمول

ازرعي الأمال فينا زنبقاً
أحلام طفلٍ
أطياف عشق
أنغام شوق
أعراس مجد باسمات

وعلى أعتاب الديار انثري ضحكات فوزك
زهرٍ لوز… عبق ورد… خفق قلب… دمع حبٍّ… ونجوم

IMG_7058 copy

Here We Stay. . . هنا باقون

By Palestinian poet Tawfeeq Zieyad

Translation by Nahida Exiled Palestinian

Here We Stay

Twenty impossible we are

In Lod, and Ramleh, Galilee

Here, on top of your chests, anchored like a wall

In your throats we shall stay, a piece of glass, a cactus thorn,

and in your eyes a blazing fire


Here, on top of your chests, anchored like a wall

Hungry .. Bare .. Confronting

Singing poems

Storming angry streets with demonstrations

Filling prisons with Dignity

Making children


Generation .. after generation

Twenty impossible we are

In Lod, Ramleh, and Galilee


45350_318044548308643_1062062800_n copy.
Here we stay

Go, drink seawater

While we guard the shadow of figs and olives trees

Cultivate ideas, like yeast in a dough

Cool as ice our nerves

Our hearts a blazing hell



If we get thirsty, we squeeze rocks

We eat dirt if hungry, but we do not leave

Our precious blood we do not withhold … do not withhold … do not withhold

Here … Our past … our present … And our future


35802_402017181306_306817171306_4781028_632538_n copy.

Twenty impossible we are

In Lod, and Ramleh, Galilee

Our living roots entrenched deep

Our ancestors hold on

Better for the oppressor to review his calculations

Before the wheel goes off

For every action has a reaction

Recite: What is written in the book



* * * * *

هنا باقون

توفيق زياد

168 - Woman on her land in Isla - november 2002

كأننا عشرون مستحيل

في اللد , والرملة , والجليل

هنا .. على صدوركم , باقون كالجدار

وفي حلوقكم

كقطعة الزجاج , كالصبار

وفي عيونكم

زوبعة من نار


هنا .. على صدوركم , باقون كالجدار

نجوع .. نعرى .. نتحدى

ننشد الأشعار

ونملأ الشوارع الغضاب بالمظاهرات

ونملأ السجون كبرياء

ونصنع الأطفال .. جيلا ثائرا .. وراء جيل

كأننا عشرون مستحيل

في اللد , والرملة , والجليل


إنا هنا باقون

فلتشربوا البحرا

نحرس ظل التين والزيتون

ونزرع الأفكار , كالخمير في العجين

برودة الجليد في أعصابنا

وفي قلوبنا جهنم حمرا


إذا عطشنا نعصر الصخرا

ونأكل التراب إن جعنا .. ولا نرحل

وبالدم الزكي لا نبخل .. لا نبخل .. لا نبخل

هنا .. لنا ماض .. وحاضر .. ومستقبل

كأننا عشرون مستحيل

في اللد , والرملة , والجليل


يا جذرنا الحي تشبث

واضربي في القاع يا أصول

أفضل أن يراجع المضطهد الحساب

من قبل أن ينفتل الدولاب

لكل فعل رد فعل:- … إقرأوا

ما جاء في الكتاب


Alice in Holy-land


Alice was falling up, then rising down,

With a quantum leap, transcending

Into a parallel universe

Were every thing is upside down,

And nothing is what it seems to be;

In a forgotten land, once called Palestine.



In this land of wonders, Alice saw

Murderers get Nobel peace prizes,

Thieves are the guardians

Of peace and security,

War criminals are the law,



In this land of faith, Alice saw

Strangers claiming that

God gave them every thing;

For they are the chosen

Above all others,

Despite the fact: most of them

Don’t even believe in God.



In this land of pain, Alice saw

Olive trees uprooted for having roots in the past,

Farmers beaten for harvesting their crops,

Men shot for wanting to pray,

Women imprisoned for having a family,




Children killed for going to school,

Babies gassed for… being.



In this land of sorrow

Alice saw people in refugee camps;

With large rustic keys around their necks,

Gazing away in despair

At beautiful, invisible homes in the distance,

With no keyholes, no doors, not even walls.



In this land of history

Alice saw signs for peace;

That only led to war and terror;

Road maps, but no roads;

Security zones, with no security;

Miles long checkpoints, where nothing is checked.



In this land of paradox

Alice saw a queen of hearts

Leading an army with hearts of stone,

Yet Alice picked up stones

With tender hearts,

Stones with tongues

That can dance and even sing.


I want to sing like the birds sing, not worrying about who hears or what they think

And through the rabbit hole

Alice came out again,

Disorientated and bewildered

Alice was in Holy-land

She went, she saw, she understood.



Rising above


Soaked in humiliation

Standing in the corner

Of the security-check cubical

All alone

No mum to hold my hand

Or calm down my fear

No dad to hide my shame

And wipe my tears away

No shoes, no socks, no clothes

Not even underwear

After being stripped

By her…



The stern face

Of this woman soldier

Was looking down at me

In fury and contempt


She started her interrogation:

Where are you going to?

Palestine, my little shaky voice replied

Where are you going to? louder and firmer

Palestine, swiftly this time

There is no Palestine, do you understand

No more Palestine

Where are you going?  shouting with rage

Palestine, assertively

Determined to deny her the pleasure

Of hearing the word

She wanted to hear

556683_374137712677056_1530026432_n .

A refugee, visiting my stolen Palestine

For the first time

Since the occupation

A little girl of nine

Defiant, full of dignity, I leave

Holding in my heart

My very own victory



After the War on Terror;

A Memo to Palestine Solidarity Movement:

Join the  Global War for combating Antisemitism


[Note: This article is a Satire]
Some of our supporters, being at the helm of social progress, are determined to lead our Palestinian Liberation Movement away from racism, fascism and antisemitism, and to protect it from becoming a hub for ugly racist antisemites.
They work tirelessly to prevent the movement from falling prey to the monster of Jew-hatred; a crime most heinous, a sin most grave and the most abhorrent atrocity humanity has ever committed. So they aim to keep their movement perfectly in line within Jewish-love, Jewish-admiration, Jewish-exceptionalsim, Jewish-preferentialism  and Jewish-interest. They invest great time and effort in furnishing  their arguments with Jewish-quotes, validate their case by using Jewish-sources, and fending off accusations by inviting Jewish-speakers, Jewish-historians, Jewish-refuseniks,  Jewish-heroes and Jewish-holocaust-survivals. Thus making sure before conducting any activity that the answer is always YES to the question “Is it good for the Jews?”, and the answer is most differently NO to the question “Is it “antisemitic”?”

Commendable efforts.

To help the Solidarity Movement expand and improve their efforts of combating antisemitism, here are some recommendations and points for consideration:
  • It is crucially important for any supporter of Palestine to understand that the road to liberation of Palestine runs through Auschwitz, thus Holocaust Education as founded and presented by the Establishment with all its components and its very specific narrative must become compulsory requirement for any activist for Palestine.

Therefore, I recommend that the Solidarity Movement would  join Muslim leaders in attending and promoting courses in “Holocaust Education”  to help bring awareness to the public and help Palestinians and their supporters understand and open their hearts to the immense suffering of  holocaust survivals and their “decedents Israelis”. Comprehending the awfulness of this chapter in history would make clear to the world the need for a Jewish homeland and the necessity of securing the future of the poor descendents of holocaust survivors in Palestine. Understanding this tragic history with all its horrors (such as their ancestors having been turned into soap, leather-bags and lampshades) would explain the craving for survival of this perpetually persecuted minority. It would raise public consciousness and open their eyes to the importance of the defence and security of Israel. Studying the Holocaust would enable Palestinians to become more humane and thoughtful. They would learn to show a little more compassion, forgiveness, grace and hospitality, thus giving more concessions and land to the poor descendants of holocaust survivors, bringing the Palestinian problem more quickly to an end. “Two people, one land” would sound great: the finalization of the Zionist project, in protecting and securing the future of the poor descendants of holocaust “survivors” in Palestine, would be considered a mitzva. It would also enable Palestinians rise above their perceived suffering, forget about the so called Nakba and  understand Israel’s incessant emphasis on issues like peace and non-violence thus it would no doubt accelerate the resuscitation  of peace process which Palestinians have been blocking and obstructing for decades. 305866_10150392234048360_290539813359_8207981_1218298086_n ………………………..

  • Equally important is the comprehension that in order to best help save the oppressed one must never ever hurt or offend the oppressor… EVER especially if the oppressor was of a specific, endangered and protected background.
  • Most critical of all is for people to understand that the battle for freedom can only be fought and won through fighting antisemitism. It is simple: The Palestine Liberation Movement is all about fighting antisemitism.

Fighting and winning the battle against antisemitism should be number one priority for Palestinians fighting for their liberation. No other way. After all, antisemitism, is a specific form of racism. The Holocaust a specific form of atrocity: older, uglier, more widespread, more violent and more repulsive than all other forms of racism, being against a specific chosen people. Thus, studying, commemorating, cherishing, revering and mediating upon the evilness of such an event should become mandatory for every human being, making it an article of faith and glorification. Therefore, any questioning, doubt, denial, minimization or trivialization; big or small, in public or in private, in sickness or in health, in poverty or in wealth, in joy or in misery, openly or in secret, in consciousness or in subconsciousness, waking or in dreaming, is a crime which should be mercilessly and severely punished. The world needs “specific and targeted policies to eradicate Holocaust denial and trivialisation“,  the world needs global “ Law enforcement Programme LEOP” as “a model initiative consisting of an international cadre of expert police officers training police in several countries”; to ENFORCE the ERADICATION of  “illegal anti-Semitic discourse”. . But what exactly constitutes “illegal anti-Semitic discourse”?

  • .Is reading / writing/ talking about the extreme Jewish Right with its ideological supremacy and anti-gentilism considered “illegal anti-Semitic discourse”? Of course it is.
  • Is writing about organizations, institutions and high-profile individuals and seeing their activities as a part of a global network which aims to protect and support the Jewish state, is that considered “illegal anti-Semitic discourse”? Of course it is.
  • Is discussing racist, anti-human dogmas and belief systems found in some religious Jewish books, is that considered “illegal anti-Semitic discourse”? Of course it is.
  • Is trying to investigate the background of some influential people who are zealous supporters of the Jewish state, and questioning their loyalty considered a form of “illegal anti-Semitic discourse”? Of course it is.

For example, when it was revealed that David Cameron had asked the Jewish community to “make a noise  over Hizbullah, to help him persuade the EU to ban it as a “terrorist organization”, was asking the question whether David Cameron’s Jewish background relevant in shaping his political views with regards to “Israel”, a blatant case of antisemitism?

Such a question is, of course, “racist” and totally forbidden. Of course, Palestinians should not concern themselves whether the Prime minister of Great Britain, or any other world leader for that matter, is of Jewish background or not: this is an irrelevant matter and has nothing to do with their loyalty or affiliation. Their Jewishness has nothing to do with their views about Palestine and the Jewish state.

Their loyalty should never be questioned: the subject of “conflict of interest” is merely a new form of antisemitism and has nothing to do with whether they would be fanatic supporters and protectors of Israel’s interests or not. Palestinians and their supporters are anti Semitic if they dare to ask such racist questions. It must be understood by every activist that fighting antisemitism is number one priority in the movement, thus attending conferences such as this conference is highly recommended.

By joining the Global forum for combating Antisemitism  activists will expand their horizons,  enrich their understanding, and fine-tune the real meaning of antisemitism thus enable them to participate in eradicating “antisemitism” once and for all.

Palestinians would really “appreciate” and “thrive” from such cooperative step. At this critical juncture in our human history,

Whereas, we watch the terrifying effect of legalized new global antisemitism; Whereas, we witness the racism, vilification, ostracization, stigmatization, shunning and demonization imposed upon Jewish communities world wide;

Whereas, we observe with horror the number of wars, atrocities, savage attacks and hate-crimes committed against world Jewry simply because they are Jews;

Whereas, we realize the utter impotence, paucity of means and lack of power and  to stand up and protect themselves from world savagery;

Whereas, we notice the extreme poverty, hardship and deprivation suffered by most members in those communities;

Palestinians and their supporters must act promptly and immediately to protect and ensure the safety and well being of Jewish communities. They must, as a matter of urgency, consider joining forces with  ADL and add their voices to Netanyahu,  to prove without a shadow of a doubt their “anti-anti-semitism”, affirm their humanism, anti-racism and anti-apartheidism, thus bringing the liberation of Palestine closer and allowing Palestinians to finally taste freedom, restoration of rights, peace and security.

Considering the struggle of Foxman’s ADL against the New and Improved version of antisemitism, and in appreciation for his relentless efforts to fight and curtail that rampant malevolent disease which -for no particular reason- has been sweeping the globe recently, and due to the  financial difficulties  currently faced by ADL and its  severe lack of funds and resources, the helping hands of Palestine supporters would go a long way in improving the good work of Foxman’s agency, by astutely fighting antisemitism with more vigour and more determination to the point of utter eradication.

Activists must raise their voices and sign the London Declaration on Combating Anti-Semitism. They must take immediate action by participating in the  Global forum for combating Antisemitism without delay. Remember that Islamized Hollywood, the powerful Moozlem lobby and Arabized Main Stream Media with its relentless antisemitic programs, articles and movies, is promoting Moooozlims and Izlam by inciting hatred against Jews.

This malevolent form of racism is growing completely out of hand: every effort on your part to stop such racism will no doubt accelerate the end of the suffering of Palestinians, bringing them freedom and making their dreams a reality. Sure. .


It is tragic, but one must acknowledge the fact that Moooozlims do control our Education system. They prevent students from learning about the Holocaust and the history of Jewish suffering. They prevent the world from knowing about the endless bombing of innocent Israeli and non-Israeli Jews by millions of rockets, and the astronomic amount of anti-Jewish hate crimes erupting in every little corner of the world. In such difficult times the ADL would sure appreciate your moral support and your cash $$$$$.


Now, how best to Help Palestinians and how to solve the problem of Palestine?

An advice to Peace Activists who support Palestine

1) First and foremost, activists must remember to hunt down all the hidden mouth-frothing antisemites, and expel them from the Palestine Solidarity Movement.

2) When activists organize an event, they must explain to people and ensure that they distinguish between Zionism and Judaism:

There is not even one single common letter between the two, look: Zion, Jew. Nothing, strictly, absolutely nothing in common. There is nothing Jewish, absolutely nothing Jewish, about Zionism. Period.

ZIONISM: defined as a racist nationalistic movement which claims to be Jewish-nationalism but in fact has absolutely nothing to do with Jews, Jewish ideology, Jewishness or Judaism.

JUDAISM : defined as a universal anti-tribal religion/ multi-ethnic race/ a mysterious mysticism / a rich-folkloric culture deeply soaked, sorry rooted in chicken-soup/ tragic yet miraculous history and a perpetual and unmatched suffering/ un-exceptionalist/ un-elitist/ un-exclusivist/ un-chosen/ universalistic/ humanistic/  a light unto the nations/ radiant and morally-inspiring moral code, which cannot be scrutinised or criticised under any circumstances.

3) Palestine is not the “Promised Land”, and “Next year in Jerusalem” chanted at Seder, refers only to a Heavenly Jerusalem in Venus or maybe Mars, I forgot.

4) To consolidate the lesson, elected leaders may encourage activists
and lay-persons to invoke the phrase “Zionism is not Jewish” as a daily prayer repeated as many times as possible. They should ensure that people differentiate between the un-racist Israeli society, and its racist government.

5) They should spare no effort in convincing people that by claiming to support Palestine and Palestinians, they mean opposition to Zionism only, not opposition to Zionists or G-d forbid, not opposition to Israelis. No, no, we cannot have that, because our battle will be over as soon as Israel makes the bombastic declaration that it abandons Zionism.

6) The claim that Zionism now is meaningless and irrelevant  is itself irrelevant. .

7) Help Palestinians to become realistic and to stop dreaming of Liberation: remove the word from their vocabulary.

8) Explain to Palestinians that their aims are one and the same with the aims of Israelis

9) There is no difference whatsoever between what Israelis have planned for the region and what Palestinians are aspiring for.

10) Help Palestinians to see that their aspiration of Liberation is unrealistic and a cause of grave injustice to Israelis: they will then abandon their own aims and instead support your solutions, your aims and your future vision for the region. Persuade them to fight for Israel’s abandonment of Zionism, nothing more.

11) Help Palestinians to see the  human face of the Israelis who ethnically cleanse them. Help them understand that “Israelis” are here to stay, so that they can lump it or leave it. How can Peace be achieved if Palestinians insist on Liberation and keep alienating “Israelis”?

12) Activists: make it clear to Palestinians that you are opposed to the so called “legitimate” armed resistance, and that you only approve of peaceful non-violent action.

13) Explain to Palestinians that the best solution to their problem is to work on softening the hearts of Israelis to give them time to expand their territory and annex the entire land of Historic Palestine, enabling Palestinians to gain Israeli citizenship, which would allow them to fight the apartheid policies more effectively from within as nth-class Israelis. .

14) To humanize and moralize Palestinians and to prevent them from turning into antisemites, and from hating their tormentor, teach them about the 2000 years history of persecution of Jews, the holocaust, the human-skin lampshades, the human-fat soap, the shrunken heads of experimented upon Jews… etc

See, by revering Holocaust and by fighting Antisemitism, making this battle our number one priority, we solved the Israel-Palestine conflict with a strike of a pen, in a blink of an eye!




[Note: This article is a Satire]




Like a fool

Running up and down the streets of Jerusalem

Looking for me



Staring at people’s faces

Searching in their eyes for my features

Did that boy pronounce my name?

Might I find my shadow buried in his heart?



Don’t ask me about my age

I stopped counting decades ago

For every second of pain count thirteen years

Forty, for each fallen tear

Seventy, for each smothered breath

Nine centuries for every stolen smile of a child’s face



Did you see me? I even dared to whisper



Before time was calculated,

Right here, beneath your feet

My heart was sown

Art by Palestinian artist Ahlam Al-Faqih


In Palestine

Wherever you go, whatever you do

You are always smothered by the ugly face of occupation

IMG_7084 copy

IMG_7076 copy

IMG_7085 copy

IMG_7043 copy

IMG_7006 copy







Day in and day out

You learn to practice

The art of beautiful resistance