Unlike cooperation, confrontation leads towards destruction and annihilation.

Unlike inclusion, exclusion withers towards isolation and decline.

Unlike modesty, arrogance leads to loathing and resentment.

Unlike humbleness, chutzpah leads to fear and avoidance.

Unlike equality, “exceptionalism ” creates it’s own enemies and foes.

Unlike fraternity, supremacy will always face resistance and fierce opposition.

Unlike humanity, “chosenness” is nothing but an inflated bubble infested with its own seeds of self-destruction.

Every action has a reaction. Painful karma awaits but never abates. Laws of nature cannot be changed or destroyed.


Modesty and Chutzpah, Another Perspective

The spiritual aspect (referred to as conscience) in our human existence and experience is the driving force towards perfection; the ideal, the divine, the ethical, the principled, the whole, the altruistic, the constructive, the cooperative, the inclusive, the compassionate, the kindly, the harmonious, the “we”. This intrinsic built-in soulic wisdom and aspiration (called Fitrah in Islamic tradition) is impeded and granted to every human being, no one is exempt.

The material survivalist aspect however, is the driving force towards fulfillment of needs for survival and immediate gratification of desires, without consideration of consequences; the selfish, the indifferent, the malevolent, the exclusive, the destructive, the disjointed, the hurting, the callous, its only concern is the “me” and mine. This survivalist materialistic pull towards selfishness, egoism, self-gratification is also part of every human being’s experience.

The constant push and pull between the two poles and the strive to live by the highest principles (the divine attributes), is the ongoing struggle we call the Greatest Jihad in the Islamic tradition.

Whenever a belief system gets in the way, and/or the actions of an individual contradicts the intrinsic soulic wisdom, dichotomy occurs.

When dichotomy occurs, it is guaranteed inner peace is disturbed, thus, the misalignment of the soul.

In other words, when the high principles of the soul (the strive towards perfection and divine attributes) is trashed or terminated by belief systems, actions and/or behaviour, misalignment of soul occurs; turmoil festers, contentment lost, dissatisfaction assured.

Consequently, on the subconscious level, core self-esteem is diminished, self acceptance is negated and authentic self-confidence is declined, shame and self loathe are brewed.  Thus, in an attempt to regain inner peace and harmony, a process of perpetual ego inflation accelerates, seeking of EXTERNAL love, approval and acceptance become inevitable.

When our beliefs, actions and behaviour are in contradiction with the innate soulic knowledge, aspiration and desires (of being highly principled, good, ethical and compassionate, etc), then ultimately self loathe occurs, self respect vanishes, and deep self esteem plummets, thus the need for external fame, wealth and power for validation and acceptance.



​Misaligned souls, whose manifested actions are contrary to the inner high principles, become agitated, in turmoil, never at peace, and never contented. They continue to seek contentment externally to no avail, obsessively gravitating to spotlight and fame, seeking to impress and get attention with every word they utter, even if it leads to vulgarity and obscenity, yet neurotically monitoring every word said by others about them, as every word is perceived as a sword aiming at their hearts and necks. Even the mildest form of criticism terrifies them, and pushes them to the brink of neurosis and insanity. They are constantly in desperate need for external acceptance and approval, and insistently and relentlessly seek praise and admiration from others.



Gravitation to limelight, lust after fame, pushiness, developing chutzpah and what appears to be a extreme form of self-confidence -to the point of crudity is nothing but a facade, a thin mask to coverup and disguise deeply vulnerable and extremely fragile misaligned souls, filled with shame and self-loathe. Longing for approval from external sources is merely a symptom of fragility and dichotomy.

Ultimately, suspicion of others haunts them, delusion of intrinsic hatred against them becomes entrenched, and laws to impose love is formulated.



On the other hand, aligned souls, whose manifested actions are in harmony with its inner high principles, are at peace with themselves, blissfully serene and tranquil no matter what goes on around them or what circumstances they go through. They do not fear criticism, nor are they affected by people’s opinions of them. They do not feel the need for external acceptance or approval, nor do they seek fame, praise and admiration. They are happy the way they are, for who they are.

They are contented, modest, humble, accepting, satisfied, and profoundly confident within, no matter what others say or do to hurt or disturb them.


Community Standards, Excuse me?


In this post I would share with readers the embarrassing truth about the fallacy of the so called Facebook (FB) “Community Standards” according to which they ban, block and delete posts and comments of people.

In the images below, you will see some of my posts (including poems) of which I was accused of breaking their “Community Standards,” banned, blocked or prevented from tagging people.

At the bottom of the page, you will see two images of pages that I reported because they were explicitly spewing hate speech against Islam and Muslims, but I was told by FB that these pages “do not go against” their “Community Standards.”

According to Facebook, calling Islam a “Dirty Cult of Pigs” and Muhammed the “Seal of Pigs” does not go against their “Community Standards,” yet these two poems, A Tear for the World and Evening Prayer, do. (!!!)







Screenshot 2019-05-25 at 02.24.47.png




Screenshot 2019-05-18 at 15.53.31


Here you can see that according to Face Book, calling Islam a “Dirty Cult of Pigs” and calling Muhammed the “Seal of Pigs”  does not go against their “Community Standards”


To Cut My Story Short



Once upon a time, I lived in Paradise

Heavenly colours scattered all around

Angels prayers whispered in our hearts

Serenity cascaded as we plowed the land

Children laughter echoed in the valleys

Their rainbow dreams flew joyfully by

Figs and grapes breakfast O delight

Pearls of pomegranates, dessert at twilight

Up above the branch of a purple mulberry

Apricot and almonds we cracked all day

Building tiny homes of twigs and stones

In the shade of a jasmine tree

Poppies adorned the carpet, as we slid down

rolling with laughter over the hills of Palestine

Then, once upon a frightful night

Hordes of evil pushed their way in

In their armors and their arms

Smashing and bashing all the way through

Wrecking mad fury upon a land that’s holy

Havoc and mayhem, death and pain

Evil took over upon their reign

Natives in dungeons driven insane

Curios I was

I wanted to know

Who did this to my holy land

And why

Years passed by, my questions grew

A scratch to the surface, faces of evil I saw

The more I scratch, the more gruesome surreality has become

Lo and behold, upon one “ordinary” day

Sheer “coincidence” gives me a blow

A word so weird I stumbled upon

A key to a world, dark as Gehenna

“Neshamah” was the word

Meaning “divine Jewish soul”

A door opens before my dazed eyes

Curious, I look in

A worm in a can, I find, wiggling all alone

Another door opens

Curious, I look in

A can of worms oozing everywhere

Another door opens

Curious, I look in

A nest of wasps buzzing, whizzing and they sure do sting

Another door opens

Curious, I look in

A den of snakes hissing, seething and frothing blaze

Another door opens

Curious, I look in

A hellhole of demons with babies in their mouths

Grotesque figures dancing with skulls

On the alter of Lucifer bowing down

Is that a horror movie

Or a mere nightmare

O dear God, I dare to ask

My shaky voice trembles

Wake up… wake up, I frantically scream

Wake me up, dear God

This is not but a dream

Open my eyes dear God

Show me the way

Take my hand dear God

Help me go home

The darkest of worlds, now I’ve seen

Tell me, dear God, what should I do

My prayers, you’ve heard, since I learned to talk

You know me better than I know my own

A fighter for Humanity, my heart in Your Hand

Truth, Justice and Peace,

Beauty, Love and Harmony

On the side of goodness all I want to be

Palestine, Where to?



After the exposure of the utter hypocrisy of “israel wants peace” mantra, and with the failure of the “two states solution”, more and more people are coming to understand the true nature of the beast.

It is clear now the real obstacle for peace is the IDEOLOGICAL SUPREMACIST component in that artificial society, which would make the “one state solution” yet a bigger form of deception

Thus an exponentially growing number of activists finally coming to realize that Liberation is the only realistic and just course of action, which makes it the more urgent and important for us to focus on the most important issue before any other, namely the inevitability of the LIBERATION of Palestine.

At this stage of awareness, activists who have witnessed the decades of deception, and its affect on prolonging Palestinian suffering should make the FULL LIBERATION of Palestine their number one aim, to put it back on the table and to sow the seeds of acceptance for this incontrovertible lawful aim in the Western and global mind.

Full sovereignty of the Palestinian people over all of their homeland Palestine, is an inalienable and universal Right. It is my duty as a Palestinian, and the duty of every sincere supporter of Palestine to participate in the restoration and implementation of that Right.

On Peace, Violence and Forgiveness



In cases of glaring injustice, where there is a CRIMINAL and a VICTIM one has to be careful not to equate the violence of AGGRESSION and CRIMES to the REACTION of the victim who only seeks to SAVE his/her life

It is a far cry from justice to blame and condemn both sides equally; i.e they equate the immoral actions of the criminal with the understandable reactions of the victim

Equating the instinctive response of the oppressed -who have been massacred, humiliated and dehumanized day in and day out for generations, with the aggressive and brutal acts of the oppressor is a severe deviation from justice

Morally speaking: how -for the love of God- could we condemn those who are being slaughtered when they try to push their butchers away?

Don’t we know

A man with a knife

Against his throat

Has the right to push His butcher Away

Some times the only way to sincerely help a criminal is by stopping him/ her from committing more crimes.

There is nothing more helpful or supportive to the tyrant criminals than teaching the man who has been constantly crushed and incessantly raped, victimized and butchered not to defend himself

We can not possibly equate the violent assault of oppressor with the self-protection of oppressed


Don’t you think that God would look with empathy, understanding, tenderness, love, forgiveness and compassion at those who are severely abused, brutalized, oppressed exploited and browbeaten, so much so that they are forced to react

“Beware of the plea of the oppressed, for he asks God most High only for his due, and God does not keep one who has a right from receiving what is due.” A saying of Muhammed peace be upon him

Our disapproval, teachings and condemnation must be directed and focused on those who initiate aggression, oppress nations, and commit genocide.

The permission to defend oneself (but NEVER to initiate aggression) is given to those who suffer the risk of annihilation and extermination by the One who created them

Who are we to deny those burning under tonnes of blazing missiles, that basic human right?

Who are we to judge their re-actions or intentions, as they tremble under the explosions of bombs?

Who are we to moralise with them as they pick up the limbs of their babies and loved ones?

“To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to fight back), because they are wronged; and verily, God is most powerful for their aid; (22:39-40)

When only the meek, good and vulnerable are taught to forgive, to be peaceful and to turn the other cheek, while completely ignoring to teach or coerce the bully and powerful to cease his aggression and to seek forgiveness, the scale of justice in a society would fall heavily on one side, no doubt favouring the aggressor and the powerful, thus creating total imbalance which inevitably means perpetual loss of peace and harmony.

Talking to the abused about forgiveness before protecting his life and rights, and while he is still under the boot of the abuser is nothing but complicity in the crime.

After stopping the criminal from committing more crimes, then and only then may the abused feel liberated and free to explore the avenues of forgiveness.

Defending and protecting the weak, meek, oppressed and abused by stopping the aggressors from his aggression is the foundation to creating a peaceful and harmonious society.

Justice ====> peace ===> forgiveness

“When a man who is honestly mistaken hears the truth, he will either cease being mistaken, or cease being honest.”







Change is one of the fundamental laws of universe
No change means stagnation, means no movement, means no space no time no existence, means ∅
The best evolved are those who are able to adapt to new circumstances, namely CHANGE
Like everything in the universe from the micro to the macro, every thing moves in orbits within orbits within orbits… such is a spiral… Thus our souls… Upwards back towards the Source ❤️

Examine Your Loyalty



This is just a whisper in the ears of Jewish “supporters” whose blind loyalty to Jewish “israelis” obfuscates their reason and disturbs their sense of justice:

Palestinians have been fighting the monster that is the Jewish state, for seventy years, against all odds, against extreme disproportion of power, and against the betrayal of friend and foe, yet there is no weakening in their will to resist and no sign of them giving up any time soon.

Generation after generation they have held their ground and vowed to continue their struggle until the FULL LIBERATION of their land. In their songs, in their weddings, in their funerals, in their celebration of the birth of their babies, in their schools, in their trips, in their prayers, in their mosques, in their churches and even in their dreams, that is because they LOVE their land in a way that you can never feel or understand, thus their willingness to sacrifice

Ard أرض in Arabic means Land, and Erd عرض means Honour

Palestinians say loss of one’s Land is loss of one’s honour

So if you want to help them achieve FULL LIBERATION, putting aside all other tribal interests and tribal distractions, so be it, otherwise spare us your help and stick to fighting your own little battles with bogus “antisemites”

Do You Really Want to Help?



Jewish “israelis” and Jewish anti-Zionist advocates of ODS (One Democratic State for all):
Your brethren have stolen three decades of our lives selling us the lie of two state “solution”
So how many more decades are you planning to steal luring Palestinians with the impossible mirage of “one state” knowing fairly well that your genocidal supremacist brethren would never agree to??
Why can’t you be honest for once and tell the world that your brethren’s ideology of “chosenness” is incompatible with inclusiveness and peaceful coexistence?
The ONLY good thing you could try do as Jewish “israeli” peaceniks and if you are truly sincere in your remorse and you want to RIGHT the wrong of your people is to leave Palestinians alone and don’t try to “kosher solve” our problem and WORK ON YOUR PEOPLE
Go to YOUR BRETHREN and try to PACIFY them,
Try to STOP them from WAGING WARS
Try to STOP them from WAGING more global WARS
Try to STOP them from destroying this world
Or maybe you could work on the DEMILITARIZING your genocidal entity and REDUCING its THREAT to WORLD PEACE, that would be a good idea wouldn’t it!

President Bush, accompanied by Chabad Rabbis, is seen in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, April 15, 2008, after signing the Honor of Education and Sharing Day Proclamation. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

The Soul of Palestine in One Photo


In this article  about the photo above, the author concludes “there is nothing beautiful or poetic about the oppression of Palestinians”, which, taken in abstract, is a true statement, however, the author totally misses the point

This iconic photo is not representing the oppression of Palestinians, to the contrary!

This breathtakingly beautiful photo has captured the hearts and minds of Palestine supporters around the world because everything about it is exquisitely beautiful and fiercely poetic as it sums up in one glance the essence of Palestine and its people

Their spirit, courage, dignity, defiance, steadfastness, determination, resistance, altruism and hope against all odds, in the face of the most brutal oppression.

What makes this photo so endearing and captivating is the utter spontaneity !

No poses for the shoot, no makeup, no rehearsal, no tweaking, totally oblivious to camera lenses, to the outside world, to the consequences

Courage that defies logic

Indescribable love of the land

Untamed passion for freedom

Unfathomable will to sacrifice

All what matters is to stand up against oppression and to stop evil by all means possible ❤️

Thus, this iconic photo should be shown to every man woman and child in the world to inspire, uplift and energise if we, as a species, ever aspire for a better, fairer, kinder more humane world

O Jerusalem ♥️


Along with millions of Palestinians and billions of Muslims, I am very fond of Al-Quds/ Jerusalem, madly in love with this soul-filled place where many cultures, civilizations, religions and races have met, intertwined, evolved and coexisted beautifully before the Jewish Zionist invasion and occupation of this idyllic city

The Talmudic tribal irrational, violent, exclusionist imposing narrative will never be able to usurp, pollute or disfigure Jerusalem.

Her mesmerizing beauty, exquisite charm, captivating presence, her history of openness and tolerance, her breathtaking organic architecture, her ancient schools, hubs of philosophy, innovation and wisdom, her arched flower covered windows, her domed homes, modest and serene, her embracing archways, her heavenly aroma, the smiling faces of her children, her fusion of colours, her vibrant alleyways, her crisp blue sky and her surreal enchantment will remain a great testimony of the truthfulness and reality of humanity’s ability to live by its great values taught by Jerusalem’s great teachers; celebrating intellect, valuing reason, cherishing rationality, yet dwelling in spirituality, rejoicing in adoration, embracing the stranger and loving thy neighbour as yourself

When the dust of Talmudic insanity and oppression is finally brushed away, Jerusalem will rise up again, dignified, compassionate and victorious and will forever remain a universal hub of rationality and morality combined, an oasis of earthly sensual aesthetics plaited with heavenly sublime inexplicable splendour reflecting Humanity at its finest insha’Allah

(Yes I know I am a little biased , but it’s OK, it is Jerusalem )


Before It’s Too Late



It is excruciatingly painful to miss out enjoying the exquisite beauty and splendour of loved ones and failing to see such wonders except after their departure

Gaze deeply in the eyes of your loved ones, try to explore their souls; the secrets of their hearts, the tenderness of their feelings, the meadows of their minds and the horizons of their thoughts before the light of their souls fades away, then frantically you gasp to see that spark again, if only for a moment, but all in vain!

قبل فوات الأوان


من المؤلم حقا ان يغيب عنا جمال وروعة تفاصيل من نحب فلا نراها الا بعد رحيلهم

تأمل جيدا في عيون أحبائك واسبر غور نفوسهم وتعرف الى خبايا قلوبهم ورقائق مشاعرهم ومروج عقولهم وآفاق أفكارهم قبل أن يخبو ضوء أرواحهم في المقل وتحاول حينها عبثا ان تتحسس ذياك البريق أو أن تراه من جديد ولو لوهلة دون جدوى




Be Aware… Beware

My beloved Palestinian brothers and sisters
My beloved world supporters

After they threw us in abyss for nearly three decades spinning in the mirage of “peace” and “peace process”, meanwhile they were able to tighten their grip, steal more land, multiply the number of settlers, anchor the second generation in our land and destroy all neighbouring states with potential threat to them.

After they have altered the situation on the ground beyond recognition, they are now attending the next stage, which will be in my opinion far more dangerous than ever before

After Zionism achieved its goals in the establishment of a national homeland for Jews of the world, and in the name of the lie ‘equality, peace and stability, prosperity and love’ they are now moving to the final stage of their supremacist destructive tribal colonial project, the phase of ‘renouncing Zionism’ by taking off the robe of discrimination and wearing the garment of purity and chastity so that they can finally enjoy what they have looted with our blessing and without any resistance.

Their new project, cooked in the kitchens of the Israeli academic left, the so-called renunciation of Zionism and the overthrow of the system of the right-wing Israeli state in order to preserve the gains of six million Israeli Jews and protect them from any future legal prosecution for War Crimes and Crimes Against Humanity, for a period of over seven decades.

The purpose is to remain safe and secure in the land they have raped and distorted its landscape, “equals” amongst the people whom they soaked in their blood for decades, without mercy or humanity.

Their new project, in which we are presented with poisoned honey, is the renunciation of the crusts and the retention of the heart, as a snake does, shedding away its old skin only to grow bigger, stronger and more savage.

It is the so called One Democratic State, ODS

The goal of this mined step, in which mercy and justice are claimed to be the intention, is to enable six million foreign invaders and occupiers to stay on the stolen land forever and to retain what they looted and raped, but with the consent and blessing of those who they oppressed and with the preservation and protection of the law.

My beloved brothers and sisters

Be Aware… Beware

Hey Mr Trump


Nahida Declaration

I Nahida -exiled Palestinian since over fifty years, declare:

Washington to be the Eternal Capital of “israel”

USA to be the Promised Land for the Jewish people

President Bush, accompanied by Chabad Rabbis, is seen in the Oval Office of the White House in Washington, Tuesday, April 15, 2008, after signing the Honor of Education and Sharing Day Proclamation. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)


Controlled opposition? You Bet!



I find this precious admission -by none other than the handler himself bragging about his role in “engineering” Palestinian actions and reaction, I find it horrifically disturbing yet not all surprising, in fact it offers a profound confirmation to all what I have had suspected and have been writing about all along

With the above few words by Tony Greenstien, we caught the “handler” red handed, offering us the damning irrefutable evidence against his own work as a “handler” par excellence. We stand stunned before one notorious Jewish anti-Zionist -who “perfected” his role in controlled opposition, exposing his dirty tricks in manipulating Palestinians, meddling with their discourse, attempting to control their narrative and steer and divert their noble struggle of liberation into one of ADL battlefields, namely “fighting antisemitism”.

Under such conditions and with this glaring example of preemptive calculated strikes, aiming at defining the aims, tactics, and agenda for Palestinians and steering the pro-Palestinian movement as a whole via “handling” Palestinians themselves and “engineering” Palestinian discourse, it is imperative for the Palestinians and Palestine Solidarity movement to introduce regulations that will shut the door before any such manipulators, and open doors for unrestricted intellectual debate, freedom of expression and transparency. Failure to address these serious issue would only cause the continuation and aggravation of the crippling shift that has already befallen the movement.

It is therefore essential to crack open the shells of exclusion and secrecy of  Jewish anti-Zionist groups, wherein the Greensteins of our world thrive and prosper in their exclusive Jewish only groups, to plot and “engineer”, and wherein discussions are consumed by fighting “antisemitism” and bashing “holocaust deniers”. Time has come to put an end to exclusive private meeting in which discussions are exhausted by questions like which “unfavourable” information should be concealed, which debate to “allow”, which books to burn, which people to disavow, which motions to propose and which events to protest or to oppose.

It is paramount to expose the origins and “engineers” of such sinister attacks against free thinking activists who might not conform to “permissible” line of discourse, and to challenge the ghettos in which such manipulation is cooked and shamelessly “engineered”.


Oh boy, haven’t we seen that before!

Remember this?

A glimpse into the mindset and modus operandi of AZZ:










A Tribute to Motherhood

Logic of the absurd:

How “backward” and “oppressive” it allegedly is to expect educated intelligent working mothers to stay at home, when you can have often less educated, less intelligent and less capable bring other people’s children up and be their  educators and spiritual lanterns!

Unfortunately, in our day and age there are many who perceive stay-at-home mothers as a “waste of talent”, “backward”, “oppressed” and even “anti-feminists” and “misogynists”. I find it reprehensible when some condescendingly look down upon women who choose to stay at home and take motherhood as a career, as if a person’s identity is defined by their job title, or their worth is measured by the figures in their bank accounts.

Each child is born to one and only one mother, upon whom he/she is totally dependent, extremely vulnerable and in dire need for her attention, time, love and devotion in order to survive and thrive, yet every other profession is easily replaceable

 Psychiatrists and psychologists acknowledge that early years in the life of a child are the most impressionable and most important in his/her entire future life, in terms of physical, mental and psychological health, personality development, spiritual growth and even in the formulation of their ethics and morality.

Furthermore, these early years fly by like a dream, and when they are gone, they are gone forever, thus every second of it counts as endless blessings and ever-growing joy to be held and cherished forever.

Sadly, I am aware that some women have no choice in the matter, due to their circumstances they are forced to leave their children for long hours and work, my heart goes out to you if you are a mother in that situation.

From personal experience, even though my formal education was in mathematics, I have always took much joy and esteem in my career as a mother. Despite all the hardships, sleepless nights, and exhausted body, the reward of watching the smile of my baby, hearing the giggles of my daughter, or having my heart tickled by the sound of  the word “mama” from their sweet lips, was all worthwhile. Motherhood to me was a career chosen with passion, I embraced it whole, enjoyed every second of it, and I wouldn’t change it for the world.

In every other career people deal with the part, the linear, the less complex; they operate machines, write words, manufacture tools, device laws, cure illnesses, operate on parts of the body, teach a topic…etc, they all deal with specific segments of objects, or with parts of a human being.

Mothers however, deal with the most complex, most evolved and most challenging; the entirety of a human being from A to Z. They are entrusted to bring Life to Life, and to look after Life for many years to come until it’s ready to face life standing on its own. Mothers are trusted to be handed a white paper, a blank canvas, a pure being, a spotless soul and let free to paint their masterpiece and create their most endearing legacy.

To conclude, in my humble opinion, Motherhood, the selfless, the altruistic, 24/7 unpaid job, erroneously labeled “unemployed”, is the noblest of careers and highest of human achievements.

I am an avid advocate of Motherhood as a career

particularly, during children’s early tender years

“Soak it, and Drink its Water”

We have a saying in Arabic used in response to any thing that is said or done which is deemed worthless, meaningless or contemptible

انقعها واشرب ميتها
“soak it, and drink its water”

This should become our standard response to any pathetic baseless accusations of “antisemitism”, when all what we are actually trying to do is to engage honestly, intellectually and with all integrity in a serious quest for TRUTH, in an attempt to find accurate diagnosis to the ills of our world today, to STOP the mad wars, to stop the exploitation of the poor, weak and vulnerable by the insanely rich and powerful clique, so to give our poor planet a chance to HEAL

So, to all those who have no argument in the face of truth, except the baseless false accusation of “antisemitism” against dignified intellectuals, compassionate humanists, and genuine truth-seekers, to those I say:

Our love of truth is greater than your desire to control the narrative


About “antisemitism”- Truth and Falsehood

So, let me get this straight,

“Amalek hated Jews and wanted to annihilate ALL of them”

“Pharaoh of Egypt enslaved Jews and wanted to kill them ALL”

“Haman of Persia planned to kill ALL Jews”

“Hitler of Germany wanted to exterminate ALL Jews”

“Two Billion Muslims hate Jews and want to kill them ALL”

So, the entire world since the dawn of time has this inexplicable intrinsic “hatred” against Jews, for no particular reason ?

I.e the entire world is nothing but a bunch of hateful criminals, who are intrinsically evil, and only Jews are good who have always been the pure innocent victims of a mad world?


The claim that gentiles are innately “hateful antisemites” is not only wrong. It is OUTRAGEOUSLY RACIST, and OUTRAGEOUSLY ANTI-HUMAN.…/how-jewish-elites-use-an…

The level of “anti-human RACISM” is surpassed by none.

They dare to accuse entire peoples and cultures and even mankind as whole, with being GENETICALLY “antisemites” by propagating such enormous FALSE accusation, rather than having an honest look at themselves.

“Anti-Semitism is part of Europe’s DNA”, they dare to say!

I, an exiled SEMITE Palestinian no longer willing to hear a word about “antisemitism”, for we have been at the receiving end of vehement antisemitism for over a century. Jewish Zionists and their global network of supporters are the most antisemitic group humanity have ever see. period

No longer should we tolerate to be subjected to, or fall for the vacuous accusation of the so called “antisemitism”.

Moreover, we are now demanding an exposure of the SUPREMACY and RACISM within Jewish IDEOLOGY.

We demand an END to the anti-gentilism within that ideology.

It is about time that supremacists are brought before mankind to answer for their anti-human, anti-gentile ideology, attitude and behaviour…/quit-doubl…/












You start connecting the dots

A definite pattern emerges

WOW shocking TRUTH


The most dangerous “allies”

Those who try to prevent you

From connecting the dots

Be cautious, be alert

Series of crimes

You scratch the surface

Same culprit every time

Every time

Every time

You talk in codes

No mention of names

Only the guilty subjects

Accuse you of “hate”


Of Palestine and the World



“israel” comprises of almost half the Jewish population in the world (42.9%)

“israel” is supported by the vast majority of world Jewry who don’t live in that entity, through a very powerful lobby, extremely organised foundations and institutions, scattered across the globe

“israel” insists on calling itself the “Jewish state”, and demands that Palestinians and the rest of the world recognise it as such

“israel” has three parallel juristic systems that run simultaneously. They operate religious Talmudic, secular and military courts which separately deals with religious Jews, secular Jews and Palestinians respectively

Through its behavior over the past seven decades, “israel” has manifested all the ills which Jews have been accused of throughout history, (regardless of the right or wrong of these accusations), it has repeatedly exhibited every wrong, from lies, exploitation, theft, deception, breaking oaths and legal agreements, destruction of life and environment, organ theft, sex slavery, torture, biased and unfair legal system, murder of babies, supremacy, immorality and double standard in all dealings, justifying the usurping of what others have with “divine entitlement”, valuing the life of Jews over others, exhibiting, inciting and promoting dark hatred which justifies genocide, against non-Jews, EVERY ILL imaginable

“israel’s” existence and behavior has confirmed people’s most intense fears and left no shadow of doubt about what life looks like living under Jewish majority, authority and leadership

Through their staggering bias, blind loyalty and irrational behaviour, “israel’s” global supporters along with their powerful lobbies have earned an incredible amount of suspicion, resentment, and contempt for their glaring active role in inciting global wars (for the sake of “israel” and its “security”), manipulation of politicians, influencing global politics, attempting to criminalize the natural scientific study of history, and to muffle free thinking and open debate through introducing, writing and rewriting unjustified laws of “holocaust denial” and “antisemitism”

People are watching with intense curiosity the role of the lobby in brewing and fomenting hatred against the two billion Muslims, and in pushing for a “clash of civilization” which would threaten our planet of total annihilation, while at the same time actively concealing “israel’s” role in many False Flag operations, by preventing and ridiculing independent investigations

It is only a matter of time before the world would say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH

If I was a Jew today, I would run a thousand million miles away from this entity and the ideology related to this entity

Let that sink in for a moment


Bubble Universe

In the bubble-universe of the “chosen”, every event, every accident, every incident, every fight, every flight, every motion, every emotion, every action, every reaction has one and only explanation: “antisemitism”


In the bubble-universe, throughout history, there exist only two types of people on this planet:

“antisemites” and “potential antisemites”


In the bubble-universe, the entire dictionary is comprised of one word: “antisemitism”, the rest is commentary


The New Ten Commandments:


1) Thou shall believe that “they” are the “Chosen”

2) If you see their numbers extremely over-represented in high positions of power and control thou shall not mention, except if it was to praise their “superior” IQ

3) If you become aware that they are “running the show” in the media thou shall
only glorify “their talents”

4) If you come to notice their grip in the world of finance thou shall be in awe of their “outstanding aptitude”

5) If you detect their attempted steering of social progress or revolutionary movements, thou shall only explain it with their “admirable righteousness, evolved integrity and exceptional morality”

6) Thou shall not compare their unique suffering with any other


7) Thou shall revere the holocaust –faithfully, as narrated by their gurus, with all thy heart

8) Thou shall have no doubt in your heart of the number 6 million

9) Thou shall not criticize “Israel” the “light unto nations”, and thou shall honour it’s
eternal right to exist as a “Jewish state”

10) Thou shall sacrifice as many “goyim” as possible (especially those who dare to say NO), and on the altar of their conquest, greed, arrogance, and supremacy, thou shall bow down and worship


I for one, fully reject the concept of “Chosen-ness” , fully reject the concept of “superior Jewish intelligence”, and I fully reject the concept of “superior Jewish morality”, i.e. that Jews have always been at the “helm of social progress”.

Will that make me a racist anti-Semite?


Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 09.37.34


Who is the RACIST?

If believing that: Jews and non-Jews are equal in intellect, morality, spirituality and in their responsibility for their own actions; if believing that is a crime, then I am the
first to be called a criminal.

If believing that the statement: “Jews are unique and special beings, with unique Divine souls” is a racist, chauvinistic and supremacist statement; then I plead guilty of racism.

If believing that “ALL mankind, Jews and non-Jews alike, are equal in humanity and in their accountability before the law”, is anti-Semitic, then call me anti-Semite.

If believing that no man is superior to another in intellect by the virtue of race or religion, is considered supremacy, in this Orwellian world, then call me supremacist.

If we choose not to actively expose and challenge such bizarre myths, and instead opt to turn a blind eye to such outlandish racism embedded in the doctrine of some orthodox Judaic sects, if we don’t break the taboo about the ugly ideology that
motivates and animates the Zionist’s fascism, then undoubtedly we would be sharing the guilt of complicity, active alliance and passive complacency, by our sheer silence.

We, the people concerned must make an unambiguous stance: the choice has to be made between supporting humanity, justice and equality or supporting racism, dominance and supremacy.




Someone who believes that:

  • Jews are the “chosen”, to love them is mandatory on every human being, and not to love them is a demonic feeling punishable by law
  • The unique suffering of Jews is unmatched and incomparable to any other, if you dare compare it to others’ your thoughts are criminal, punishable by law.
  • Racism exists in every group of people except Jews, confronted with evidence they proclaim those racists are not Jews, they are mere Zionists.
  • Laws which applies to all people do not apply to Jews, for when they commit a crime they cease to be Jews, but if they engage in a positive act, it is paramount that you emphasize they are Jews.
  • If you utter the words Jewish supremacy in any shape or form, you are a notorious “antisemite”.


Barack Obama has awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom to Criminal Israeli President Shimon Peres


Solving a Problem




UNDERSTANDING a problem is the first step towards SOLVING it

We will NEVER get the right ANSWER if we misunderstood the question

Understanding fully the Palestinian problem is the first step towards solving this grave injustice

Thus, the importance of what we do here online

What we do is not just wasteful “intellectual exercise” or passing time “playing with words or ideas”

It is the WAY to reach comprehensive UNDERSTANDING of the heart of the problem, to be able finally find ways to SOLVE it

Understanding the EXPANSIONIST, EXCLUSIVIST, IDEOLOGICAL SUPREMACIST, ISOLATIONIST, GENOCIDAL NATURE of the illegitimate entity occupying Palestine will no doubt enable us to choose the right methods in dealing with it


00 nose1 copy



Half of Jewish high schoolers say Arabs shouldn’t vote

59% of high school students consider themselves right-wing, only 13% identify as left-wing

If we assume that these figures mirrors the views of adult “israelis”, then facts are:

Those 13% who identify as “left-wing” function as a shield for the majority “right-wing”.  They criticise their hawks in order to protect them from any backlash from the International community.

Worse, out of those 13%, there is the “enlightened” handful who declare their “unequivocal support” for Palestinians, and they advocate “equal rights for all”. They present themselves as the beacon of morality and the ultimate saviours of Palestinians, continue to deceive Palestinians that “peace” is just round the corner, if only they followed their advice.

Their “genius” strategy entails that Palestinians should embrace “israel” as “reality”, an unchangeable, unquestionable fact on the ground, and move tactically within the framework of this reality.

They advise them to exert some soft to moderate pressure on “israel” via BDS to force “israel” to give Palestinians “equal rights”.
In other words, what they are asking is “israel” annexes what remains of Palestine, to create “one state [israel] with equal rights for all”, in which Palestinians can ask nicely (without “violence”) to have a vote and to become full “israeli” citizens with “equal rights”.

Never mind the abhorrent racism and ideological supremacy of Jewish “israelis”.

Never mind they sit on stacks of weapons of mass destruction.

Never mind that Jewish “israeli” supremacists would still have their grip on all apparatus of power; political, military, financial, educational, social, developmental etc.

Never mind that would allow “israel” to keep hold of all STOLEN lands and property

Never mind that this would absolve “israeli” criminals from ever facing courts of justice or paying for their crimes, or compensating Palestinians for the seven decades of systematic abuse, oppression and exploitation.


NO to the “two state solution”, which enables the illegitimate entity to keep hold of 90% of historic Palestine.
NO to the “one state solution” which allows the illegitimate entity to expand and takeover 100% of Palestine.

YES to the FULL LIBERATION of Palestine

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 23.38.25

Conditional Solidarity ! No Thank you


Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.06.21

Where is their abhor against Jewish supremacy?


No one displays CONDITIONAL solidarity with Palestinians as much as Jewish “supporters” do

When Palestinians question the absurdity of such stance, and point to CONFLICT of INTEREST, they are accused of “antisemitism”

When Palestinians request their Jewish “supporters” to condemn the rampant ideological Jewish supremacy and racism, again they accuse Palestinians of “antisemitism”

When Palestinians attempt to even compare their suffering to that of Jews, hell would break lose and they would accuse Palestinians of “antisemitism”

When Palestinians voice an opinion about the importance of examining ALL history, including the “holocaust” and WW2, without fear of being punished or criminalised, they are accused of “antisemitism”

It is perfectly understandable, nay justified that Palestinians do not particularly love their rapists and tormentors, or those who frantically support them

Furthermore, Palestinians, NOT Ashkenazi Jews, are the TRUEST SEMITES

Thus, calling a SEMITE Palestinian “antisemite” is one the greatest chutzpah ever

This NONSENSE has to stop

NO to conditional solidarity

Remove the word “antisemitism” from the Palestinian discourse


I call upon Palestine Solidarity Movement  NOT fall prey to such manipulation conducted by individuals or organizations with compromised loyalty who appointed themselves controllers of the flow of information and sole owners of language, entitled to define meanings of words and to exclude those who disagree, thus they take steer the Palestinian solidarity towards the acceptance of “soft” yet final and permanent colonization of Palestine, thus to eliminate the prime objective of the solidarity movement; the unconditional support of Palestinians and their quest for Full Liberation of All Historic Palestine.


 Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 12.03.35


Kosher Palestinians!

A kosher Palestinian, is the one who he believes in:

  • The “specialness” and “chosen-Mess” of Jews”, for they always “know better” and no movement or organization can function if not headed by them and guided by their “light”


  • They believe that anyone on earth be called racist supremacist except Jews, so they take “strong stands” against “Palestinian racism” and “Palestinian antisemitism” if Palestinians question the right of the “Jewish state” to exist, but a Kosher Palestinian never ever questions Jewish supremacy and racism, worse, they accuse those who request a condemnation of ideological Jewish supremacy of being “antisemites”


  • They also believe in the “primacy of Jewish suffering”, more than their own, and revere the “holocaust” as their one and only true deity worthy of worshiping, never to be doubted or questioned


Nothing Left

I wept buckets last night

I have been investigating Chabad for several years now, after stumbling upon a word “neshomeh”, or “Jewish soul”

Chabad is a very large Jewish supremacist group, extremely wealthy, influential and powerful

Their ideology is held by many of the most influential Jews, like Rothschilds,  Netanyahu, Joseph Lieberman an Michael Chertoff

Chabad’s rebbe, Menachem Schneerson had a personal ambassador to the White House. He was also awarded the Gold Congressional medal, and his birthday is celebrated as the education day in USA for many years. He was also the man behind the introduction and adoption of Noahide Laws by USA government

Yesterday I found the proof of the LINK between CHABAD rebbe and SATANISM

Our world is ruled by satanists

That is the bottom line



My heart, heavy

My soul, hurting

In agony, I weep

Swallowed by a black-hole


Nothing left,

But a shadow of a weary soul

* * *

I knew there must be a link

Today, I had the proof

Her words, her words

Horrific beyond words

“Nothing left
I would scream
but there is no voice left
I would cry
but there is no tears left
I would fight
but there is no strength left”

* * *

O Most Sublime

Hear her cry

Hear my cry

Help us fight the good fight

Help us heal and help our Home

Screen Shot 2015-12-19 at 03.00.56

Screen Shot 2015-12-18 at 22.54.20


Watch out for minute 35-36 in this video





Hampstead: Leaked Medical Reports End All Doubt About Sexual Abuse Claims



Make Your Own Calculations!

  • The total area of the historic Palestine is about 27,000 km²
  •  Historic Palestine is very densely populated now, with about 5 million native Palestinians and 6 million invading usurping Jews
  • There is about 7 million Palestinian refugees still living in exile, not allowed to go home
  •  The extreme vast majority of those invading Jews are serving or have served in the terrorist army of occupation
  •  The lapse of time since the beginning of “Nakba” does not diminish the Palestinian inalienable rights in Palestine, nor does it create falsified “rights” for foreign invaders to keep the loot
  •  The extreme vast majority of those invading Jew are living on STOLEN Palestinian land
  •  The extreme vast majority of those usurping Jews are actively participating in oppression, ethnically cleansing and slow genocide of Palestinians for well over 7 decades
  •  The extreme vast majority of the usurpers of Palestine are ideological supremacists and exclusivists who believe they are the “chosen” and have only moved constantly in one direction towards hardcore fanaticism and militarism, for whom any future solution would not be possible unless they keep control over LAND and APPARATUS of POWER
  •  The 7 million Palestinian refugees living in exile have the alienable Right of Return and the right to Restitution, Reparation and Compensation
  •  Historic Palestine it too small to accommodate 18 million people

Make your calculations!


Death by Music

To have a roof above your head,  dance to their tune 

To feed your family, dance to their tune

To find a job, dance to their tune 

To keep your job, dance to their tune

To get medicated, dance to their tune

To travel abroad, dance to their tune

To polish reputation, dance to their tune

To get good references, dance to their tune

To avoid prison, dance to their tune

To breath, dance to their tune

To stay alive, dance to their tune 

Yes, rejoice and keep dancing

What is left of you?

A lifeless, miserable corpse, emaciated

A sac of skin, filled with doom and gloom

Rattling bones, dancing to their tune

00 nose1 copy

jewish racism7

Screen Shot 2014-12-05 at 11.54.22

Screen Shot 2015-09-29 at 23.38.25

Random Coincidences OR Purposeful Intelligence?


How could one explain the existence of this expanding cosmos, which began as a simple event; a random, intense, dispersing, chaotic explosion moving into an orderly structured, finely tuned, mathematically measured, supremely complex, well-defined by laws and ever evolving towards further complexity- universe?


How many coincidences could “scientists” rely upon as a plausible explanation to the existence and evolution of the universe without blushing in total embarrassment ?

The complexity, balance, harmony and exquisite beauty which one observes would need an incalculable number of coincidences, an incalculable amount of matter, and incalculable amount of time, all of which are far greater than the mass, size and age of our universe.
Before these gazillion breathtaking “coincidences” we stand in awe!


Bearing in mind the impossibility of ever disproving the existence of an Intelligence behind the existence of the universe and its laws, to EXCLUDE the POSSIBILITY of the existence of Purposeful Intelligence or an Intelligent Designer which could have caused such intricate complexity is not only narrow-minded, but also irrational and utterly unscientific, bordering on  ridiculous.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 18.31.49 copy

Just like thought police and Medieval fanatics, some materialists would not even allow a discussion on the possibility of contemplating a hypothesis of intentional purposeful design  (rather than random coincidences) as an alternative explanation to the magnificent existence of this sublime, finely tuned universe, yet they still insist on calling their rigidness, close-mindedness, and blind faith in gazillion coincidences, “scientific rational thinking”!



A Message of Hope and Defiance

Palestinians, my Beloved

I call upon you, my Palestinian brothers and sister to speak up, to raise your voices, to write, to comment, to make videos, to share your suppressed narrative.

For many years, Palestinians had no voice, except through Zionized media. When, finally some of them tried to make their voices heard, their narrative was snipped (censored) by the scissors of “antisemitism” accusations on the one hand and “terrorism” on the other, by no other than those who allegedly “stand by them”


LEGITIMATE RESISTANCE and self-defense of one’s family, children, and homeland is NOT “terrorism”, OCCUPYING the Land of others is.

Refusal of the raped to marry her rapist (coexist with her rapist) is NOT hateful

Refusal of Palestinians to accept “coexistence” with those who GENOCIDED them for seven decades is NOT inhumane, NOT injustice, NOT hateful and NOT immoral

Yes we are commanded to strive for peace and coexistence, but we are NOT commanded to maintain “peaceful coexistence” with dangerous Criminals and mass-murderers.
Jewish “israeli” Criminals are dealt with by bringing to justice to be prosecuted; either to be deported or locked up, just like any other criminals in the world
My Beloved

Do not let Zionist hasbara and their hypnotic “perception management” control you

Do not allow them to censor your legitimate aspirations of LIBERATION

Do not self-censor your thought for fear of offending those whose heart is dwelling in the camp of the USURPERS, because of tribal loyalties and conflict of interest

Stand up tall

Speak up for your rights

Fear NOT their slander or accusations

Don’t let your courageous children down

Make them a promise to stand by them under all circumstances

A promise to live up to their dignity and heroism

550412_511741572170641_1596264860_n 557585_302875539825544_45438891_n

246645_1879160532631_1049816547_31806190_2525744_n 0 brave2 1 - Copy

رضينا بالإستحمار فاستحمرونا

رضينا بالإستحمار فاستحمرونا

We accepted donkeyfication, so they donkeyfied us

Paul’s Cathedral in London to host ‘peaceful Egyptian donkeys’ exhibit from Cairo, as a sign for peace.

Though the donkeys , with their heads bowing down, do not look peaceful to me, they look rather submissive, stupid and enslaved to obey orders and to do their masters’ hard labour.

and here



Those who robbed Palestine have NO moral or ethical argument whatsoever, so they got into the habit of using two fig leaves to cover their nude morality: Antisemitism and Holocaust Denial.

Accusing Palestinians or human right activists of being hateful, racist and antisemites because they EXPOSE and DETEST the ideology of SUPREMACY rampant amongst the occupiers of Palestine, yet simultaneously keeping MUTE about such supremacy within, is hypocrisy at best, and active deception at worst.

What a bizarre configuration imposed upon Palestinians; they are called racist for fighting racism, they are called antisemites while being Semitic to the core, they are obliged to defend the rights of their persecutors before their own,  they are expected to study and sympathise with the history of their occupiers before their own current ongoing ethnic cleansing and slow genocide, they are supposed to care more for the feelings of those who genocided them for over six decades before they care about their liberation, and they are demanded to fall in love with the “humanity” of their occupiers and express that love in no uncertain terms otherwise their own humanity is in doubt and would be put on trial.

It defies belief to watch such scenario written, directed and acted by some alleged “supporters” of Palestine;  they call activists racists for being ferociously against all forms of  racism, while they consolidate the racism of their own by propagating such accusations as a smoke screen to silence truths and conceal ugliness in one shot.

Palestinians and their genuine supporters must walk away from the distraction of those who insist on injecting our struggle with banners of “fighting antisemitism”, or “fighting holocaust denial”, these are NOT our battles, these battles belong to ADL and its ilk.

Palestinians and their genuine supporters must come together to dialogue, explore strategies and hopefully work for  unified aims with clear vision without having to tiptoe around their thoughts along the path for freedom, and without having to sacrifice their aspiration of liberation on the altar of sensitivities of their persecutors and for the sake of not offending their oppressors.


أين أنتم من القرآن؟

“إِنَّمَا ٱلۡمُؤۡمِنُونَ إِخۡوَةٌ۬ فَأَصۡلِحُواْ بَيۡنَ أَخَوَيۡكُمۡ‌ۚ وَٱتَّقُواْ ٱللَّهَ لَعَلَّكُمۡ تُرۡحَمُونَ”

“إِنَّ ٱلَّذِينَ فَرَّقُواْ دِينَہُمۡ وَكَانُواْ شِيَعً۬ا لَّسۡتَ مِنۡہُمۡ فِى شَىۡءٍ‌ۚ إِنَّمَآ أَمۡرُهُمۡ إِلَى ٱللَّهِ ثُمَّ يُنَبِّئُہُم بِمَا كَانُواْ يَفۡعَلُونَ”

“وَٱعۡتَصِمُواْ بِحَبۡلِ ٱللَّهِ جَمِيعً۬ا وَلَا تَفَرَّقُواْ‌ۚ وَٱذۡكُرُواْ نِعۡمَتَ ٱللَّهِ عَلَيۡكُمۡ إِذۡ كُنتُمۡ أَعۡدَآءً۬ فَأَلَّفَ بَيۡنَ قُلُوبِكُمۡ فَأَصۡبَحۡتُم بِنِعۡمَتِهِۦۤ إِخۡوَٲنً۬ا وَكُنتُمۡ عَلَىٰ شَفَا حُفۡرَةٍ۬ مِّنَ ٱلنَّارِ فَأَنقَذَكُم مِّنۡہَا‌ۗ كَذَٲلِكَ يُبَيِّنُ ٱللَّهُ لَكُمۡ ءَايَـٰتِهِۦ لَعَلَّكُمۡ تَہۡتَدُونَ”

“وَلَا تَكُونُواْ كَٱلَّذِينَ تَفَرَّقُواْ وَٱخۡتَلَفُواْ مِنۢ بَعۡدِ مَا جَآءَهُمُ ٱلۡبَيِّنَـٰتُ‌ۚ وَأُوْلَـٰٓٮِٕكَ لَهُمۡ عَذَابٌ عَظِيمٌ۬”

“وَأَطِيعُواْ ٱللَّهَ وَرَسُولَهُ ۥ وَلَا تَنَـٰزَعُواْ فَتَفۡشَلُواْ وَتَذۡهَبَ رِيحُكُمۡ‌ۖ وَٱصۡبِرُوٓاْ‌ۚ إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ مَعَ ٱلصَّـٰبِرِينَ”

“وَأَلَّفَ بَيۡنَ قُلُوبِہِمۡ‌ۚ لَوۡ أَنفَقۡتَ مَا فِى ٱلۡأَرۡضِ جَمِيعً۬ا مَّآ أَلَّفۡتَ بَيۡنَ قُلُوبِهِمۡ وَلَـٰڪِنَّ ٱللَّهَ أَلَّفَ بَيۡنَہُمۡ‌ۚ إِنَّهُ ۥ عَزِيزٌ حَكِيمٌ۬”

“قُلۡ هُوَ ٱلۡقَادِرُ عَلَىٰٓ أَن يَبۡعَثَ عَلَيۡكُمۡ عَذَابً۬ا مِّن فَوۡقِكُمۡ أَوۡ مِن تَحۡتِ أَرۡجُلِكُمۡ أَوۡ يَلۡبِسَكُمۡ شِيَعً۬ا وَيُذِيقَ بَعۡضَكُم بَأۡسَ بَعۡضٍ‌ۗ ٱنظُرۡ كَيۡفَ نُصَرِّفُ ٱلۡأَيَـٰتِ لَعَلَّهُمۡ يَفۡقَهُونَ”

“لَا يَرۡقُبُونَ فِى مُؤۡمِنٍ إِلاًّ۬ وَلَا ذِمَّةً۬‌ۚ وَأُوْلَـٰٓٮِٕكَ هُمُ ٱلۡمُعۡتَدُونَ (*) فَإِن تَابُواْ وَأَقَامُواْ ٱلصَّلَوٰةَ وَءَاتَوُاْ ٱلزَّڪَوٰةَ فَإِخۡوَٲنُكُمۡ فِى ٱلدِّينِ‌ۗ وَنُفَصِّلُ ٱلۡأَيَـٰتِ لِقَوۡمٍ۬ يَعۡلَمُونَ”

“فَأَقِمۡ وَجۡهَكَ لِلدِّينِ حَنِيفً۬ا‌ۚ فِطۡرَتَ ٱللَّهِ ٱلَّتِى فَطَرَ ٱلنَّاسَ عَلَيۡہَا‌ۚ لَا تَبۡدِيلَ لِخَلۡقِ ٱللَّهِ‌ۚ ذَٲلِكَ ٱلدِّينُ ٱلۡقَيِّمُ وَلَـٰكِنَّ أَڪۡثَرَ ٱلنَّاسِ لَا يَعۡلَمُونَ (*) ۞ مُنِيبِينَ إِلَيۡهِ وَٱتَّقُوهُ وَأَقِيمُواْ ٱلصَّلَوٰةَ وَلَا تَكُونُواْ مِنَ ٱلۡمُشۡرِڪِينَ (*) مِنَ ٱلَّذِينَ فَرَّقُواْ دِينَهُمۡ وَڪَانُواْ شِيَعً۬ا‌ۖ كُلُّ حِزۡبِۭ بِمَا لَدَيۡہِمۡ فَرِحُونَ”

” شَرَعَ لَكُم مِّنَ ٱلدِّينِ مَا وَصَّىٰ بِهِۦ نُوحً۬ا وَٱلَّذِىٓ أَوۡحَيۡنَآ إِلَيۡكَ وَمَا وَصَّيۡنَا بِهِۦۤ إِبۡرَٲهِيمَ وَمُوسَىٰ وَعِيسَىٰٓ‌ۖ أَنۡ أَقِيمُواْ ٱلدِّينَ وَلَا تَتَفَرَّقُواْ فِيهِ‌ۚ كَبُرَ عَلَى ٱلۡمُشۡرِكِينَ مَا تَدۡعُوهُمۡ إِلَيۡهِ‌ۚ ٱللَّهُ يَجۡتَبِىٓ إِلَيۡهِ مَن يَشَآءُ وَيَہۡدِىٓ إِلَيۡهِ مَن يُنِيبُ”

“وَإِن طَآٮِٕفَتَانِ مِنَ ٱلۡمُؤۡمِنِينَ ٱقۡتَتَلُواْ فَأَصۡلِحُواْ بَيۡنَہُمَا‌ۖ فَإِنۢ بَغَتۡ إِحۡدَٮٰهُمَا عَلَى ٱلۡأُخۡرَىٰ فَقَـٰتِلُواْ ٱلَّتِى تَبۡغِى حَتَّىٰ تَفِىٓءَ إِلَىٰٓ أَمۡرِ ٱللَّهِ‌ۚ فَإِن فَآءَتۡ فَأَصۡلِحُواْ بَيۡنَہُمَا بِٱلۡعَدۡلِ وَأَقۡسِطُوٓاْ‌ۖ إِنَّ ٱللَّهَ يُحِبُّ ٱلۡمُقۡسِطِينَ (*) إِنَّمَا ٱلۡمُؤۡمِنُونَ إِخۡوَةٌ۬ فَأَصۡلِحُواْ بَيۡنَ أَخَوَيۡكُمۡ‌ۚ وَٱتَّقُواْ ٱللَّهَ لَعَلَّكُمۡ تُرۡحَمُونَ”

When a dress becomes an act of Resistance

The Vibrant Colours of Palestine

When I was  young, I was fascinated by the beautiful dresses of my grandmothers, their intricate colourful embroidery, their comfort and modesty appealed to my taste. It became a ritual for me to “borrow” such dresses from both my grandmothers, whenever we went to visit. My happiest and most exciting were the times I would wear such a dress and run outside to play, or to walk to the apple and grape orchard of my grandfather.


As I grew older, my fascination grew, to the delight of my grandmother, who was overjoyed to see one of her granddaughters taking a liking to something she likes and wearing her embroidered dresses and coin-decorated hat. Filled with pride and happiness and with her usual huge grin, she would always choose the best of her dresses and help me put it on.

Several years later, I was able to produce some of my own embroidered dresses, and wore them with passion.

Until one day, my sister  told me a story that made me not only want to wear my Palestinian dresses out of love for the artwork and the beauty they represent, but also for a totally different reason.

My sister who lives in Australia, told me that she was shopping one day, and was enthralled to find one of the shops displaying some of these Palestinian embroidered dresses and crafts.

She ran into the shop in utter joy and excitement. She told the shopkeeper how wonderful these pieces are, and was about to tell her that she is a Palestinian herself and this is her Homeland’s traditional costume.

But before my sister could say a word, the shopkeeper made a shockingly false statement: “oh, this is our “Israeli” traditional dress and embroidery” ! ! !

My sister was left gobsmacked, outraged and fuming with anger!

“These people have no decency

They have no shame

Not only that they ROBBED our Homeland,   waterbooks organs, trees,  stones, homes,  property, food and native dishes, including hummus and falafel, but even our embroidery and traditional dress.

A disparate gang of rootless, disconnected robbers who have NO homogeneous culture, so they invent one by stealing ours !!”

The theft of Palestine became the greatest robbery in the history of mankind, a robbery of millennia old heritage and the attempted destruction of a superbly refined  and peaceful agricultural culture.

Caressed with the same gentle hands that tended the land, painted with love and embroidered with tenderness, one stitch at a time, a visual poetry exquisitely echoing the vibrant breathtaking beauty of the landscape, my Palestinian dresses became since that day, more than the beautiful traditional dress of my grandmothers, they are no longer mere functional and durable garments;

 Since that day, wearing my Palestinian dress, became a Historic Statement to set the records straight.

My Palestinian dress became an act of RESISTANCE.













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My Hajj Experience

Humbled by the sheer number of people, their dedication, sincerity, and longing, enriched by the rainbow of eager fervent faces celebrating humanity’s full spectrum, empowered by an invisible bond of spiritual brotherhood, love, and togetherness; what a scene! All in a state of total devotion, adoration and gratitude to the One Most Loving Creator.
Stunned, I froze.
Everything else froze with me.
I wanted to capture every face, happy or sad, to save every smile or frown. I wanted to hold every heart with all its joys and sorrows, to wrap it up warm and hide it deep in mine. I wanted to whisper to every soul therein “humanity, I love you”.
Feelings! What can I say about feelings in such a time and a place? Fondness with absolute submission, elation with total humility, euphoria with utter serenity, weakness with boundless vigour, despair with endless hope, yearning with eternal contentment; permanently travelling constantly arriving.
Pilgrims floating in their own orbits in a peaceful august harmony, chanting their prayers, whispers of unspoken words, songs of silent sighs, transforming the ambience into one of stillness and tranquillity. Numinous music resonates charging the atmosphere,transcends into a realm of magnificent existence, hypnotizing you into a gentle unfathomable daze.
Submerged in an ocean of calm and tranquility, yet engulfed with joy and overwhelmed with uncontrollable desire to bounce, spin and fly, waves of ecstasy ran through my astounded being. Am I in Heaven!
The humble prayers and profound appreciation of millions hearts of devotees resonated as a mesmerizing melody

“labbaika’allahumma labbaik…
labbaika la shareeka laka labbaik”.
The eager soulful chants ascended the Mount of Mercy in a dazzling display of grace and purity echoing its nobility and sincerity at every level of existence; celestial and subatomic, known or unknown. On the Mount of Mercy Divine Mercy cascaded around; In a sublime embrace Divine Mercy showered all.


Swathed with love, held with tenderness, enchanted with splendour the entire universe spiraled upwards.
Before my very own eyes lines were erased and boundaries faded away.


The bond gets stronger and stronger as you start blending into the background of a magnificent masterpiece, diminishing into nothingness. You experience being one with the whole there is. You are an atom spinning passionately with the totality of the universe. The macro, the micro and all in between are in a state of unanimity as never sensed before, with such depth, scale or intensity. Mind dazzling, heart rendering and awe inspiring experience.

Engulfed in mystical mist of love and grace, and like all those around me I could find nothing but tears streaming down to tell of my joy.

Time lapsed, motion relapsed and all anguish collapsed as I stood there; drinking ecstasy and tasting infinity.


I thought I could sing before

Why can’t I hear my voice today?

I thought I could tell tales and write stories

Where are my words now?

Why can’t I find them?

To tell of how I felt and what I saw

I thought I could wave words and carve meanings

Like a dough, with ease

To speak of I want and plait my poetry

I thought I was articulate before

How wrong I was!

Melting like a July snowman

A flock of dears – foreseeing an earthquake- running away

Dry autumn leaves

Scattered in a stormy day

My words are gone!

How can I construct sentences when my dictionary is blank?

How can I?

Ashamed of their flaws

Fearful of their impotence

All escaped

Words are no more

For how could they describe the indescribable?

How could the finite define the infinite?

Motion falls into stillness

Space fades into nothingness

Sound faints into silence

Time ceases to be

In the presence of the Most Sublime

The question of faith

Having lived in the West for decades, and having witnessed how religion is used, misused and abused by every corrupt, arrogant and greedy, I understand and sympathize with the views of atheists and agnostics who tend to throw the baby with the bath water as a reaction to such malevolent behaviour by some of the so called religious people, institutions or entities.

In my approach and personal experience, I beg to differ with the observed generalization, blame and hostility against religion.

When George Bush claims for example that “God told him to attack Iraq”, and when I read that Jesus said “love thy neighbour as yourself”, unlike the former, the latter resonate in my most inner being as meaningful, Godly, profound, beautiful, and true.

When discussing Belief Systems (including Atheism), one must distinguish between the principles of a given ideology and the practice of those principles by followers or those who claim to be followers.

The ideals and principles are the pure form of a belief system, and the practice is the human interpretation and implementation of those ideals.

The existence of people who try to justify their bad deeds, control or manipulate others by hiding under the banner of religion does not pollute the principles, nor does it change the fact that their deeds are in contradiction with these principles.

Abusers and fanatics of every ideology exist; criminals and those who act evil for their self interest or out of ignorance also exist in every society.

Coming from a different background, with different exposure, understanding and experience with regards to religion and faith-related matters, I certainly have arrived to and hold a different view, which is not as hostile to religion as yours.

Allow me to explain:

Arriving at where we are in our understanding of the world has much to do with our long painstaking quest for answers through our diverse and profound personal experiences, and of course directed and predisposed by our intellectual capabilities, emotional capacities, cultural influences and psychological tendencies.

We all arrive to this world without a choice of our own, and as soon as we open our eyes to the wonders around and within ourselves we are driven to question, and to long for meanings that explain our existence.

Our curiosity is magnified as we grow.
Drawing on my personal experience, this inquisitive curious mind was no different from anyone else, as a little girl I parched and yearned for answers.

I started asking questions and thinking about the world and later on about my very own existence, and about God, at a very young age.

As a toddler I lived in a small village in Palestine, I was fascinated by my surroundings, the trees, birds, flowers, people, but more so the sky, how vast! How beautiful! How perfect!

It was always urging me to look at, at first to admire and then to question. I spent endless hours staring at it day and night.

As I grew a little older my fascination and curiosity grew deeper, I started to look for meanings and explanations, trying to make sense of what’s around me.

“What is all this? … Why is all this? … Who am I? … Do I really exist? … How and why I can comprehend the fact that I exist? …. Why am I here? … Is there a purpose to my life? If there is, what is that purpose?”

Endless questions burned in my little head.

I thought and contemplated for many years, I used to be drawn into this inner world of mine searching for meanings and answers.

The only explanation and conclusion I was ever able to arrive at was always that there must be a mastermind, an intelligent power, a supreme Being, a perfect designer who is greater than I, who is more intelligent than I, and who is more loving than I.
My perception of that Being is what I call “faith”, “spirituality”.

Later, and as I went through certain spiritual experiences I came to feel God in the real sense.

(By spiritual experience I mean an inner awareness or realisation which might be described as a profound feeling in which you are overwhelmingly moved to a state of boundless joy and serenity, with a sensation of total awareness and nearness of a Sublime Most Loving Presence which is far Greater than you are and far more Loving than you are, to whom you are ever so grateful, as well as being intimately close to all what you perceive in this vast universe).  

As I prayed, an overwhelming, sublime, gentle, subtle, loving, magnificent presence engulfed me.

Words always fail me and fall very short, for I can’t put that feeling in words.

God for me was as real -if not more- than my own reality. So in my own perception God is a certainty; however, that does not give me the right to impose my perception upon others.

Now then, if faith and the concept of God provides a logical explanation to my existence, and if it helps me understand myself and the world around me in a rational manner, if it can give me a sense of fulfilment, contentment and satisfaction, if it enables me to survive adversities of life with minimum trauma and more patience, grace and sanity, if it fills my soul with love, joy, peace and tranquillity, if it makes life more fun, more enjoyable and my experiences more real and intense ; then how and why should I complain or deny?

After all there is nothing to lose and everything to gain. My logic concludes.

As seen from above, and taking me as an example, my embrace of faith was an organic evolvement and a natural outcome to my specific circumstances and life-journey; I did not find faith through indoctrination or manipulation; but rather through genuine inner quest for meanings and thirst for answers.

Through my fascination with this breathtaking beauty that I see all around.

Through my amazement, astonishment, and wonder at my ability to think and use logic and reason.

Through the heart melting awesome feelings that engulfed me as I felt my baby’s hand wrapped around my finger.

Through the superb fabulous sensation as I caress a soft velvety rose and as I fill my being with its sweet scent that leaves me speechless and awe struck.

Through the marvellous, splendid and magnificent sensation of love that captures my soul and overwhelms me with infinite joy and bliss

Having said that, I also found that my faith helps me through my suffering, it enables me to rise above and overcome hardships and adversities

My faith gives me inner strength; I don’t need rely on anything; people, things, or mind-blocking substances to cope with the adversities of life, pain, worries or sorrow.
My faith is my inner strength.

It gives me a sense of purpose, it gives my life a meaning, it gives my mind a sense of direction, it gives my heart endless fulfilment and fills it with boundless love, and it gives my soul overwhelming sensation of joy and delight.

My faith brings to me none but the most pleasant, most amazing feelings of contentment, tranquillity, peace; that life could be raging around me but I am sitting there ever so calm, ever so still, ever so safe, as if sitting in the eye of the storm.

My faith enthuse me with hope, happiness and bliss that nothing, absolutely nothing in this life I’ve ever experienced can be weighed against, measured up to, or compared with those intense wonderful experiences.

It is like trying to describe the feeling of your magnificent love to some one who’s never been in love before.

The feeling of exhilaration of intellectual stimulation, the joy and delight of being in love and feeling loved pale into insignificance compared to the overwhelming enchantment and ecstasy that the soul enjoys in one moment of closeness and inspiration.

Can I ever give it up for anything? Can I ever swap it with the entire material world and all of what’s in it?


Not even if I were to be chopped and diced into pieces or burnt at the stake.

Finally, I consider my choice to have faith as an essential part of my Human Rights and my right to Freedom of Though in as much as I see it anyone’s right not to have faith, as long as neither of us impose his/her belief of others, nor cause others harm through it.
This article was born as comment in response to Jonathan Blakeley’s comment about religion. I thought I could share it.

 That moment

If I was to use all the words
Of all languages
Ever used by poets
Since time began
I’d never be able to describe
That moment

If I was to collect all the masterpieces
Of all the works of art
Ever designed
By man’s imagination
I could never repaint
That moment

If I was to live
All my past, present
And future
In pain, fear, and sorrow
Absorbing the suffering
Of all humanity
Since life began
It’s a price worth paying
To experience
That moment

Thank you for giving me
A taste of paradise on earth
If only for a moment

Thank you for opening a window
In my confined heart
In the here and now
Into eternity and infinity
If only for moment

Thank you
For blessing me with
That moment


Lightning strikes
Thunder rumbles
Wind blows
Gales bluster
Tornados threaten
Hurricanes rage

Aware of it all

There I am
Sitting…so… still





I am


In the eye

Of the storm




Rabbis circle occupied Palestine while praying to ward off the swine flu virus


Rabbis praying in the STOLEN Ibrahimi Mosque in Al- Khalil


Compare it with this:

Muslims praying in the street of Alexandria during Ramadan



Can you feel the difference?


Equal Rights for serial killers, and for their victims ???


Equal Rights for serial killers, and for their
victims ???

Can anyone see some ethical flaws with that?

I have no authority to speak in the name of all
Palestinians, but I have previously stated that I personally DO NOT wish the zionist
murderers, those of whom
who were directly or indirectly involved in massacres,
theft of land, subjugation and oppression, to remain in Palestine after its
liberation from the occupier, except of course for the very few good people
amongst them -as no soul should carry the liability of another-

 I reiterate,
I do not wish the invader, occupier and criminal racists to stay in
Palestine, the land that they have incessantly raped,
destroyed and disfigured, nor do I desire them to be my neighbours

They have shown no respect, no appreciation, and no
love to this land or to her people

They do not deserve to live there

Many of our supporters freak out upon hearing this
declaration of mine, they think that I am becoming an uncaring person, or
turning into a radical hardliner; and some
attentively listen, then, timidly
and modestly, try to understand

I will try here to elucidate by asking some simple
questions, as to why I think it is unreasonable to make the premises of a JUST SOLUTION
dependent upon our acceptance –as Palestinians, of giving the right of
permanent residency and equal rights of citizenship
to ALL
zionist Jewish occupiers
in our stolen land of Palestine

Here are my questions:

 Why do our supporters, progressives who
advocate a one state solution, keep asking us –Palestinians- to share our land with
those who acquired it by theft, military force and murder

 Would you share your home with the armed
robber who came to steal from you?

a thief get to enjoy the same rights of ownership to
materials and assets that he acquired by armed robbery, as the person
whom he robbed?

a colonialist imperialist occupier regime, who keeps hold of countries by
terrorizing the indigenous population and perpetrating endless scores of
bloodshed, not be severely sanctioned as legislated wisely by
International Law ?

USA decided to move a few dozens of millions of its citizens to Iraq or
Afghanistan, confiscate Iraqi lands, give it to those colonizers, then demands
that those citizens have equal rights with Iraqis or Afghanis; should we
support the equal rights of those colonizers?

 Should the Algerians have waited for the
French occupiers to be magnanimous enough to give them "equal rights”?

 Would Algeria be to the Algerians today, had they not fought for
the liberation of their country against colonial

Under International Law; is an occupying entity entitled to ANY

 Why defend the “right” of the barbaric
-who has been engaged in ethnic cleansing and genocide for over
six decades, to stay in Palestine after its liberation , and this while
keeping land
and houses, villages, archaeological treasures, churches and
mosques, libraries, they’ve forcibly stolen at gun point?

 Why imagine that it is unrealistic to
return the stolen land and property to its legitimate owners while ignoring
its mode of acquisition
by zionists?

 Why instead of defending the right
Palestinians to get ALL their country back; including: homes, orchards
and land, supporters ask the victims to keep on giving, by the supposition that
returning back stolen property creates "another injustice" to the OCCUPIER?

 Why are we –Palestinians- continuously pressed
to accept this scurrilous logic, by our supporters?

 Are people so naïve that they don’t realize
that doing so, invariably corresponds in fact to… a full support -quasi
unconditional, of the zionist thieves and their ideological core
which deems colonising Palestine as a “Divine
right” for the
Jewish people

 What does the notion of Justice, social
responsibility, fair dealing mean if we are to equate criminals with
in terms of rights to ownership of stolen property?

My logic is simple:

Supporting "equal rights" in which the
occupier gets the privilege of staying in the land they’ve looted and
destroyed, while keep holding of the estate of absentees, would mean grave
violation of the fundamentals of ethical foundations of human social

The message it gives: bullies, criminals,
thieves are allowed to get away with MURDER…. literally

It is a carte blanche for bullies to do what they
like, steal, kill, colonize, rape, oppress, torture…

Advocating "equal rights" between the criminal
and victim
, in which the criminal escapes punishment for his crimes,
gets to keep stolen lands, while being rewarded by enjoying the fruits
of his aggression in terms of total participation in decision and law making
in the land he abused, is an assassination of the concept of justice,
on which peaceful Civilization is built and needs to prosper

Furthermore, I reiterate; any future decision on
the status of ILLEGAL COLONIZERS in Palestine should be a PALESTINIAN DECISION;
they, and ONLY they, can choose whether to allow their tormentors to stay or








The New Ten Commandments:

1) Thou shall not criticize Israel

2) Thou shall revere the holocaust with all thy heart

3) Thou shall have no doubt in your heart of the number 6 million

4) Thou shall not compare the unique suffering of the Jews with any other

5) Thou shall honour Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state

6) Thou shall adore the “sinless” Israel, regardless of allegations of sins

7) Thou shall believe that Israel has the right to defend itself and protect
its security by all means (but not Muslims)

8 ) Thou shall not kill (except Muslims)

9) Thou shall not lie (except about Islam and Muslim’s WMD)

10) Thou shall obediently share your earning with Israel (through your tax

And there is a bonus eleventh commandment:

11) Thou shall sacrifice as many humans as humanly possible (specially those
who dare to say NO) on the altar of greed and security of the Jewish state

* * *
NOW a question:

We protest and moan much about ethnic minorities when underrepresented in work places and government positions -and rightly so- as this is clearly a reflection of injustice.

But why do we keep utterly silent when a “certain” minority is HUGELY overrepresented in sensitive positions in many world governments??


Where is the uproar??

Isn’t this also a blatant injustice against the majority of those countries?


And please no one should come with the reiterated myth that they are more “clever” than the rest of us as a justification for this absurdity, because this fable is the MOST RACIST claim they have managed to indoctrinate the masses to accept

see how they spread myths and lies:…

A call for those zionists who wish to save their souls

A call for those zionists who wish to save their souls


You have come from far away countries, occupied our land by force and terror, oppressed our people with your might and power, furthermore, instead of showing good will or remorse and a sincere desire to befriend and live in peace with your neighbours; you still go beside yourselves to prove to us and to the world how reprehensible you have become, as you sink deeper and deeper into corruption, fabrication and violence


What you fail to understand is that every thing in the world is a flux


The situation in the Middle East will not stay the same for ever

The balance of power will undoubtedly change

Sooner or later it will shift, and it won’t be a shift in your favour

And before you know it, you will suddenly find yourselves surrounded by billions of outraged Muslims and angry people from all over the world 


Instead of preparing for a good future with the people who surround you, who are mostly Muslims; what do you do? You go berserk with your lies and aggression; and like a mad dog, you wage a wild decadent war against Islam as a religion and against Muslims as followers


What a pathetic vision of a pathetic tribe, who chose to implant itself in the heart of two billion Muslims!

Can’t you see the pitiable sad future you are creating for yourselves, generating only anger by your uninvited aggression?


Instead of attempting to understand the culture and the faith of those around you, you go spewing lies and propaganda in an attempt to disfigure the Islamic resistance that refuses to bow down to your arrogance and greed


Instead of embracing the humane and civilised culture that is still willing to forgive you despite the horrors you have shown, by being nothing but a revolting boil in its midst; you go attacking the very religion that teaches its followers that forgiveness is better that revenge


 Instead of trying to understand those humans whom you’ve dehumanised; you still feel smug and self-satisfied

drunken by your temporary superficial might, and you keep deluding yourselves by perceiving those you’ve oppressed as monsters and terrorist


Instead of opening your heart to learning some aspects of civilization (such as compassion, honesty, generosity, and tolerance) from your culturally refined neighbours, you deceive yourselves by the delusion of your chosen-ness and you fantasise that your barbarity is a “light unto the nations”!


Be ware poor souls of zion; this wretched attack against Islam could be the final straw that will shatter your might once and for all



You still smother yourselves with conceit and self-importance as you shrivel into your tribal mentality, obscuring every opportunity of understanding, destroying bridges and building walls around your clan, isolating yourselves further and further away from the human family


The superiority features and nauseating arrogance that you display reflects only an inferior mentality if only you could grasp


You have disfigured and blemished your own faith, if only you could comprehend!


The same religion that was once inclusive you’ve managed to reduce into the most tribalistic and exclusive ideology man had ever known!


You are very short-sighted in that sense, as you fail to look even a few years ahead!


Hear me well clan of zion; even though we, Muslims, are not vengeful, nor are we unforgiving by the virtues of our faith; however if you continue in the same mannerism of barbaric behaviour, along with your shameless lies; you will inevitably face your retribution


What you fail also to see is that the world around you is changing

The world is awakening to the reality of your crimes


And guess what? There is no going back

There is no way of covering up your crimes now


I know that you are still living in your comfort bubble behind your “security” wall (psychological and physical);  but be absolutely sure that when you come face to face with the hard reality about the changing world around you, the TRUTH will hit you hard like a tsunami as never before


And while you are still choosing to live in a state of complete denial, refusing to see what is happening elsewhere, the truth will strike in a manner unknown


It will disturb your sleep as you wake up to the nightmare of your creation

Shatter your illusions as you open your eyes to the new reality

Paralyse your limbs as your missiles and weapons rendered useless

And silence your lies once and for all


NOTHING… NOTHING will save you then from the outrage and anger of the good people of the world except what you could save NOW of whatever little left of your morality and humanity


Things as they stand now:


You are tiny tiny minority in a sea of Muslims that surrounds you, and an ocean of world population who are sick to their bones with your never-ending crimes

Sooner or later you are going to find yourself in a position of vulnerability

Sooner or later the scale of power will shift

This is only natural





Think of what would you like to happen to you in this imminent future?

Would you rather carry on with your crimes against Muslims in Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, Iran, and Pakistan…etc?


Would you rather carry on with your hateful lies and fabrication against Islam?


Would you rather create more and more enraged and infuriated enemies?


Or would you rather STOP your crimes, EMBRACE the TRUE owners of the land and WELCOME them back home, SEEK PEACE SINCERELY and bleed for FORGIVENESS before it’s too late?


I am speaking with the same words that many before me had spoken to you with


I am giving you a warning


(But don’t be so pathetic as to think that this warning is from a little exiled Palestinian woman)


Ignore it if you wish


Or be wise and heed


The choice is yours


Some thoughts on Resistance, Hamas, and the future of Palestine

Some Thoughts on Resistance


I have befriended and cooperated with many Quakers over the years, and I deeply admire their commitment to peace, and the time and efforts that they give towards achieving this goal


However, there is a fundamental issue that tends to be misjudged and miscalculated by those lovely, compassionate and peace-loving people; when they talk about the problem of Palestine, they are inclined to blame and condemn both sides equally; i.e they equate the immoral actions of the criminal with the understandable reactions of the victim


Equating the instinctive response of the oppressed -who have been massacred, humiliated and dehumanized day in and day out for generations-, with the aggressive and brutal acts of the oppressor is a severe deviation from justice 


Morally speaking: how -for the love of God- could we condemn those who are being slaughtered when they try to push their butchers away?


Some times the only way to sincerely help a criminal is by stopping him/ her from committing more crimes.


There is nothing more helpful or supportive to the tyrant criminals than teaching the man who has been constantly crushed and incessantly raped, victimized and butchered not to defend himself


We can not possibly equate the violent assault of oppressor with the self-protection of oppressed





To teach otherwise and to condemn equally both the oppressor and the oppressed, to
measure the actions of the two with the same yardstick, does not hold well with laws or ethics, human or Divine.

looks with tenderness, love, forgiveness and compassion at those who are
severely abused, brutalized, oppressed exploited and browbeaten, so much so
that they are forced to react


"Beware of the plea of the oppressed, for he asks God most high only for his due, and God does not keep one who has a right from receiving what is due." A saying of Muhammed peace be upon him


Our disapproval and condemnation must be focused on those who initiate aggression, oppress nations, and commit genocide.

permeation to defend oneself (but NEVER to initiate aggression) is given to
those who suffer the risk of annihilation and extermination by the One who
created them

Who am I to deny those who are burning under tonnes of blazing missiles, that
basic human right?

Who am I to judge their re-actions or intentions, as they tremble under the
explosions of bombs?

Who am I to moralise with them as they pick up the limbs of their babies and
loved ones?

“To those against whom war is made, permission is given (to fight back),
because they are wronged; and verily, God is most powerful for their aid; (


Did we not know that

A man

With a knife

Against his throat

Has the right

To push His butcher



"If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor." Bishop Desmond Tutu


To give an analogy;


If a thief comes to your home, kills some of your children, kicks some of them out, and locks you in the basement for sixty years, while raging havoc in your house and garden


Then you are told that the only solution is to negotiate with the murderer thief; however the thief refuses to talk to you because you words are unpleasant and they disturb his peace; as you keep making noise in the basement, and you throw some fire works out to your garden to get the attention of some neighbours with conscience.


 Then finally the police intervene, and then after arming the thief to his teeth they persuade him to agree to talk to you.


At long last the thief agrees to talk to you, but he comes with a list of demands, including:


No talks about your children, who’ve been kicked out

 No talks about any room in the house

 No talks about his incessant torture of your children

No talks about allowing you to use the bathroom upstairs

 No talks about which corner of the basement he might give you


Furthermore, he demands that you respect the facts on the grounds, and should never ask to resolve the injustice by going back to how things were 60 years ago


Not only that, he demands also that you accept his right to exist in your house forever, and his right to control your water supply, electricity, food, and movement


 Then to add the icing on the cake, of course, you are not supposed to moan or mention your pain over the past sixty years


You must only be grateful, that the murderer thief would humble himself and talk to you


I am intrigued to find out what would YOU do if you were in that situation?


Would you accept sharing your house with the thief and live in the basement?


If you say you do, I would like to see you openly inviting some zionists who settled in my stolen farm to come to yours and share it with you, and if they come fully armed I hope you don’t mind, and that you accept them graciously


If all the Quakers and those who condemn the desperate Palestinians for their extreme reactions to extreme situations would live by their word and do exactly what they want the Palestinians to do; i.e. offer their homes to the zionists, that would be a breakthrough


 All we need is a few millions to do this ultimate act of sacrifice by being a living archetype, in fact that could be a vital approach to a peaceful solution and a good lesson to us all


We humans find it easy to moralise and pass judgements, but much harder to live by what we preach

for killing innocent people, here are some thoughts




We, as Muslims, must NOT allow our pain and outrage at the hostility, horrors
and crimes we have seen to deviate us from justice and from upholding our

"O ye who believe! be steadfast firmly for God, as witnesses to fair
dealing, Let not a group’s hostility to you cause you to deviate from
. Be just, for it is closer to piety. Be God conscious; for God is
Well Aware of what you do." (Quran; 5-8 )


Qur’anic principles admonish followers of Islam against killing children and
innocent people who are not actively involved in war, Muslims are prohibited
from even cutting trees, demolishing homes and houses of worship, or causing
damage to nature during war

"No soul shall be made to bear the burden (liability) of another." (35:18


In the zionist entity, there are no civilians except children, , every man and
woman MUST serve in the army for 2-3 years, and they stay in the reserve until they



Hamas, as an Islamic
Resistance Movement, theoretically adheres to those principles, and respects
them; however, the human factor, the incessant devastatation, the constant
trauma caused by long term brutality and the never-ending killing of
Palestinian children infuriates the most sane person into anger and outrage

In no way, Hamas, justifies the killing of innocent children:

Hamas: Rocket attacks not aimed at Israeli women, children

Gaza – The Islamic Hamas movement on Saturday denied
targeting Israeli children and women with rocket fire from the
Gaza Strip.

"Hamas doesn’t mean to kill children with its rockets," spokesman
Ismail Radwan told reporters in the Hamas-ruled
Gaza Strip in response to a statement made by
al-Qaida’s second in command, Ayman al-Zawahiri, who said Hamas’ random rockets
kill women and children in violation of Islamic law.

Radwan added that "the ongoing conflict between Israel and the
Palestinians may involve some killing of children," accusing the Israeli
army of "deliberately killing children, women and destroying houses and

“We are freedom fighters, not gangs,” a senior Hamas official in Gaza told the AP. “Women and children are not a
target for Hamas. They have never been a target and they will never be our main
target despite the daily killing of our women and children by
Israel in cold blood.

Abu Mahmoud, a spokesman for the Al Aqsa Martyrs Brigades in the West Bank,
said the group was “shocked by what we see on television” about the Russian
school standoff.
“We would never agree to such a thing,” he said. “We never did such a thing and
never would. When there is an explosion and children are killed, we are sorry
for this because this was a mistake, not on purpose.”

Hamas: rocket attacks not meant to kill Israeli children

Enough to look at the figures to see who is really targeting children:

123 Israeli children have been killed by Palestinians and 1,050 Palestinian
children have been killed by Israelis since September 29, 2000.


Hamas has offered cease fire many times, Hamas has offered the ending of
killing civilians on both sides, and all this was rejected and ignored by the
warmongers of zion, time and again

Hamas offers to renew cease-fire with Israel
Friday, June 16, 2006

Israel rejects Gaza cease-fire offer
Sep 21, 2007

Ehud Olmert rejects Hamas’ offer of cease-fire in Gaza Strip

Olmert rejects Hamas cease-fire offer
Tue., December 25, 2007

April 25, 2008

Israel rejects Hamas cease-fire offer as humanitarian crisis deepens in Gaza
Fri Apr 25 08


About Islam

About Islam


“What does Islam mean to you?” people ask


Islam is an Arabic word that shares the same root (slm) with the words “salam” and “Istislam

Where “salam” means: peace, and “Istislam” means: submission


Therefore, Islam means: achieving peace through submission to God

Islam consequently is nothing but total devotion and utter surrender to the will of the Beloved.


When we love our Creator deeply, we are in a state of constant adoration, our will becomes nothing but His will and our desire will be identical to His desire.


Hence, the essence of our faith is that mankind can achieve  peace by knowing and bonding with the All-Loving Creator; for souls can only find tranquillity, happiness, and contentment by being in a state of constant awareness and remembrance of the Most Loving through which intimate closeness and true peace can be achieved.


Everything observable in our world is in a permanent state of submission, they cannot break the laws of our Beloved Creator; unlike us humans (maybe there are other intelligent life forms in other parts of the universe that we are not aware of)


We are blessed with the gift of freewill.


When we, out of own freewill, choose to surrender to the laws of God, we experience the ever lasting joy of tranquillity, inner peace and harmony within ourselves, with our fellow humans, with the universe around us and with our Beloved.


But what are the laws of God?


These laws are found deep down in the innermost of our souls, they are known to us intrinsically, we are created to know them inherently, to recognize them by our “fitrah” or inner nature.

We can also discover them by observing and studying ourselves and the universe around us, which we call the visual book of signs.


At the core of these laws, and as in the case of the universe lies BALANCE, which translate in our human terminology as JUSTICE.


The rest are also easy to identify, it’s in the yearning for perfection in our most intimate imprint, and it’s longing for idealism, excellence, morality, goodness and compassion from the depth of our souls.


Even though we had this inner knowledge, God still did not leave us to our own devices with no guidance.


Many prophets, messengers and inspired teachers came to remind and to give glad tidings for those who embrace the truth and those who desire goodness.

Every single one of them came with the utterly simple yet superbly comprehensive message: believe in God and be Good (i.e. follow the inner law)

All knowledge is available to all, transparent, clear, organic, effortless, open, and natural 

There is no secrecy, no occultism, no darkness, no hidden knowledge, no privileged few, no murkiness or deception, no shadowy characters, no obscure concealed information, no hierarchy, no ones are more enlightened than others.


This is the simple yet profound message of Islam (submission that leads to peace) that ALL the prophets adhered to. The differences that we observe between the followers of those good people are all man-made interpretation, which could sometimes misunderstand, overlook, and add flawed human construal to the original simple message


We as Muslims see absolutely no difference between the essence of all the messages nor we differentiate between the messengers.

They are all brothers and their message is ONE.


The Arabic word for God is: Allah.

This word is unique in its characteristics; it has no plural, it is not a feminine or a masculine (unlike all Arabic nouns). It reflects perfectly the Islamic perception of God, who is not personified in a human form, God the Unique, the One, and the matchless.

When we refer to God with “He” or “His”, it’s not that we perceive God as a male for God has no gender; it’s simply because of linguistic requirements.

All nouns are referred to either as a male or female in Arabic, there is no neutral, the general rule is that things that come in multiples are depicted in a feminine form (such as eye, ear, hand, foot) and things that we don’t have in pairs we use the masculine to describe ( nose, mouth, chin)

Hence, God being Unique, we use the masculine to refer to Him.



This faith we embrace is that of Love and pure goodness; it is summed up by the words “allatheena amanou waamilou essalehat”; those who believe and do good deeds.

Love of the Creator and all creation is the hub of that faith; aspiring and striving to live by the highest moral attributes that belongs to the Most Perfect and exists in its Ultimate Excellence in the Most Loving Creator.


This message leads to inner and outer peace through following the fitra (innate nature) that has been implanted inside each and every one of us.

This embossed intrinsic yet veiled knowledge is where all our morality stems from. This subtle awareness is precisely what leads us to long for, love, mimic and impersonate the example of God’s perfect and beautiful attributes.

The all Merciful (Ar-Rahman)

The Most Merciful (Ar-Raheem)

The Most Gracious (Al-Hafi)

The Most Friendly Most Kind (al-Rafeeq)

The Most Compassionate (al-Shafeeq)

The All-Loving (al-Wadoud)

The All-Gentle (al-Ra’uof)

The Most Tender (al-Hannan)

The Beneficent (al-Muhsin)

The All-Subtle (Al-Lateef)

The All- Good (Al-Barr)

The Enricher (Al-Mughnî)

The Ever-Giving (Al-Wahhab)

The Benefactor (Al-Mannan)

The Magnanimous (Al-Jawâd)

The Light (An-Nur)

The Guide (Al-Hadi)

The Ever-Truthful (As-Sâdiq)

The Secure (Al-Ameen)

The Faithful (Al-Wafî)

The Guarantor (Al-Kafeel)

The Praiseworthy (Al-Hameed)

The Guardian (Al-Wakeel)

The One Who Suffices (Al-Kâfî)

The Timelessly Eternal (Al-Qadeem)

The Pre-Eternal (Al-Azalî)

The Post-Eternal (Al-Abadî)

The Abiding (Al-Bâqî)

The Everlasting (Ad-Dâ’im)

The Constant (As-Sarmadî)

The Safe-guarder (Al-Muhaymin)

The Ever-Forgiving (Al-Ghaffar)

The All-Pardoning (Al-Afuw)

The All-Forbearing (Al-Haleem)

The Most Patient (As-Sabour)

The All-Perfect (As-Subbuh)

The Utterly Pure (Al-Qudus)

The Perfect Peace (As-Salam)

The Pure (At-Tahir)

The Magnificent (Al-Adheem)

The Majestic (Al-Jaleel)

The Most Beautiful (Al-Jameel)

The Most Generous (Al-Kareem)

The First (Al-Awal)

The Last (Al-Akher)

The Outward (Az-Zahir)

The Inward (Al-Batin)

The Trust-worthy (Al-Mu’min)

The Most Faithful (Al-Wafi)

The Just (Al-Adl)

The Equitable (AL-Muqsit)

The Judge (Al-Hakam)

The Ever-Thankful (Ash-Shakour)

The Unique (Al-Waheed)

The Unequalled (Al-Fard)

The Originator with beauty (Al-Badee)

The Creator (Al-Khaliq)

The Ever-Truthful (As-Sadiq)

The Ever-Sure (Al-Mateen)

The Lord of Majesty and Generosity (Dhû’l-Jalâl wa’l-Ikrâm)


The more we live by, and the deeper we acquire of these attributes the more joy and delight our souls could experience and contain, and the more people recognize and appreciate. The more hope for our world to attain peace and justice for all.


Whether we recognize it or not, this engraved undeviating yearning for God is what leads us to pursue every good sublime principal and ideal there is.

It is the real drive behind our desire for perfection and the longing towards pure goodness and excellence. And this is what’s meant by the concept that we are created in the image of God; not as mistakenly understood in the physical sense.

That is why whoever strive for, and live by these high morals are much closer to the Most Loving than they can ever imagine even if they deny it; yet those who act evil in the name of religion yet claim to be religious are much further away.


No man or woman dies before their time; the duration of each life span is precisely determined by the All Knowing Creator. Death is tragic only if we leave unprepared and unaware.


Here, I would like to end with a short affirmation:

Praise be to God, Most Compassionate, Most Kind. I bear witness that there is no divinity but the One God (Allah in Arabic), the Most Gracious, Most Merciful, the Creator of the universe, of the heaven and the earth and all therein, God The Unique, The All-Perfect, The Most Just, the Most Loving, The Source of Peace, who is exalted above all deficiency and imperfection, to the Almighty belongs all Perfect and Beautiful names and attributes.

God of Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Muhammed and all the prophets and good teachers known and unknown, mercy and peace be upon them.


I bear witness that God is Truth and God’s promise is truth, and the gathering of mankind to a day of accountability is truth.


I bear witness to the simple, intact, unaltered, and comprehensive message of Islam that has been taught by all the Prophets


And finally, a simple message to my family and friends:

I urge all of you to keep hope alive in your hearts, keep doing the good work that you do, never give up; for every good thing you do is worthwhile.

Be like a tree, people attack with stones, yet it gives them its fruits in return

Be like a rose, generous and graceful, giving its fragrance even when cut off, and even to those who end its life.

Never despair; for with the company, grace, and bliss of the Beloved, All Loving, Most Compassionate, Most Merciful there is neither misery nor despair.


Have faith and trust in humanity and the Creator of humanity; as through that faith and trust you can find everlasting happiness and endless joy.


Try to hold on, embrace, and get absorbed with this trust as a baby utterly trusting while held in his mother’s arms.


© Copyright 2006 PoetryforPalestine – All Rights Reserved

Muslim Women… The Real Oppression



Muslim Women… The Real Oppression


I find it really outrageous and inconceivable to watch this fierce campaign rallying in “defence” of “our rights”, the rights of Muslim women, such as the recent staging of the Islamo-fascist Awareness Week in USA sponsored by David Horowitz.


What disturbs and frustrates me about this impious movement is the fact that those who are holding the banner of our “liberation” are precisely the ones whose hands are dripping with our blood, the blood of Muslim women!


Wouldn’t it be a good idea if they stop killing us first (in Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine with the imminent threat to Iran)?

I mean honestly, at least their hideous and bogus calls might gain some legitimacy and credibility then.


Wouldn’t it be a good idea if they could spare us their fake concern, and their crocodile tears weeping over our state of affairs and act honestly for once, by stopping their genocide against us, and by washing our blood off their hands?

This shrieking and fussing calling for our liberation from the “oppression” and

“dominance” of Islam; is not innocent, it’s rather sinister and disturbing dare I say.

These systematic attempts in the Western media to dehumanise one quarter of the world population, namely the Muslims are influenced and manipulated by the Zionists propaganda.

This recent study shows ‘demonisation’ of Muslims in the British media:


The Zionists are discovering that their long concealed hideous crimes in Palestine have been exposed now, they are realizing that slowly but surely they are losing the world support, so they are trying to regain their grip and manipulate the world’s opinion by using new tactics; and by doing so they kill two birds with one stone:

1) They create a rift between Muslims and the progressive antiwar left, through their ever favourite “DIVIDE and CONQUIRE” game, as they convince many on the left that’s it is not befitting for liberal people to side with “Islamo-fascists” who value religion, and who practise “uncivilized” life-styles of subjugation and oppression of women and minorities.

2) They present themselves as the victims of the “Islamic terror” who are fighting on behalf of the civilised west against the religion of “terror”.

Zionist new propaganda techniques:

They claim that:

{The greatest danger and the most ruthless enemy of the world now is Islam, and they the "poor brave" Zionists are living amidst millions and millions of "Islamo-fascists", "terrorists" or "potential terrorists", and they courageously are trying to fight this “evil” to save the “civilized” world.

What they are doing in Palestine is not occupation, not oppression, not human right abuses, not racism, not apartheid, not theft of land, not destruction of a civilization, not criminal, not collective punishment, not murdering babies and children, none of that… it is simply fighting the "Islamic terror"! }

They are claiming that Islam is the “enemy of civilization”, the “oppressor of women”,  ( ) the “hater of peace”, the “opponent of democracy”, and the “foe of humanity”, and that they the "poor and brave" Zionists are the spearhead of morality and evolution that’s actually fighting this monster on behalf of humanity, all alone.

Their favourite new propaganda technique now is not defending the Zionist dream, or the need for a homeland for the Jews, rather, it’s the claim that they are the "brave, humane, moral and civilized" society that is standing against the destruction of the world by Islam the "evil, backward, and uncivilized” religion, the religion that "preaches hatred, violence, terrorism and oppression of women and minorities, and promising its followers of 72 virgins for doing so"!!

For God’s sake would any one show me where does the Qur’an preaches such nonsense!!

The Zionists have lied their heads off for decades regarding what they did and still do to Palestinians, they have used every trick in the book to conceal the truth about their crimes whether by threat, intimidation, or even murder; and now their smear campaign continues with wider victims this time; Islam and Muslim.

That is done overtly as well as subliminally, and it’s enough to read some newspapers and watch some Hollywood movies that mention Muslims to see what I mean.

When a Christian, a Jew, a Hindu, a Buddhist, or an atheist comments a crime, he/she is “so and so” committed a crime…. Their religious affiliation is never mentioned.
When a Muslim commits a crime however, he is a “Muslim” terrorist, and a “Muslim” murderer.

From what one reads in the news one is led to believe that all Muslims are none but a cult of psychopaths.  
They accuse Islam of oppressing women and the backup their claims by selective reporting that highlights cases of criminality within the Muslim societies and present it as if it is a consequence of the teaching of Islam.


They rattle on about honour killing, genital mutilation and forced marriages for example as if they are characteristics of Islam and Muslim societies, when in fact:

§        Hhonour killing is a CRIME in whatever society, and no matter what ethical standard is used, more so from an Islamic stance.


§        Genital mutilation is a cultural practice in some parts of the world that is practised by all in those cultures. It has absolutely no connection with Islam.


§        And forced marriages are NOT legal under Islamic law, they are considered invalid.

Of course we  have bad men who might be cruel and who might abuse women, and of course we have some bad cultural practices that blatantly contradicts the teaching of Islam. but it’s not up to any outsider to come and change those bad practices, people in those cultures are no less humans, no less intelligent, and no less moral than Westerners, they are well capable of evolving and modifying these bad practices in their own time, and in their own way NOT anyone else’s.

Islam exists in almost every country in the world, there isn’t something that you can call the unique Islamic culture, different races and different geographical areas have their own customs and traditions.

Believing that Muslim women are oppressed, makes some racists bigoted people feel good, it makes them feel morally superior, I am sorry to burst their bubble and tell them that the propaganda that they are fed day and night about us –Muslim women- is nothing but what it is just mere PROPAGANDA.

The Zionists and their supporters influence and manipulate people through playing with our emotions of hate and fear; when someone reads a story of a young Pakistani girl killed or forced to marry, we instinctively become emotionally entangled with sympathy with her and loathing to her “Muslim” (criminal, yet conveniently omitted) father, and we lose sight to see that this is a criminal case and not a genuine Islamic practice.

When the media raises the alert of terrorism from green to yellow to orange or red, they play with our fear, we cease to be rational, we lose our level-headedness and we fall an easy prey to whatever they want us to swallow.


Any fair-minded researcher cannot fail to see that all these accusations and allegations have nothing to do with the authentic teaching of Islam, bad cultural practices exists in all human societies.

In fact if those propagandists are truly genuine in their defence of the rights of Muslim women, they would’ve discovered that the best way to counteract and defeat these bad practices is by teaching those illiterate and poor Muslims the correct Islamic views regarding these matters.

Those Muslims who are engaged in criminal activities due to ignorance can only be helped through teaching them what Islam really say about their misdeeds, and it’s through their pure love and reverence to Islam that we might hope for any success in challenging all those wicked practices.


All good people of the world need to wake up URGENTLY and not swallow the lies of Zion so easily.

All of you can read, for God’s sake, then; READ.

READ about Islam from its authentic and original sources, and make some effort to talk to Muslims, listen to what we have to say!
and if you truly care about our oppression as Muslim women, please come and talk to us, listen to what we have to say, not what Horowitz, Dershowitz,
or Cohen have to say.

Do not just swallow the Zionist bait!
The future of our world depends on your informed choices


Since its inception, Islam had been perceived by its followers as the driving force for women liberation as seen by those who understood the message. The prophet of Islam zealously condemned the mistreatment of women in the ancient Arabian culture.

He campaigned tirelessly for the rights, equality and protection of women in a society where women were not seen any thing more than a commodity for the service and pleasure of men.

Our history is teeming with prominent names of Muslim women scholars in all fields of knowledge, material as well as spiritual; starting from arts ending with philosophy, including all what’s in between such as poetry, science medicine, theology and much more.

Muslim women have always had the financial independence for example, as a fundamental and unquestionable right; whatever a woman earns is hers and hers alone. She is under no obligation to spend it on anything but what she wishes. Her husband on the other hand is obliged from a legal and spiritual perspective to provide for her and her children, no matter how well she is doing financially.

Muslim women do not change their name when they get married, they are independent entities and not defined by their association with their husbands.

In other words, we do NOT carry the baggage of oppression that European women had endured, nor do we harbour their -understandable- animosity to men.

Furthermore, we are not interested in a life of quarrel and antagonism with men, we love our men, as husbands, brothers, fathers, sons, uncles, and friends, and we view our relationships with them as one of complement and harmony rather than of conflict, competition and hostility.

To get to the real truth about Islam and women, one must be equipped with enough historical, theological, and cultural knowledge about that which he/ she are criticising.

If anyone wants to criticise Islam, by all means feel free to do so, but DO NOT do it ignorantly or arrogantly, without equipping yourself with sufficient and reliable FACTS from authentic and original sources.

It is unscientific, irrational, meaningless, and dishonest to be critical of something that you know nothing or very little about, (and that which you know, comes mainly from shallow media sources or phoney stories from Hollywood rather the authentic books of that religion).

Academic integrity requires the application of proper criteria of research; it necessitates that one must study the valid sources, otherwise all research would be a sham and a scam, and all conclusions would be lacking in credibility, faulty and flawed.

Simply put: do your homework

Did it ever occur to you to ask why is it that 4 out of 5 converts to Islam are women; knowing that Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world?

Total Number of Muslims on the Earth (1998) ….  1,678,442,000

Expected Number of Muslims on the Earth (2000) 1,902,095,000


34,000 Americans have converted to Islam following the events of September 11, and this is the highest rate reached in the U.S. since Islam arrived there.

Interesting also to notice that in the so called “Democratic Free World” the number of women in Parliaments is less than those in the “Undemocratic, Un-Free” Islamic countries

The free world: US 16.3% , UK 19.7%, Israel 14.2%, and France 12.2%

The “other” world: Rwanda 48.8%, Afghanistan 27.3%, Iraq 25.5%, United Arab Emirates 22.5%,Pakistan 21.3%, Monaco 20.8%, Sudan 17.8%


At this point, suffice to know:


 What the Quran say about women:

Whoever works righteousness, man or woman, and has Faith, verily, to him will We give a new Life, a life that is good and pure and We will bestow on such their reward according to the best of their actions”. (16-97)

 “The Believers, men and women, are protectors one of another: they enjoin what is just, and forbid what is evil: they observe regular prayers, practise regular charity, and obey God and His Messenger. On them will God pour His mercy: for God is exalted in power, Wise”. (9:71)

“If any do deeds of righteousness, be they male or female – and have faith, they will enter Heaven, and not the least injustice will be done to them”. (3-124)

“Then shall anyone who has done an atom’s weight of good, see it! And anyone who has done an atom’s weight of evil, shall see it”. (99:7-8)

“It is He who created you from a single soul, and made its mate of like nature, in order that he might dwell with her (in love)”. (7:189)

“And among His Signs is this: He created for you mates from among yourselves that ye may dwell in tranquillity with them, and He plants love and mercy between your (hearts): verily in that are Signs for those who reflect. 30-21

“For Muslim men and women, for believing men and women, for devout men and women, for truthful men and women, for men and women who are patient and constant, for men and women who humble themselves, for men and women who give in Charity, for men and women who fast (and deny themselves), for men and women who guard their chastity, and for men and women who engage much in God’s praise; for them has God prepared forgiveness and great reward”. (33:35) 

 “O mankind! We created you from a single (pair) of a male and a female, and made you into nations and tribes, that you may know each other. Verily the most honoured of you in the sight of God is (one who is) the most righteous of you. And God has full knowledge and is well acquainted (with all things)” (Qur’an 49:13)

“O mankind! Reverence your Guardian-Lord, Who created you from a single soul, created, of like nature, its mate, and from them twain scattered (like seeds) countless men and women-reverence God, through Whom you demand your mutual (rights), and (reverence) the wombs (that bore you): for God ever watches over you” (Qur’an 4:1)

 “Never will I suffer to be lost the work of any of you, be he/she male or female: you are members one of another…” If any do deeds of righteousness, be they male or female, and have faith, they will enter paradise and not the least injustice will be done to them” (Qur’an 4:124)

“Glory be to Him Who created all the pairs: of what the earth produces, as well as their own (human) kind and (other) things of which they have no knowledge of”. (36; 36) 

The very FIRST revealed verse in the Quran -which was addressing both men and women- was the word: READ;

 “Read!! in the name of your Lord Who created.
Created man from “alaq” (something which clings)
Read: And thy Lord is the Most bountiful,
Who taught (the use of) the pen,
Taught man that which he knew not.
Nay, but verily man is rebellious
That he thinks himself independent and self-sufficient.
Surely to your Lord is the return” (96:1-7)

Some of Muhammad’s sayings:

“Women are but shaqa’iq (twin halves or sisters) of men”

“I commend you to be good to women”

“Heaven lies at the feet of mothers”

“The best of you are the kindest to their wives”

“Seeking knowledge is mandatory for every Muslim male and female”

Any honest observer and researcher will not fail to notice the Islam is a practical religion, a religion of “fitra”, inner nature, and indeed Islam deals with human-nature rather than suppresses it, it does not deny it nor go against it.


It combines the materialistic side of our human-nature with the spiritual, without compromising either.


One of the nicest descriptions of Islam I’ve ever heard was from a new Muslim friend, who said: “Islam is organic, it just feels so natural”

And another convert friend said: “Islam is a treasure covered with a blanket of Muslims”

Every person of integrity, every peace loving and harmony seeking human; should set their prejudice (that was picked up from Hollywood and tabloid newspapers) aside and to try to answer the simple question: why do one quarter of the world chose Islam as a faith?
Is it not worth real investigations and honest research?

To summarize, from a Muslim woman’s standpoint; our real oppression comes not from Islam, but rather from those who wage war against our people in the name of "democracy", "liberation", and spreading “civilised” values, while not only ignoring our feelings and opinions but also murdering our beloved ones, and destroying all that is dear in our lives.

To believe in God or not believe, to have a faith or not is not the issue, it will forever be matter of disagreement, it is the individual’s choice of how he/ she perceive the world; but what is of crucial importance for the survival of our world is: are we able to learn to live together -as compassionate human beings- with those differences by putting into practice our high principles of tolerance and respect of those who chose a different view of the world.

Finally, I call upon all truth and justice seekers, freedom hunters and peace lovers to exercise their right of FREEDOM of THOUGHT and investigate, examine, and explore this mystifying religion, and please do not think that I am proselytising, in fact this word sickens me…

All I am asking is: for the sake of a better future of our world, people need to educate themselves about the Islam, and not be afraid of KNOWLEDGE and AWARNESS.

The atheistic call for killing God, terminating religion or uprooting faith from humans’ hearts and minds is a mirage, it’s an impossible dream, because humans will always thirst for spiritual fulfilment, and will forever ask the inevitable and  challenging questions about our reality and the purpose of our existence.

The longing for answers for existential questions will never cease to exist as long as humans exist.

 Atheists are free to reject religion, they can deny God all they like, but their denial simply would offer nothing for a seeker’s inquisitive and curious mind.

 Their denial is powerless; as it fails to provide any contentment, tranquillity or peace to one single longing soul.


Islam, with its utter simplicity, pure logic, and total comprehensiveness, will always exist, as a philosophy that satisfies the inquisitiveness of many hearts, souls, and minds; hence, it’s wise and worthwhile that secular people on the left come to terms with this reality, and acknowledge that there is room in the intellectual-world, as well as the material world, for all of us.


Therefore, a dialogue with Muslims is inevitable, and our hope for a peaceful world requires a minimum degree of understanding of the other that should enables TRUST -rather than fear- to flourish and COOPERATION -rather than aggression- to be the norm.


Our dream of a peaceful future for our children necessitates taking the dignified step of setting our prejudices aside and opening our hearts and minds to finding out the truth about the other, beyond this murky thick fog of propaganda.


We can only see with open eyes

We can only hear with open ears

We can only think with open minds



The Question of Suffering


This is an excerpt from a dialogue (through exchange of emails) written to my friend Sam, when he asked me about suffering

The Question of Suffering


How could an Intelligent Being allow such cruelty?

A most valid, most important, and most relevant question.


To start with, I am afraid that by talking about this topic, it would be very difficult to be objective. We won’t be able to discuss it from a purely scientific perception.

We can’t -even if we wanted to- be objective; as this issue entails feelings, emotions, philosophy, personal experience. Therefore I find that –here- I can’t be anything other than subjective; reflecting on my own personal life and my personal experiences.


The most negative occurrences in the life of a human being can be summarized as such: physical pain, emotional pain (sorrow), and fear.


Contemplating on my own life and like every one on the planet I’ve experienced all; but with such intensity that some times it felt and feels almost unbearable.

As little girl I survived the horrors of war, I watched my childhood being stolen away from me. I witnessed the destruction of a people. I experienced the loss of every thing I loved; including my home, my garden, my relatives, my friends, my village, my identity, even my much-loved books and school bag.


I had to rely on UN food and cloths parcels in order to survive.

I witnessed fighter planes flying so low in the sky -that as a child you thought they’re about to fall onto your head- while bombing villages killing innocent women and children.


At such a tender age, I came face to face with human cruelty and brutality and witnessed their ability to inflect so much pain, suffering, and humiliation upon its own kind.


 I left home as a refugee with absolutely nothing except the two dresses and a jumper that my mum had forced me to put on in the burning heat of Middle Eastern summer.

 She could carry nothing as her youngest baby was only three months old; she had to look after him and his four other sisters; the eldest was only seven years old. For six days we were hiding in a tomb in one of the graveyards in a neighbouring village.

 I lived through a kind of fear that had left its permanent mark on me. Until this very day I still jump when I hear a loud noise; I still tremble when I hear the roar of an airplane.


 My family of seven and I had lived for some years of our life sharing one room, living with another family of twelve (in Jordan ), then sharing with a different family of ten (in Libya ).

At a very young age, I’ve experienced pain, fear, and sorrow that many people don’t experience in a lifetime.

I agonized as my roots were uprooted time and time again; so much so that at the age of seventeen I decided to live an isolated life refusing to talk to anyone, by doing so I was trying to protect my sanity.

 My experiences at the time had taught me that I should never allow my self to make friends or love any one; as every one I loved I ended up loosing or getting separated away from.


As a young mother I was severely ill that I thought I was dying, I asked the doctors to allow me to leave the hospital for few hours because I wanted to see “Beauty and the Beast” movie with my children before it was too late; as I didn’t think I’d make it to watch anything else with them let alone watch them grow.

The pain that I went through at the time was so horrendous that it would keep me awake all day and night; they had to use powerful sedatives to put asleep.  

I prayed that no one ever may go through what I’ve been going through.

For four years I was bed ridden, fighting what seemed to be an endless battle with ruthless pain; at some point I couldn’t even hold a cup of tea in my hand let alone making one.

I couldn’t even drive; Khaled used to put me in the car and try to take me out by driving around for a little while just to lift my spirit up. At the end of each trip I’d come home shattered and so exhausted that I would decide I would never leave the house again.

I would read a paragraph over and over and over again without being able to understand a thing. People would be surrounding me chatting trying to cheer me up, yet I wasn’t even able to comprehend what they were saying.

I sat in front of the consultant with tears flooding into my eyes as he told me that this is it for me. Announcing a life-sentence of pain and agony, and advising me that I should stop hoping to become better or be cured; rather I should be looking for ways of coping with my new life-imprisonment.

I stared at him while he was confirming the end of my life -as I knew it- in horror and disbelief, refusing to believe anything he said as my thoughts echoed “who do you think you are? You are not God to be telling me this nonsense”


The last episode of my extraordinary -yet very ordinary- life was the loss of my dearest, my greatest, my one and only love.

That episode you and other friends have been eyewitnesses to.

From this summarized narrative of my life you could vividly see that I’ve almost hit rock-bottom of every negative experience that any human can go through:

Loss of physical health and living with excruciating pain

Loss of all material positions even my very own identity

Loss of mental and intellectual capacities

Loss of the love of my life


By going into so much detail about my life I was eager to emphasize the reality that through my experiences I have a reasonable idea about pain and what it means to suffer.


Now then, through all what I’ve been through; One Thing and one thing only kept me going, helped me, held me, and carried me through; and that is my Faith.


  I could never reconcile my agonized painful existence with futility and lack of purpose.


 My logic and my feelings lead me to conclude that if everything came from nothing, if there was no purpose in the existence of the universe, if there is no purpose in the existence of life; then, it’s more reasonable to think that there is no purpose in a life full of agony such as mine, there is no point in living on to suffer more. I.e. there is no purpose in life. period.

 The only thing that could ever console and comfort this troubled soul of mine was this faith, this insight and intuition that this can’t all be in vain.

And like a tender mother’s hand stroking her child

Like a soft warm blanket in a cold winter night

Like gentle rain drops drizzling over a parched piece of land

Like a rainbow flowing piercing through thick dark clouds

I feel God’s loving hand


Then this sweet… sweet comfort that overwhelms you, embraces you as you humbly say:

 Here I am God… exhausted… come to my aid

Here I am God… in much anguish… relieve me… ease my pain

Here I am God… full of sorrow… soothe my hurt

Here I am God… lonely… be my friend and companion.

Here I am God… tiered… help me…hold me… heal me

Here I am God… lost… guide me… show me the way

That distressed soul… that troubled heart would be magically transformed…

Calm would descend… tranquillity and serenity would prevail… joy would overwhelm… and sweet… sweet comfort would embrace you.

You feel helped… held… healed… and carried through.

Even if the pain is still there!


 There are no words in any human dictionary or vocabulary that could come near into describing that feeling, all we can do is give analogies.

Never the real feelings


Then with time; and in retrospect the wisdom of what you’ve been through will become more apparent.

Like pieces of a jigsaw your life would start making sense; some of the pieces might be very murky and horrible, others might be bright and colourful, each piece alone does not make any sense; yet as they assemble together a beautiful pattern emerges, an amazing picture materializes.

Such was my life.

Such is life


The Question of Suffering – part 2: poems

Hidden dimensions


My first son Hassan

Was born on April the 9th


You might think

So what… why are you saying it

With such a gloomy tune

What is wrong with 9th of April?


You have to be a Palestinian

To understand

For on the 9th of April 1948

The massacre of Deir Yassin

Took place

Where every man women and child

Of that peaceful farming village

Was killed in cold blood

No one survived

Except those

Who pretended to be dead


As we celebrate the birth of a new born

With joy

We mourn and grief

Lost loved ones


In our midst

Nothing comes insular

Nothing is disjointed

No single colours


The fabric of our lives

Makes the most amazing tapestry


If you hold it backwards

Looking at the wrong side

You’ll see a mirror image

Of shades of a blurred picture

With loops… knots and fraying thread

If you turn it over

It looks much neater

But still you can’t actually see

The full picture

Only colours and shadows


But hey… take a little time

And walk backwards

Further back

Look at the tapestry

From a distance


You will be amazed

With its outstanding beauty

All these murky shades

That didn’t make sense to you

Even disturbed you

When you were near


From far

These dark shadows

Are precisely what makes this piece

So unique

So spectacular


These unfathomable hues

Is what give our life portrait

Its depth

And hidden dimensions


Since that day of 1948

Many… many babies were born

On April the 9th


Our joys are always stained

With hints of sorrow


Our sadness is always coloured

With hues of hope


Without which

The tapestry of our lives

Will never be complete

Won’t be as rich

Or as beautiful


Don’t waist much time

Staring at the wrong side with fury

Turn it over… walk further back… and feel the glory




Bad things! Good things!



You should be more assertive

You should have more confidence

In your skills

And your strengths


People say


But I am truly aware

Of my abilities

I can surely judge

What I can or can’t do


I am also aware

Of my flaws

And believe you me

They are so… so many


But I am not ashamed

Of my weaknesses

Despite their vastness

They are there

For a reason


They keep me in my place

So I don’t grow bigger

Than my own shoes


I love my weaknesses

I love my defects


Thank you God

For all my imperfections


Thank you for my fears


For without them

I could live my entire days

Without ever appreciating

How safe my life is



Thank you for my worries


For without them I can never

Fully enjoy peace of mind

And tranquillity


Thank you for my pain


For without it

I can only imagine

What others go through


Thank you for my grief


For without it

I cannot sincerely feel

 The heartache of others

How else can I ever

Learn genuine empathy?




Bliss and beyond


A state of delight

Blissful pleasure



Enchantment and joy


If people knew how it feels

They would’ve fought for it

With arms and teeth


No privilege

No adversity


No gain

No loss


No health

No pain


No achievement

No catastrophe


No triumph

No defeat


Can Annihilate

Or nullify



Passionately… with a heartfelt desire


 I want to share






This love I have for you


Holds me, lifts me, carries me through


When all is dark


When pain is deep


When love is scarce


When friends are few


This love I have for you


Holds me, lifts me, carries me through





Is it really cruel?


People say

What happened to you

Is so cruel… so unfair

To have to lose khaled

 In such an awful way

When you are so much in love


I say it is very painful

But not at all cruel

Death is nothing

But a gate way

Everything dies

Everyone dies

Why should I

Be the exception?