A letter to God

 يا ودود 

Ya Wadoud

Dear Most Loving

Here I am

Wandering in the wilderness

Cold… soaking… frightened… lonely… lost

Dripping pain and sorrow



Knocking at your door

Humbly kneeling down

Hands upraised

Face hidden with tears


Requesting of your generosity

Appealing of your kindness

Pleading of your mercy

 0001 heart

Shroud me with your bliss

Wrap me up with your pleasure

Shower me with your blessings


Make no desire in my heart

Greater than being with you


No aspiration dearer

Than the bounty of your love


Make me a mouthpiece of Your truth

A fingerprint of Your creativity

An ambassador of Your reality


Make me a pathway of Your certainty

 A sign of Your authenticity

A whisper of Your inspiration

223294_373456346063713_715101148_n - Copy 

Make me a fountain of kindness

A lantern of guidance

A waterfall of honesty

A cascade of delight


 Make me a footstep

Leading to Your splendour


Make me a pail

Pouring out love

Watching all content


Make me a lamp

Glowing with tenderness and warmth

Until none is lost in darkness or despair


Make me a cloud

Full of goodness

Raining joy

Planting affection

Flowering passion

Blooming compassion

Fruiting closeness

Picking intimacy

Feeding ecstasy and reunion


Watching all fulfilled

Living whole… serene and satisfied


Dear Most Loving

It’s only through knowing you

Can distressed hearts

Find tranquillity and peace


The wise have said:

“ if you love a thing so much, it will reveal its secrets to you”


Dear Most Loving

Here I am

An empty vessel

Lift me… fill me… use me

As You wish

My will is nothing

But Yours


Dear Most Loving

I am walking towards you

Your promise is true

Come running towards me

 Hold me… embrace me

I am all Yours


25 Responses

  1. This poem is so beautiful ,Nahida. In todays world of contention, suffering of the poor and disenfranchised we are called to rise above our pains and anguish to call upon Allah for guidance through the many storms of our lives. Reading such poetry inspires us to be the remnant of Allah’s loving graces in humanity and protect that wondrous love that cannot hate.

    I rise up with my dearest Nahida to proclaim our oneness in Allah;s gaze, rise up to see the wonders of overcoming adversity and shouting the hallelujahs of Allah’s grace and inspirations . We rise together as one spirit fro what Allah has brought together, let none divide asunder, I love you forever dearest Nahida!!!!!!!


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  3. Touching


  4. Thank you for this beauty this Sunday morning.


  5. When I read such poems. Of the people of the Middle East Muslim Faith. It mystifies me how those of the Christian West’s counter part. Can distrust and hate them so much.
    May God (Allah) bless and protect them.


  6. lovely, as usual, and was most impressed with your pairing with quirky images. Do not allow provokers to hijack the comment section. thnx.


  7. Very moving and beautiful Nahida.


  8. Dear Jerry, Blake, whiskeypapa, Mark Propheter, ruby22-kate, and Andre

    Thank you all for your kind words and nice comments… deeply and sincerely appreciated

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  9. Hey Schlomo, clearly this woman possesses a spirituality that is light years above and beyond anything you could ever wish to feel. Typical, of your kind – drenched in hatred for humanity, materialism, etc., all wrapped up in the sick, psychopathic religion known as Judaism. At the very root of it people like you are jealous because you will never understand what it feels like to be loved have a real relationship with the divine, rather than your own pathetic, childish, immature consciousness that dwells within your “holy” books of jewish supremacy and “Yahweh’s” genocidal commandments. And if you are not a jew, then you must be your average Western white/gentile jew-worshipper.


  10. This is without doubt a very moving,truthful, inspiring, thought provoking, beautiful, and original poem…. It leaves one speechless…….speechless with hope for a humanity in need…


  11. i was born an Atheist, this piece of work is deeply touching and Moving ~ since i’m not a transitory /mind /matter /heaven/ hereafter/ kind of person. There is no calling from some invisible power, just what my reason and senses understand. What i took away from this was a sweet harmonic convergence of photo’s to the human words… where i began so see a pattern, in sumation, i felt the pictures completed the concept of the Empathy Gene, that conversation of child and self, caring teaching, self empowerment, self actuating, guiding, enriching, apprciating in so many ways…
    i didn’t feel it proclaimed any god as the right god, leaving me lots of commfy room. i enjoyed reading it several times, Thank you


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  13. had the jews, and their apologists, had such pure faith, and goodness in their hearts, how different things might have been..


  14. Very beautiful sister………… May we dwell in his presence in the next life.
    Sahih International
    Indeed, in the creation of the heavens and the earth and the alternation of the night and the day are signs for those of understanding.


  15. That is from the Quran 3:190


    • thank you very much for the Quran info


  16. If I were God (God forbid!), I would reply:

    Why do you need to beg Me for what I gave you for free a long time ago and you allowed to be stolen away from you?
    Why do you keep bothering me with your vain prayers when you refuse to do the work I put you on Earth and in this life to carry out for your own good?
    Why do you hide behind faith that is rarely put into practice?
    Why do you refuse to show courage and are always afraid of making sacrifices?
    Why do you refuse to love your neighbour as yourself?

    You are not walking towards me but always away from me and always towards Satan?
    Is this true or not?
    Will you call Me a Liar?

    P.S. I saw a pseudonym above claiming he was “born an Atheist”, CAN HE PROVE THAT?


    • Br Basheer

      Thank God you are not “God”


      • Sister Nahida

        I thank God every day and many times a day, hundreds of times, for all His Bounties. I know as I have witnessed it that all the good comes from Him and the bad from our own actions.
        For the good that God has done for me personally I am always thankful.



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  18. Sooo beautifully written MashaAllah….,
    I Read…
    I Loved…
    I Cried..,

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    A Love Letter… ❤ ❤


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    A Love Letter… ❤ ❤


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